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  • A final way banks raise funds in the money market is through repurchase agreements (RPs). An RP is a sale of securities with a simultaneous agreement by the seller to repurchase them at a later date. (For the lender—that is, the buyer of the securities in such a transaction—the agreement is often called a reverse RP.) In effect this agreement (when properly executed) is a short-term collateralized loan. Most RPs involve U.S. government securities or securities issued by government-sponsored enterprises. Banks are active participants on the borrowing side of the RP market. ...

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  • You also have to provide for a service connection for the technical rack mentioned earlier, wherever it may be located in the cinema. Provide for a service connection of 20A single-phase. In territories, in which problems with the electric power supply occur frequently (for example local power-cuts in the mountains) or to prevent an unscheduled deletion by the server, it may be necessary to invest in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that maintains the electric current for...

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  • Midwifery 2020 has set out to develop an informed vision (opposite) of the contribution midwives will make to achieving quality, cost- effective maternity services for women, babies and families across the United Kingdom. Midwives, managers, members of the maternity team, educationalists, commissioners and service users considered the future direction for midwifery and this report brings together the outcomes of their deliberations. It is supported by five in-depth workstream reports that are available on the Midwifery 2020 website at

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  • heir indicators of low female autonomy include relatively large age differences between husbands and wives, relatively greater breaks between a woman’s natal and affinal homes on marriage, and relatively large gender gaps in educational indicators, as well as strong indicators of son preference. 2 Much other research confirms their general conclusions. In general, in north India adolescent girls’ mobility is low, since their parents are concerned that, with puberty, they are vulnerable to sexual harassment that can affect the izzat [status] of the whole family (Mensch et al 1998).

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  • Many home computer users currently connect to the Inter- net through dial-up, ADSL, cable or other services that as- sign them new IP addresses constantly — anywhere from every couple of hours to every couple of days. This af- fects our estimation of number of hosts involved in each spam campaign. We correct this by estimating how “dy- namic” each IP address is, and compensate by “merging” some dynamic IP addresses with other IP addresses in the same spam campaign. The problem of IP dynamics was rst presented and studied in [18].

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  • First, you need the practice of developing a model. Even if you end up reproducing exactly something that is in the literature already you will have learned a lot by doing it|and you can feel awfully good about yourself for developing a publishable idea! (Even if you didn't get to publish it yourself : : : ) Second, you might come up with a di erent approach than is found in the literature. If you look at what someone else did your thoughts will be shaped too much by their views|you are much more likely to be original if you plunge right in and try to develop your...

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  • The second way guarantees a realistic motion by using physical laws, especially dynamic simulation. The problem with this type of animation is controlling the motion produced by simulating the physical laws which govern motion in the real world. The animator should provide physical data corresponding to the complete definition of a motion. The motion is obtained by the dynamic equations of motion relating the forces, torques, constraints and the mass distribution of objects. As trajectories and...

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  • Two samples were also analysed for polychlorinated dioxins and furans (PCDD/Fs), a class of chemical that can be formed during the combustion of materials present in e-waste. Soil from an open burning site was moderately contaminated, while sediment from the Agbogbloshie lagoon contained a very high level of these highly toxic, highly persistent and bioaccumulative chemicals, at a level just below the threshold defined as being indicative of serious contamination for sediments in the Netherlands.

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  • SQL injection attacks pose a serious security threat to Web appli- cations: they allow attackers to obtain unrestricted access to the databases underlying the applications and to the potentially sensi- tive information these databases contain. Although researchers and practitioners have proposed various methods to address the SQL injection problem, current approaches either fail to address the full scope of the problem or have limitations that prevent their use and adoption.

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  • The global financial crisis of 2007–09 was the result of a cascade of financial shocks that threw many economies off course. The economic damage has been extensive, with few countries spared – even those far from the source of the turmoil. As with many economic events, the impact has varied from country to country, from sector to sector, from firm to firm, and from person to person. China’s growth, for example, never dipped below 6% and Australia’s worst quarter was one with no growth.

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  • IFRS 4 does not provide quantitative guidance for assessing the significance of insurance risk, because the IASB felt that creating an arbitrary dividing line would result in different accounting treatments for similar transactions that fall marginally on different sides of the line. When assessing the significance of insurance risk two factors should be considered. The insured event should have a sufficient probability of occurrence and a sufficient magnitude of effect. The probability and the magnitude are measured independently to determine the significance of the insurance risk.

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  • The audit task plan should be reviewed, modified if necessary, and approved by an official who has supervisory authority over the audit team, if the SAI structure has such a supervisory layer. Otherwise, the plan should be reviewed by another auditor of adequate seniority and authority within the SAI who has successfully performed audits of similar type and complexity, and who is independent of the audit team. All such reviews, and any approvals, should be documented.

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  • In the project and programme management community opinion is divided on the role of PMOs in delivering programmes and whether they confer real benefits. The UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC) views a PMO as an important part of programme and project management organisation structures, and in its P3O model iii promotes a three-level structure comprising a portfolio management office, a programme management office and a project management office.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'probabilistic ranking of database query results', công nghệ thông tin, cơ sở dữ liệu phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This FY 2013 budget builds upon current efforts to transition toward using 21 Century technology in enforcement and compliance, resulting in long-term savings to the federal government, states, and the regulated community as the overall cost of compliance is reduced. Investments in new technology, including e-reporting and more advanced monitoring tools, will allow the EPA and our state partners to more easily identify, investigate, and address the worst violations that affect our communities.

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  • There is often a presumption that because information is stored in the computer or on disk or tape, it is somehow automatically preserved for all time. Unfortunately, electronic storage media can easily become unreadable over time due to physical, chemical, or other deterioration. Special care and precautionary measures must be taken to avoid the loss of records stored on electronic media. Rule 1B-26.003, Florida Administrative Code, specifies maintenance requirements for electronic storage media....

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  • The goal of the CWA (also known as the 1972 Federal Water Pollution Control Act (FWPCA) Amendments) is to eliminate entirely discharges of pollutants from point sources (i.e., individual discharging facilities) into surface waters. Although eliminating pollutant discharges may be achievable under some circumstances through process changes that prevent pollutant formation or recycle wastes, the goal is largely rhetorical.

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  • Britain has benefited from that global system over a long period of time. But we cannot afford to rely on history or sentiment if we are to earn our living. We cannot take it for granted that markets will remain open to our businesses, or that our businesses will always be able to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist. Government can help.

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  • The relationship between capital markets, investment and economic growth has been a major interest for economic decision-makers, researchers and analysts. Many countries have tried to boost economic growth through amending capital market regulations, such as phasing out restrictions on capital with the aim of encouraging foreign cash flows into their markets to boost development. Previous studies have shown that stock markets can promote economic growth by directing accumulated savings into real investments.

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  • Our goal in this work is on one hand to explore and populate the space of computationally enhanced craft activities for teaching and learning design; and on the other hand, to develop interaction techniques appropriate to the domain and the intended users. We aim to exploit characteristics of specific design domains to build relatively simple special-purpose modeling tools that novice users can easily and quickly learn. The computational design environment can help a designer by building in some requirements of the manufacturing method (e.g.

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