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  • In 1978 the Conference of Alma Ata stated in Section VI: “Primary health care is essential health care based on practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods and technology made universally accessible to individuals and families in the community through their full participation and at a cost that the community and country can afford to maintain at every stage of their development in the spirit of self-reliance and self-determination.

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  • The Company on behalf of a sub-fund may enter into transactions in over-the-counter markets, which will expose the sub-fund to the credit of its counterparties and their ability to satisfy the terms of such contracts. For example, the Company on behalf of the sub-fund may enter into repurchase agreements, forward contracts, options and swap arrangements or other derivative techniques, each of which expose the sub-fund to the risk that the counterparty may default on its obligations to perform under the relevant contract.

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  • Wireless networks are being integrated into the modern automobile. The security and privacy implications of such in-car networks, however, have are not well under- stood as their transmissions propagate beyond the con- nes of a car's body. To understand the risks associated with these wireless systems, this paper presents a privacy and security evaluation of wireless Tire Pressure Moni- toring Systems using both laboratory experiments with isolated tire pressure sensor modules and experiments with a complete vehicle system.

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  • Considerations of a similar sort can be applied also, now, in relation to our experience of music. Here, too, it is phantasy-feelings which are involved as the presupposition of our (genuine) feelings of aesthetic pleasure. But the phantasy- feelings that are evoked by absolute music dispense with all presuppositions similar to those which one would find in a corresponding serious feeling: such phantasy-feelings are in this sense meaningless (are, as one might say, a matter of `pure will' - or of pure intoxication).

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  • Those travelling by train were found to experience the lowest air pollution concentrations, as the train travelled on its own dedicated track, well removed from any road traffic. Apart from the train’s own engine, a possible additional source of carbon monoxide on board trains may have been from the exhaled air of smokers having smoked a cigarette immediately prior to boarding the train. The same applies for buses. Apart from the motorcycle, in general, the average CO exposures were found to be highest for car and bus users.

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  • Similarly, the reverse movement represents a decrease in demand. The beauty of the connection between demand and marginal value is that an increase in demand could in principle have meant either more units demanded at a given price, or a higher willingness to pay for each unit, but those are in fact the same concept – both create a movement up and to the right. For many goods, an increase in income increases the demand for the good. Porsche automobiles, yachts, and Beverly Hills homes are mostly purchased by people with high incomes. Few billionaires...

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  • Brazilian shipbuilding industry, the main representative of this industry in Latin America, has been very active during the 70s and 80s. Afterwards it has experimented a deep decline. The main preserved construction niche was devoted to supply boats for offshore operations. More recently, due to a political decision from the federal government, most of the orders for offshore platforms and large ocean ships have been placed in the national shipyards.

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  • That idea gets a firm nod from therapist Lisa Lieberman. “It’s important not to parentify kids,” she says. They may learn more responsibility, but they need permission to be kids, have friends and be normal in that respect. “They are not there to be in charge of everything. They need to have some of the carefree spirit of being a kid.” There is a fine line between developing an appropriate sense of responsibility — not pretending that things aren’t any different — and putting too much onto their shoulders.

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  • Aboriginal children and recent immigrants are more likely than other Canadian children to grow up poor. (67) Furthermore, the effects of the socio-economic gradient on health status remain throughout the life cycle, such that “children who grow up in low socio-economic circumstances but move up the socio-economic ladder during adulthood, are likely to experience physical and mental health problems that remain infl uenced by their childhood socio-economic status.

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  • Rhawi Dantas is a Brazilian Software Engineer, more specifically from Recife, with severeal years of experience in the Java platform. He has mainly focused on Web/Server developmen and hsa contributed to projects ranging from mobile/server integration, different customization of IDEs and development of CRMs. He currently works at with Java Web development. He graduated as Bachelor in Information Systems and at that time he had the opportunity to work as a tutor for the University with Object Oriented Programming subject.

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