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Bride and groom

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  • After talking with Dr. Lin Foxhall in London in January 1996,1 decided to publish this book. Though one of us teaches in Great Britain and the other in the United States, Dr. Foxhall and I both assign Plutarch's Advice to the Bride and Groom and Consolation to His Wife to be read by undergraduate and graduate students in classics and ancient history courses dealing with women, gender, and the family.

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  • The Coffins of America are descended from Tristram Coffin of England and Nantucket. Charles Carleton Coffin was born of Revolutionary sires. He first saw light in the southwest corner room of a house which stood on Water Street, in Boscawen, N. H., which his grandfather, Captain Peter Coffin, had built in 1766. This ancestor, "an energetic, plucky, good-natured, genial man," married Rebecca Hazeltine, of Chester, N. H. When the frame of the house was up and the corner room partitioned off, the bride and groom began housekeeping.

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