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  • SharePoint 2010 is a significant leap forward from the 2007 release, and 'you will find that there are a ton of features built into the platform for you to leverage in your solution development. Because SharePoint is a broad platform that covers a lot, this book also covers quite a bit of ground. As a Wrox Beginning book, the goal of Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development is to get you started with many of the fundamentals so that you can continue on to advanced programming beyond this book.

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  • Overcoming the current challenges and fostering further capital market development will require efforts across a broad policy front. Significant efforts to realize this crucial agenda are underway and could be deepened further. A sine qua non is to continue to further entrench the important and hard-won gains on macro stability that Brazil has achieved in the last years, including on the fiscal responsibility and inflation targeting frameworks.

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  • In terms of market share, Android may be on its way to dominating the mobile space the same way that Windows dominated the desktop/laptop arena. Malicious and high-risk Android apps are becoming more sophisticated. An “arms race” between Android attackers and security providers is likely to occur in the coming year, much as one occurred a decade or more ago over Microsoft Windows. Google has made improvements to the Android platform’s security.

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  • In October 2003 the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Research Council (NRC) entered into a cooperative agreement that called for the NRC to examine selected aspects of U.S. foreign assistance activities— primarily the programs of USAID—that have benefited or could benefit from access to strong science, technology, and medical capabilities in the United States or elsewhere.

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  • Wireless communications offer organizations and users many benefits such as portability and flexibility, increased productivity, and lower installation costs. Wireless technologies cover a broad range of differing capabilities oriented toward different uses and needs. Wireless local area network (WLAN) devices, for instance, allow users to move their laptops from place to place within their offices without the need for wires and without losing network connectivity. Less wiring means greater flexibility, increased efficiency, and reduced wiring costs.

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  • One level below Terminal 3 is Copenhagen Airport Kastrup station, with direct connection to the Central Station every 10 minutes and to Malmø in Sweden every 20 minutes. The station has many of the architectural features of Terminal 3 - an elegant glass roof over the platforms and tracks, reflecting the distinctive glass structures of the Terminal building itself. It provides a maxi- mum of daylight and natural ventilation.

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  • Entity Framework 4.0 Recipes provides an exhaustive collection of ready-to-use code solutions for Entity Framework, Microsoft’s vision for the future of data access. Entity Framework is a model-centric data access platform with an ocean of new concepts and patterns for developers to learn. With this book, you will learn the core concepts of Entity Framework through a broad range of clear and concise solutions to everyday data access tasks.

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  • A new type of semiconductor laser is studied, in which injected carriers in the active region are quantum mechanically confined in localized finite self-assembled wire-like quantumdash (Qdash) structures that are varied in sizes and compositions. Effects of such carrier distribution and quasi three-dimensional density of states contribute to a quasisupercontinuum interband lasing characteristics, which is a new laser design platform as compared to continuous broad emission spectrum generated by nonlinear media pumped with ultrashort laser pulse....

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  • Narodoslawsky and Fiedler Energy, Sustainability and Society 2011, 1:1 EDITORIAL Open Access Editorial Michael Narodoslawsky1 and Dagmar Fiedler2* Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, It is with great pleasure that we present to you our new multidisciplinary, international open access journal in the field of novel energies published by Springer in cooperation with the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance [eseia] and principal investigators from the Helmholtz Association.

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  • As countries around the globe strive to meet the healthrelated Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to improve child and maternal health and reduce mortality, overwhelming evidence has emerged indicating the effectiveness of community-based interventions as a platform to extend health care delivery and improve health outcomes. The crucial role that Community Health Workers (CHWs) can play in delivering these interventions is broadly recognized.

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  • LinkedIn is a great social media platform that helps you connect online with people, professionally. The website is very user friendly, and this book itself covers the most important tools for job seekers and professionals and offers guaranteed results. Once you learn the basics from this book, you can master and explore the areas you enjoy the most. This book will take you through a broad range of topics on customizing your LinkedIn profile, so it's personalized to your needs and preferences.

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