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  • If the very thought of budgets pushes your sanity over the limit, then this practical, easy-to-use guide is just what you need. Budgeting Basics and Beyond, Third Edition equips you with an all-in-one resource guaranteed to make the budgeting process easier, less stressful, and more effective. Written by Jae Shim and Joel Siegel, the new edition covers Balanced Scorecard, budgeting for nonprofit organizations, business simulations for executive and management training, and much more!

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  • After studying chapter 12, you should be able to: Define “capital budgeting” and identify the steps involved in the capital budgeting process, explain the procedure used to generate longterm project proposals within the firm, justify why cash, not income, flows are the most relevant to capital budgeting decisions,...

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  • Lecture Budgeting - Chapter 1: Budgeting fundamentals. In this chapter, you will learn: Describe budgeting and its potential benefits, define the master budget and discuss its components, illustrate the development of the operating budget, demonstrate the creation of the cash flow and capital use budgets, discuss the preparation of pro forma financial statements.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Principles of accounting" has contents: The Statement of cash flows, cost concepts and cost allocation, financial performance measurement, analysis for decision making, standard costing and variance analysis, performance management and evaluation, the budgeting process, the budgeting process,...and other contents.

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  • Contents: Capital Budgeting Process, Payback, Discounted, Payback, Net Present Value, Profitability Index, The Average Accounting Return, The Internal Rate of Return, Modified Internal Rate of Return, The Practice of Capital Budgeting.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Management and cost accounting" has contents: The budgeting process, management control systems, divisional financial performance measures, transfer pricing in divisionalized companies, strategic cost management,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Principles of accounting" has contents: The statement of cash flows, financial performance measurement, the changing business environment - a manager’s perspective, cost concepts and cost allocation, cost behavior analysis, the budgeting process, capital investment analysis, short run decision analysis,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Financial & managerial accounting" has contents: Financial statement analysis; managerial accounting and cost concepts; the budgeting process, flexible budgets and performance analysis, capital investment analysis, quality management and measurement,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Financial & managerial accounting" has contents: Financial statement analysis; managerial accounting and cost concepts; the budgeting process, flexible budgets and performance analysis, capital investment analysis, quality management and measurement,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Financial and managerial accounting" has contents: The statement of cash flows, cost concepts and cost allocation, the budgeting process, cost behavior analysis, performance management and evaluation, standard costing and variance analysis, quality management and measurement

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  • We decided to write this book when we discovered that a majority of the companies we talked to had dysfunctional and low-value added processes for budgeting, fore- casting, and financial reporting. And, as financial executives come and go, typically little is done to streamline these processes. Even when large amounts of money are invested in new financial software, the solutions are usually put in place based on the old, inefficient routines.

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  • In beginning to write this chapter, I tried to find words to “sugar coat” the title. Perhaps the word “budget” could be avoided altogether. Words like “financial map” or “operational guide” might be suitable alternatives. After all, for those of you already in the workforce, you probably associate the word “budget” with “dread” or “drudgery” or some other less than flattering term. No doubt, some employees will question the need for a budget.

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  • Providence City acquired its power plant from a private company on June 1. No receivables were acquired with the purchase. Therefore, total accounts receivable on June 1 had a zero balance. Providence plans to bill customers in the month following the month of sale, and 80% of the resulting billings will be collected during the billing month. 90% of the remaining balance should be collectable in the next following month. The remaining uncollectible amounts will relate to citizens who have moved away. Such amounts are never expected to be collected and will be written off....

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  • This book accomplishes two goals. First, it provides an in-depth description of budgetary politics and policy-making in state budget offices. The data rendered in these chapters fills a significant gap in our understanding of state budget processes, and how budgeting and policy-making are linked in state budget offices. Except for a few important attempts in the early 1960s, very little is written about state budget office activities, which is surprising given their crucial position at the nexus of budgeting and policy-making in many states.

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  • Bryan Singler is evaluating results for three separate business segments under his control. Selected financial information for each segment follows: Rank order the three segments based on “margin,” “turnover,” and “return on investment.” How is it possible that the rankings differ based on which evaluative model is used?

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  • Carpet Clean manufactures a chemical carpet cleaner. The company was formed during the current year. As a result, there was no beginning inventory. Management is evaluating performance and inventory management issues, and desires to know both net income and ending inventory under generally accepted accounting principles (absorption costing) as well as variable costing methods. Relevant facts are as follows:

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  • Canadian Autoparts manufactures and sells alternators. Canadian has been producing and selling approximately 1,500,000 units per year. Each units sells for $350, and there are no variable selling, general, or administrative costs. The company has been approached by a foreign supplier who wishes to provide an alternator component for $45 per unit. Total annual manufacturing costs, including the alternator component, is as follows:

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  • Capital budgeting is the allocation of funds to long-lived capital projects. A capital project is a long-term investment in tangible assets. Chapter 2 describe the capital budgeting process, including the typical steps of the process, and distinguish among the various categories of capital projects.

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  • In this chapter we will consider master budget for manufacturing organisations. This chapter presents the following content: Cost classifications, product costs, manufacturing process, cost of production requires the preparation of the following budgets, factory overhead application rate,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Chapter 13 - Planning and budgeting. Budgeting is necessary for success. In Chapter 13 we discuss the planning purpose of the budgeting process. We show how a master budget is developed and how it fits into the overall plan for achieving the organizational goals.

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