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  • This paper aims to build a theory framework of behavior culture in consuming of Vietnamese under the theoretical frameworks of consumer behavior of previous scholars.

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  • The purpose of the thesis is to build national-level consumer confidence index for Vietnam; through questions such as what factors consumers' beliefs measure; consumer confidence assessment component; method of calculating consumer confidence index.

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  • The purpose of this article is to build a consumer loyalty model by considering consumer satisfaction as a mediating variable between the image of micro banking and consumer relations with consumer loyalty. Design/methodology/approach of this article is a research on micro banking customers. The survey was conducted on 100 micro banking customers. The research shows that company image positively influences customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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  • This module teaches students how to build a simple Web service that queries a database. It also explains how to consume the Web service in a client application.

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  • Many websites start out being created with nothing more than HTML, CSS, and a few images. For some, that will always be enough and there will never be any need to change. For others, however, there will come a time when more is required. The individuals responsible for maintaining these websites might one day need the extra convenience that comes with publishing content with the push of a button or they might require the extra bells and whistles that can only be incorporated with ease thanks to a wide array of plugins.

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  • When a consumer applies for employment, or for a service that reviews credit histories, (such as insurance, an apartment rental, utilities, cell phone accounts) these data users may also request and receive a credit report and/or scores from one or more repositories, to be used to evaluate the consumer’ s application.

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  • With the aim of contributing to this research field, this paper adopts a new approach to find out consumers’ perception and behaviors towards green consumption by constructing a survey tool.

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  • Considering Future Budget Surpluses. If, however, a steady economic recovery continues and the Legislature and the Governor keep a tight rein on state spending in the next couple of years, there is a strong likelihood that the state will have budgetary surpluses in subsequent years. The state has many choices for what to do with these surpluses. We advise the state’s leaders to begin building the reserve envisioned by Proposition 58 (2004) as soon as possible.

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  • Struts is open source software that helps developers build web applications quickly and easily. Struts relies on standard technologies—such as JavaBeans, Java servlets, and JavaServer Pages (JSP)—that most developers already know how to use. By taking a standards-based, “fill-in-the-blanks” approach to software develop- ment, Struts can alleviate much of the time-consuming grunt work that comes with every new project.

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  • RESTful .NET is the first book that teaches Windows developers to build RESTful web services using the latest Microsoft tools. Written by Windows Communication Foundation (WFC) expert Jon Flanders, this hands-on tutorial demonstrates how you can use WCF and other components of the .NET 3.5 Framework to build, deploy and use REST-based web services in a variety of application scenarios.

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  • If you notice additional damage to your Building Property or Personal Property after filing your claim, you may file a Supplemental Claim.This means, essentially , that you must repeat the documentation and filing process for your original claim, including a Proof of Loss—but only for the newly discovered damage. Supplemental Claims should start with immediately notifying your adjuster , agent and/or company representative. Once you have completed documentation, present it to your adjuster who may need to make another property visit to verify your loss....

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  • Color Schema: it is always a good idea to choose two or three colors (without making it monotone) and stick to these colors throughout the site. Research indicates that different colors have different effects on the viewer. Colors should be chosen depending on the effect the corporation wishes to have and must be chosen so as to support the overall image of the company. File size: this becomes relevant from two perspectives. Loading time in the instance of a consumer accessing the Web site and also if a visitor wishes to download information from the web...

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  • The most fundamental issue connected to credit scoring is the level of accuracy of the information that forms the basis for the scores. Regardless of whether lending and pricing decisions are made by a manual or automated review of a consumer’ s credit, the potential for inaccuracies in credit reports to result in loan denials or higher borrowing costs is a cause for concern. Several organizations have conducted studies and surveys to quantify the pervasiveness of credit report errors, with widely ranging findings regarding how many credit reports contain errors (from 0.

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  • The disclosure table is the heart of the prototype. It addresses two of the questions: “How do we ensure that consumers can understand the information about financial sharing policies and their personal information?” and “How do we ensure that consumers can compare sharing practices across financial institutions?” At the simplest level, the disclosure table shows what the individual financial institution is sharing, especially through the yes/no columns.

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  • This study, therefore, tries to build a research model describing the impact of motivations of using SNSs on social e-WOM and the relationship among social e-WOM, consumers’ trust, attitude and purchasing intention via SNSs. After adjusting the measurement scales by a focus group’s discussion, a quantitative survey was executed using the data collected from 509 SNS users and by testing Cronbach’s Alpha reliability, EFA, CFA, and SEM to comment seven proposed hypotheses.

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  • The increase population and the continued exploitation of fuel resources to meet the needs of development of economic and social over the past decades have led us to face with exhaustion of fossil fuel resources and many environment impacts. The building is a major consumer of energy, 40% proportion of global energy consumption.

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  • The production of cement and traditional fired clay bricks consumes intensive energy and inversely affects the environment. In addition, a huge quantity of solid waste materials such as rice husk ash and fly ash (FA) are generated from both industrial and agricultural activities. This study investigates the use of unground rice husk ash (URHA) and FA for manufacturing unfired building bricks. FA was used as a cement substitute (15%, 30%, and 50%), whereas URHA was used as a chippings replacement (5%, 10%, and 15%) in the brick mixtures.

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  • Electro-mechanical equipment and systems can be easily controlled, but regulations and social dynamics play an important role in the consumption of energy of such equipment and systems, with social dynamics being the most unpredictable energy consumption factor. Energy management of a commercial building can optimise energy efficiency by managing the equipment of the building as well as the energy consuming activities taking place whilst the building is in operation.

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  • Over the last couple of years, manufacturers have produced some incredibly sophisticated wireless networking equipment. Consumers’ ongoing demand for low-cost, high-speed, easy-to-use networking gear has forced hardware manufacturers to continually refine their designs. Engineers have produced tiny devices that use very little power to perform amazing feats of ingenuity, producing them on such a large scale that the cost is staggeringly low.

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  • You should approach the topics in this section as a progressive development of an example of a WSDL document. Explain the concepts in the first topic with a simple Web Service that has only one operation that returns a class, (the code is defined in the student notes). Progressively build upon this example WSDL document when you explain each of the WSDL topics. The intent of teaching WSDL syntax is not for students to write a WSDL document from scratch on their own.

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