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  • The building sector is a significant energy consumer, and its share of energy consumption is increasing because of urbanization. Forecasting the electricity load for improving building energy efficiency is imperative for reducing energy costs and environmental impacts.

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  • Ebook Building multicopter video drones: Part 1 present what is a multicopter; buying a turnkey system; why choose a turnkey system; online communities – the new consumer reports; – the largest of the communities; brands you can trust...

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  • This study, therefore, tries to build a research model describing the impact of motivations of using SNSs on social e-WOM and the relationship among social e-WOM, consumers’ trust, attitude and purchasing intention via SNSs. After adjusting the measurement scales by a focus group’s discussion, a quantitative survey was executed using the data collected from 509 SNS users and by testing Cronbach’s Alpha reliability, EFA, CFA, and SEM to comment seven proposed hypotheses.

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  • In business, most of companies focus on growing their profits. Besides considering profit from each product, they also focus on the relationship among products in order to support effective decision making, gain more profits and attract their customers, e.g. shelf arrangement, product displays, or product marketing, etc. Some high utility association rules have been proposed, however, they consume much memory and require long time processing.

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  • Electro-mechanical equipment and systems can be easily controlled, but regulations and social dynamics play an important role in the consumption of energy of such equipment and systems, with social dynamics being the most unpredictable energy consumption factor. Energy management of a commercial building can optimise energy efficiency by managing the equipment of the building as well as the energy consuming activities taking place whilst the building is in operation.

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  • The purpose of this article is to build a consumer loyalty model by considering consumer satisfaction as a mediating variable between the image of micro banking and consumer relations with consumer loyalty. Design/methodology/approach of this article is a research on micro banking customers. The survey was conducted on 100 micro banking customers. The research shows that company image positively influences customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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  • There are several innovations in floricultural industry such as value addition in flowers, vertical garden, drying of flowers, hydroponics, aeroponics, bonsai, flower arrangement these add beauty in nature. Value addition in flowers not only help the producer to get a good price for its produces but also helps the consumer as they get a good quality as well quantity added products. Hydroponics is a technology for growing plants in nutrient solutions with or without the use of an artificial medium to provide mechanical support.

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  • Cloud computing is a pattern for delivering ubiquitous and on demand computing resources based on pay-as-you-use financial model. Typically, cloud providers advertise cloud service descriptions in various formats on the Internet. On the other hand, cloud consumers use available search engines (Google and Yahoo) to explore cloud service descriptions and find the adequate service. Unfortunately, general purpose search engines are not designed to provide a small and complete set of results, which makes the process a big challenge.

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  • The production of cement and traditional fired clay bricks consumes intensive energy and inversely affects the environment. In addition, a huge quantity of solid waste materials such as rice husk ash and fly ash (FA) are generated from both industrial and agricultural activities. This study investigates the use of unground rice husk ash (URHA) and FA for manufacturing unfired building bricks. FA was used as a cement substitute (15%, 30%, and 50%), whereas URHA was used as a chippings replacement (5%, 10%, and 15%) in the brick mixtures.

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  • The purpose of the thesis is to build national-level consumer confidence index for Vietnam; through questions such as what factors consumers' beliefs measure; consumer confidence assessment component; method of calculating consumer confidence index.

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  • The increase population and the continued exploitation of fuel resources to meet the needs of development of economic and social over the past decades have led us to face with exhaustion of fossil fuel resources and many environment impacts. The building is a major consumer of energy, 40% proportion of global energy consumption.

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  • This study examines the effect of brand commitment on brand passion. It also investigates the role of some selected promotion-mix elements (i.e., advertising and public relations) in brand passion. A model depicting these relationships was tested with a sample of 386 consumers in HCMC, Vietnam.

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  • This paper aims to build a theory framework of behavior culture in consuming of Vietnamese under the theoretical frameworks of consumer behavior of previous scholars.

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  • With the aim of contributing to this research field, this paper adopts a new approach to find out consumers’ perception and behaviors towards green consumption by constructing a survey tool.

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  • Building a large speech corpus is a costly and time-consuming task. Therefore, how to build high-quality speech synthesis under limited data conditions is an important issue, specifically for under-resourced language like Vietnamese. As the most natural-sounding speech synthesis is currently concatenative speech synthesis (CSS), it is the target speech synthesis under study in this research. All possible units of a specific phonetic unit set are required for CSS.

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  • Chapter 7 define product and the major classifications of products and services; describe the decisions companies make regarding their individual products and services, product lines, and product mixes; discuss branding strategy – the decisions firms make in building and managing their brands; identify the four characteristics that affect the marketing of a service and the additional marketing considerations that services require; discuss two additional product issues: socially responsible product decisions and international product and services marketing.

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  • No one industry alone can provide the basis for major gains in renewable resource chemical use. Although exciting research opportunities exist in areas such as biopolymers, stereospecific molecules, new enzymes, novel materials, and transgenic design, progress in isolated technical areas will not be sufficient. We must take a broad view of future consumer needs and emphasize inter- related research projects conducted in a parallel and coordinated manner.

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  • The 2003 PM rate of 60% for laser printers is similar to the 2000 rate of 61% for “high end color” printers. In 2000 some inkjet and wide-format printers were in low power, but in 2003 we found none. The 2000 study did not report on thermal or solid ink printers, probably because few or none were found. Solid ink is not a widespread printer technology; in 2003 we found four, all in the same building. Of 41 thermal printers in our 2003 sample, only 15%...

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  • To familiarize ourselves with what to expect (in recruitment effort and equipment found) in schools and health care buildings, we began by surveying a high school and a medical clinic in the San Francisco area. We then recruited and surveyed a variety of buildings in Pittsburgh in April, and Atlanta in June 2003. Site recruitment is one of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of commercial building surveys. Usually it involves cold-calling from a list of prospective business or building types (e.g., high schools), briefly describing...

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  • It is necessary to have a (large) annotated corpus to build a statistical parser. Acquisition of such a corpus is costly and time-consuming. This paper presents a method to reduce this demand using active learning, which selects what samples to annotate, instead of annotating blindly the whole training corpus. Sample selection for annotation is based upon “representativeness” and “usefulness”. A model-based distance is proposed to measure the difference of two sentences and their most likely parse trees.

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