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  • Companies today face a dilemma in marketing. The tried-and-true formulas to create sales and market share behind brands are becoming irrelevant and losing traction with consumers. In this book, Gerzema and LeBar offer credible evidence--drawn from a detailed analysis of a decade's worth of brand and financial data using Y&R's Brand Asset Valuator (BAV), the largest database of brands in the world--that business is riding on yet another bubble that is ready to burst--a brand bubble.

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  • A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking, Third Edition, is designed to provide quick, clear answers to your questions about public speaking—whether you’re in a public speaking class, in a course in your major, on the job, or in your community. Here, you will find the tools you need to prepare and deliver a wide range of speeches and presentations.

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  • Unless the HR practitioner is viewed as highly competent and a credible member of leadership teams the person's ability to impact is limited. This skill area is developed via coaching, mentoring and actual interaction and experience in the organization with people and teams. It involves leading through influence; building trust and credibility; modeling and reinforcing the values and risk taking. Success evolves from being in a position of trust and confidence where a professional can challenge and confront the status quo, based on credibility ...

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  • However, it is argued that central banks’ finances could have an impact on their policy pursuit and outcomes due to “soft” considerations, such as political independence, credibility and reputation. A government can try to limit the autonomy of a loss-making central bank, as the losses do have long- term fiscal implications (reduced net transfers of dividends to public budgets) and their origins may be viewed as controversial.

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  • However, such a strategy is inappropriate for the United States in current circumstances. Inflation expectations appear reasonably well-anchored, and both inflation expectations and actual inflation remain within a range consistent with price stability. In this context, raising the inflation objective would likely entail much greater costs than benefits. Inflation would be higher and probably more volatile under such a policy, undermining confidence and the ability of firms and households to make longer- term plans, while squandering the Fed’s hard-won inflation credibility.

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  • If stronger regional organisations imply a diminished place for national sovereignty, it may seem contradictory to maintain that the strategic environment that lies before us requires both strong nation states and strong international organisations. Few, if any, nations, however, will be able to face many of the global challenges on their own, and the need will remain for a credible and responsive international organisation. The European Union, with its lack of political unity and its insuf- ficient capabilities, is unable to meet these challenges.

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  • The high ownership concentration can also serve as a credible commitment that the controlling owner is willing to build a reputation for not expropriating minority shareholders (Gomes, 2000). The commitment is credible because minority shareholders know that if the controlling owner unexpectedly extracts high levels of private benefits when he/she still holds a substantial amount of shares, they will discount the stock price accordingly, and the majority owner’s share value will be reduced.

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  • He points to his fi rm’s work for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox gaming system. “We were engaging with bloggers and fans eight to 10 months before the ads broke. “Our job is no longer doing a press conference to break the ads—we are building engagement with enthusiasts to create a runway of credibility for a new brand or campaign.” Under the old model of public relations, the job of a PR fi rm was to get a story in the newspaper. Says Mr. Stockman, “If we got a piece in The Wall Street Journal, we’d give ourselves high fi ves. Now, if you get a piece in the Journal, you have...

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  • For marketing to be successful, it must create a desire for a product. a marketer, therefore, needs to understand: a) current consumer perceptions of the product and what must be overcome to improve those perceptions, b) what price/value equation will have the most appeal, c) who do consumers believe to be credible sources of product information, and d) where to place this key information in the form of promotion, advertising, etc., so that it will reach the right consumer target.

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  • IdeaBridge is focused nearly exclusively on banks; this focus gives us access to the industry’s best ideas and also helps build immediate credibility with those whom we work. The result is that participants pay very close attention because the training is based on what works in the real world, at the street level, for bankers just like them. The typical skepticism and defensiveness toward those who haven’t spent their career in this industry, is eliminated when John Callos is leading the training.

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  • It is important at this point to determine if assessments about organizational practices will be made internally or by outside experts. The advantages to doing it internally are that direct costs are likely to be lower and the process may become an engaging organizational exercise that builds communications capacity in and of itself. The advantages to using outside experts are their objectivity, time and availability, the knowledge they bring from other organizations for comparison purposes, and the credibility that may accompany their credentials and expertise....

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