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  • Food systems account for a third of greenhouse gas emissions. “Dietary Patterns for Health and Sustainability” is a World Health Organization (WHO) project that aims to build consensus among international food, health, and sustainability experts and policymakers on how to conceptualise healthy and sustainable diets and on the actions and policies that could be implemented in the WHO European Region to promote these diets.

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  • Team Steps to Success is a series of four guides and a foundation module, that are aimed at ’team managed’ childcare businesses. The four guides cover the key business issues, drawing on best practice in business support. They build on the ’foundation’ module, ’Planning for business success’, which is designed to be used as a reference point as it contains the practical planning techniques for applying the concepts covered in this guide.

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  • In the context of international integration, managers’ knowledge plays an important role as a valuable organizational resource from a strategic perspective and a foundation for competitive advantage in business environment. The aim of this paper was to build assessment model and attest it in the case of Vietnam’s Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) regarding manager’s knowledge in preparing the information on financial statements.

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  • The general purpose of the thesis is to build a scientific foundation for proposing solutions, focusing on legal solutions, in order to respect, promote and protect the freedom of association in Vietnam.

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  • This paper studies two oscilation moduls. The first problem studies the oscillation of a foundation of a building. The foundation of the building is considered to be a flat block resting on the springs in two vertical and horizontal directions subjected to vertical coercive forces F(t). The second problem investigates the oscillation of a two-story building subjected to the force F(t) acting on the top floor of the building.

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  • This paper discusses trust as a foundation for integrative negotiations, where strategy and information sharing play a critical role. In the increasingly global and interconnected economy, negotiation processes became a vital part in the political, social, economic and particularly business spheres, and have evolved over time. Building integrative negotiations relies on trust among the parties, affecting the process of information and knowledge sharing during the negotiation meetings.

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  • Mathematical modeling is one of the competencies that have been focused in the curriculum of many countries in the world such as Australia, Germany, Singapore and USA. In Vietnam, the Mathematics curriculum promulgated in 12/2018 clarified that modeling competency would be one of the domain-specific competencies that contribute to the formation and development of the mathematical competency in particular, and numeracy in general.

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  • Lecture 29 - States of matter. In this lecture, revisit the concept of state of matter with Students. The first part of the week focus on exploring states of matter and changes of states of matter in hands-on activities. The inquiry provides them with a shared experience to build a foundation for more detailed group and class discussions. In those sessions, you will introduce particle theory and discuss the models of states of matter.

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  • Financial liquidity is the foundation for building a strong enterprise. Every small or large enterprise, regardless of the industry, needs to have financial liquidity to grow. Its management is complicated as it is related to current assets, short-term liabilities and profitability. The existing relationship between profitability and liquidity makes it very difficult to choose the right liquidity management strategy. The purpose of the article is to analyze the strategy of managing liquidity in state-owned enterprises operating in the energy sector.

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  • This paper aims to investigate success factors of innovative start-up firms from the perspective of young start-up managers. Which key factors did they experience before and since the foundation of their company? The experience from the quite young Swiss start-up scene provides important insights to entrepreneurs and policy-makers in emerging countries that currently face the necessity of building up a start-up environment. One part of the data has been collected by the author, the other part originates from the Swiss Venture Capital Database (total sample size: 306).

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  • Farmers Association of Hai Duong Province is a socio-political organization, protecting legitimate rights and interests of over 300,000 farmers in the province. Activities of the associations have brought farmers access to new technology, linking farmers' activities with programs and projects on socio-economic development, loans and creating jobs. In order to help many farmers transform their agricultural economy, farmers actively participate in the movement of building new rural areas, enhancing cultural and artistic activities, sports and physical training.

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  • Many organizations are eager to become learning organizations that are known to contribute to increased financial performance, innovation, and the retention of workers who possess valuable organizational knowledge. For this reason, knowledge management systems (KMSs) in reality have been utilized as a means to foster the development of learning organizations. However, it remains questionable as to whether or not KMSs have any impact on the creation of learning organizations. Therefore, this study is designed to address this deficit and build a foundation for future research.

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  • The dissertation aims to build theoretical and practical grounds on developing marketing strategies in the new market conditions which are adaptable to changes in the environment and market (customers, competition) in order to bring about orientations, views, goals and solutions with strong theoretical and practical foundations to develop marketing strategies for Vietnam’s retail supermarket chains located in Hanoi by 2023, vision 2030.

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  • This paper offers a case history of a seven-story building with three basement floors, subjected to unsymmetrical earth pressure. To reduce excessive settlements due to clay layers below the raft, and to reduce excessive shear force acting on piles due to lateral load from earth pressure, a piled raft foundation was employed.

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  • The research objective of the dissertation establishes geomorphologic geological units to serve as a scientific foundation for sustainable land use planning and use in the North Central Highlands. Building up the system of units and criteria and establishing geomorphologic map of the North Central Highlands. Analyzing characteristics and classification of geomorphologic landscapes, proposing solutions to sustainable land management and use on the geomorphologic viewpoint of North Central Highlands.

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  • Chapter 2 - Foundations: The cell. Just as bricks and timbers are the structural units of a house, cells are the structural units of all living things, from one-celled “generalists” like amoebas to complex multicellular organisms such as humans, dogs, and trees. The human body has 50 to 100 trillion of these tiny building blocks. This chapter focuses on structures and functions shared by all cells.

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  • The thesis was done with the purpose of contributing to the public administration reform process and building Vietnam towards democracy, modern, effective and efficient through the development of the scientific foundations of theory, real practice on the accountability of the head of SAA in Vietnam today.

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  • Research objectives: Can analyze the current situation and characteristics of natural rehabilitation of flora carpet on lands after shifting cultivation as a basis for building the classification of rehabilitation capacity in the study area; can assess the protection capacity of flora carpet on lands after shifting cultivation, can classify rehabilitation potential of forest on lands after shifting cultivation through forest time natural rehabilitation, and propose some silviculture solutions for forest rehabilitation on lands after shifting cultivation in the watershed protection area.

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  • Constructive Anatomy is George B. Bridgman's excellent book of anatomical drawing instruction. Ideal for beginning to intermediate artists, Constructive Anatomy begins with instruction on drawing hands and works its way through the human body giving detailed instruction on how to draw realistic human figures. Bridgman's drawing methodology builds upon the analysis of human anatomy, how the skeleton fits together, and how muscle sits upon the skeleton to create the human form.

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  • AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Essentials offers expert instruction and real-world, hands-on exercises to teach you how to use AutoCAD Civil 3D. As you design a residential subdivision from start to finish, you'll learn core tools and workflows to build a solid foundation in the software, allowing you to quickly use Civil 3D productively. The book features new, multi-viewport example drawings to promote 3D design as well as an entire new chapter dedicated to pressure pipe design.

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