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  • In addition, the modified IA report contains a clearer description of the key features that distinguish a social investment funds from the wider category of alternative investment funds. In line with the IABs request, the report clarifies that the essential features of a social investment fund are linked to the social undertakings it targets, the composition of its portfolio (at least 70% of investor capital invested in qualifying target undertakings) and the investment tools it employs (equity, quasi-equity, debt instruments but no leverage).

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  • Second, explicitly analyzing fees allows us to determine whether investors in SRI funds pay an explicit price for the ethical value of their investments. Our results also shed light on the way in which mutual fund fees are determined, particularly on the question of whether fees simply reflect funds' operating costs or, as argued by Christofersen and Musto (2002) and Gil-Bazo and Ruiz-Verdú (2009), they are set taking into account the performance sensitivity of funds' clienteles.

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  • With regard to wider equipment safety considerations, there are many national and international standards for medical devices, whose intention is to ensure the safety of equipment in respect of, for example electrical, mechanical, and software hazards. This report is not intended to duplicate these standards and processes. Where such standards and their relationship with radiation safety issues are sufficiently mature, their requirements have been referenced but not reproduced here. This is the case in many aspects of radiotherapy (Sections 1.5 and 4).

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  • Critical reading is essential for success in college. Students who do well in this section are ready for reading demands in college courses. Students who score below 151 on Reading Skills will benefit from courses designed to strengthen their ability to read critically and to write effectively about what they have read. All of the reading material is accessible to and appropriate for college-bound students. Much of the content is of special interest to Californians and reflects the diversity of cultural experience in the state.

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  • A common approach to adjusting for seasonal and long-term trends is to use semiparametric models which incorporate a smooth function of time. The use of nonparametric smoothing in time series models of air pollution and health was suggested in Schwartz (1994a), where generalized additive Poisson models were used with LOESS smooths of time, temperature, dewpoint temperature and PM10. This approach can be thought of as regressing residuals from the smoothed dependent variable on residuals from the smoothed regressors.

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  • This guidance applies to all companies to which the Code applies – i.e. UK listed companies. For groups, it will usually be necessary for the audit committee of the parent company to review issues that relate to particular subsidiaries or activities carried on by the group. Consequently, the board of a UK-listed parent company should ensure that there is adequate cooperation within the group (and with internal and external auditors of individual companies within the group) to enable the parent company audit committee to discharge its responsibilities effectively....

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  • Our results based on 1’472 U.S. open-end equity funds between 1975 and 2002 clearly show that the impact of luck on performance is substantial. First, our estimators of the number of funds with differential, positive and negative performance is much lower than those obtained with the standard approach. It implies that our judgement on performance across the different investment categories can substantially differ from the one implied by the standard approach. Second, we find that luck has a stronger impact on the performance of the best rather than the worst funds....

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  • In each round, we looked for validation that the notice provided enough of a context, elicited comprehension of its purpose, and allowed for the ability to compare sharing practices. The interviews had two parts, one unstructured and one structured. In the unstructured portion of the interview, we asked participants to talk aloud about what they were reading or looking at and to talk simultaneously about their reactions to each part of the notice.

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  • When conditions within a country or sector do not yet allow other approaches to be used. As has been noted in the section on the Sector Programme approach and Budgetary Aid, certain conditions need to be met before either of these two approaches/tools can be effectively used. In the meantime, projects will continue to be an aid delivery option as long as they can demonstrate that they support the delivery of sustainable benefits and do not impact negatively on local institutional capacity.

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  • The QMP, Safety Plan, and Environmental Compliance Plan are documents which are used on an ongoing basis throughout the life of the project. Special distribution, tracking, and revision procedures are established for these documents to ensure that project participants are using only the most up-to-date versions. As updated versions become available throughout the life of the project they will be posted on the Design-Builder’s tracking software and properly noted as to which a revision and the date of the revision.

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  • More than 93 percent of car thefts occur in metropolitan areas where motor vehicle theft remains a pervasive problem. Western states, in particular, experience high rates of motor vehicle theft, while nationally a car or truck was stolen every 28.8 seconds in 2007. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports released in September 2008 estimate 1.1 million motor vehicle thefts in 2007, with an estimated value of $7.4 billion.

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  • Notwithstanding the fact that the policy rate is near its zero lower bound, the Federal Reserve retains a number of tools and strategies for providing additional stimulus. I will focus here on three that have been part of recent staff analyses and discussion at FOMC meetings: (1) conducting additional purchases of longer-term securities, (2) modifying the Committee’s communication, and (3) reducing the interest paid on excess reserves. I will also comment on a fourth strategy, proposed by several economists--namely, that the FOMC increase its inflation goals. ...

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  • There are a few terms specific to mobile robots that must be defined to avoid confusion. First, the term robot itself has unfortunately come to have at least three different meanings. In this book, the word robot means an autonomous or semi-autonomous mobile land vehicle that may or may not have a manipulator or other device for affecting its environ- ment. Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot Corp. defines a robot as a mobile thing with sensors that looks at those sensors and decides on its own what actions to take....

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  • The model of learning strategies of O’Malley et al. (cited in O’Malley & Chamot, 1990) seems useful to describe the strategy instruction in the present research. Since the teaching of the concepts of conversational implicature and adjacency pairs proposed in my paper can be the application of unwritten “rules” used commonly in society, the strategy instruction applying these rules may represent deducing or deductive strategy (applying rules to the understanding of language) in the sub-category of cognitive strategies presented in this model (O’Malley & Chamot, 1990).

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  • The world is indeed your oyster when you sign up for a Deakin MBA. One of your options is to undertake a study tour – either within Australia or overseas. It is the perfect way to notch up some firsthand experience of an alternative business environment, share practical learning with other students – and gain credit towards your degree. Australia Study Program This intensive two-week program studying MPT753 Finance, involves three days of on-campus study at our Melbourne Burwood Campus followed by a series of industry visits in Tasmania.

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  • If the dent is very small or shallow, it may well be easier to simply carry out the repair with only bodyfiller without restoring the metal surface. Remember, bodyfiller applied in thick layers is not as flexible as the metalwork, leading to cracks and other problems especially near panel edges or on unsupported areas. Avoid deep filling on flexible panels. Assess the extent of metal damage first to make sure it really is repairable, otherwise consider panel replacement or professional help.

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  • High up under the ceiling near Gate D2 glide the beautiful masters of the air, the birds. These particular birds are created in glass by the Faeroese artist Tróndur Patursson and the Danish master in glass, Per Steen Hebsgaard. Patursson is a highly versatile artist who expresses himself in oils, water colours, sculptures, collages and reliefs, and in recent years has developed a special delight in working with glass.

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  • At the heart of Greenplum Database is the Parallel Dataflow Engine. This is where the real work of processing and analyzing data is done. The Parallel Dataflow Engine is an optimized parallel processing infrastructure that is designed to process data as it flows from disk, from external files or applications, or from other segments over the gNet interconnect (Figure 9). The engine is inherently parallel—it spans all segments of a Greenplum cluster and can scale effectively to thousands of commodity processing cores.

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  • This sustained defence concerns the physical safety of citi- zens, territory and interests, legal culture and liberty. It will be played out in many theatres, and will cover many policy domains that have traditionally been kept separate from each other. Understanding how different matters are interrelated is a very important first step in beginning to be able to address them effectively.

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  • Some types of PPE are simply not appropriate for use in certain situations. For instance, let's say you have maintenance employees working in a shop area where they have been assigned to wear ANSI-approved safety glasses with side shields for protection against flying particles generated at various grinding machines. One of these employees is called away to work in a treating area where dip tanks are located. Assigned PPE in the treating area consists of chemical-protective splash goggles.

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