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  • This book provides an excellent place for you to begin if you are starting a business continuity program and considering technology such as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), or if you are an IT person looking to make an informed decision about integrated networking, or designing the next level of a communications strategy. It's also an excellent starting place for end users who are new to business continuity and disaster planning to learn how things like VoIP and other Avaya solutions, software, and services can help in the process....

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  • The relationship between the quality of a product and the organization responsible for the development of that product is multidimensional. The relationship depends upon many factors such as the business strategy and business structure of the organization, available talent, and resources needed to produce the product. It also depends upon the combination of activities selected by the organization to achieve the desired product quality.

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  • The Harvard Business Essentials Series The Harvard Business Essentials series is designed to provide comprehensive advice, personal coaching, background information, and guidance on the most relevant topics in business. Drawing on rich content from Harvard Business School Publishing and other sources, these concise guides are carefully crafted to provide a highly practical resource for readers with all levels of experience.To assure quality and accuracy, each volume is closely reviewed by a specialized content advisor from a world-class business school.

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  • The survey was completed in July & August 2006 and is building on similar surveys conducted in 2001 and 2003. In 2006, we organised the survey as a joint initiative with the Czech Institute of Internal Auditors (ČIIA). Our objective is to provide an independent forum to report on key trends, and emerging issues regarding many aspects of the Internal Audit (“IA”) function in various industry segments operating in the Czech Republic.

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  • This practical book provides a step-by-step approach to testing mission-critical applications for scalability and performance before they're deployed -- a vital topic to which other books devote one chapter, if that. Businesses today live and die by network applications and web services. Because of the increasing complexity of these programs, and the pressure to deploy them quickly, many professionals don't take the time to ensure that they'll perform well and scale effectively.

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  • By stating that all isolators and equipment bases shall be of the same manufacturer and shall be supplied to the mechanical contractor, the consulting engineer has placed the responsibility on a single source who will be concerned with the vibration transmission from all mechanical equipment in the building, rather than only those which they supply.

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  • In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Know the definition of assurance services, be familiar with the types of assurance services offered by cpas, know the definition of an attestation engagement, know the types of attestation engagements.

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  • Chapter 6 - Planning the audit; linking audit procedures to risk. This chapter explained the manner in which auditors plan an audit and design audit programs. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Identify the factors considered by auditors in accepting new clients, explain a CPA's responsibilities when planning an audit, explain how the auditors assess a client's business risk and use these risks to determine inherent risks.

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  • In this chapter you will understand why studying auditing can be valuable to you and why it is different from studying accounting, be able to explain why there is a demand for auditing and assurance, know the basic definition of a financial statement audit,...

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  • Chapter 2 "The financial statement auditing environment", in this chapter you will be familiar with the different types of auditors; be familiar with the various services offered by assurance providers; understand the organization and composition of public accounting firms; understand the significant changes that have taken place in the auditing profession over the past decade;...

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  • Chapter 16 - Auditing the financing/investing process: Cash and investments. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Understand the relationship of the various business processes to cash, know the different types of bank accounts, know tests of details of transactions used to audit cash, be able to explain tests of details of account balances used to audit cash.

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  • Chapter 16 - Employees and the corporation. Learning objectives of this chapter: Understanding workers’ rights to organize unions and bargain collectively, knowing how government regulations assure occupational safety and health and what business must do to protect workers, evaluating the limits of employers’ duty to provide job security to their workers,…

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  • The main goals of this chapter are to: Define business risk and understand how management addresses business risk with the Enterprise Risk Management Model; explain auditors’ responsibility for risk assessment and define and explain the differences among several types of fraud and errors that might occur in an organization; describe the audit risk model and explain the meaning and importance of its components in terms of professional judgment and audit planning.

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  • Chapter 6 - Planning, knowledge of the business and evaluating strategic business risk. After studying this chapter you should be able to: explain why the decision to accept a client is important, and describe the primary features of client acceptance and continuance; indicate the purpose and content of an audit engagement letter; describe the decisions made by an auditor in preparing an audit plan, the knowledge on which the decisions are based and the procedures used to obtain that knowledge;...

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  • Chapter 17 - Advanced topics in assurance services. After studying this chapter you should be able to: appreciate the framework of standards under which assurance services are currently offered, and how specific standards relate to different types of assurance services; understand the assurance provider’s obligations in relation to audits of financial information other than general-purpose reports, including special-purpose reports, components of financial reports and summarised financial reports;...

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  • Our satisfaction in writing the second English edition of this book is easy to imagine: not only are we assured of the utility of our work, but also have the opportunity to enlarge and revise it.We have attempted to do this in various ways. We have removed oversights and errors; we have made a few additions and expanded a little on all chapters; we have re-written and simplified various parts which students had found obscure or difficult to understand; lastly, we have updated the bibliography, with the aim of offering useful suggestions for further readi...

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  • Managing Change and Transition HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL PRESS Managing Change and Transition The Harvard Business Essentials Series The Harvard Business Essentials series is designed to provide comprehensive advice, personal coaching, background information, and guidance on the most relevant topics in business. Drawing on rich content from Harvard Business School Publishing and other sources, these concise guides are carefully crafted to provide a highly practical resource for readers with all levels of experience.

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  • Many experts from the field of IT Service Management have assisted in putting together this first edition of The Guide to IT Service Management Volume I. Without these authors, who have done a lot of work to formulate their knowledge and insights and put them down on paper, a book like this would not be possible. I owe these authors my gratitude. The names of the authors are mentioned in their respective contributions, but you can be assured that many more were involved in the writing and evaluating of the final texts....

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  • Purchasing flood insurance is a wise decision for the home or business owner . Like homeowners’ insurance, it’ s protection you hope you never have to use. But if flooding occurs, you will be protected as outlined in the details of your policy . This claims guide was created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which oversees the National Flood Insurance Program, to help you through the process of filing a claim and appealing the decision on your claim, if necessary .

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  • As the name suggests, we are not just a Bodyshop or Mechanical Services company, we are your Complete Automotive Solution. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service, ensuring that you are supported and assisted through difficult insurance claims, have assured quality workmanship and are completely satisfied with all aspects of our service, at all times. Vehicle Repair Solutions is a trusted name in vehicle accident repairs, mechanical repairs and de-fleeting services.

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