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  • Author Vladimir Kushnir shows you how to use his Safe C++ library, based in part on programming practices developed by the C++ community. You’ll not only find recipes for identifying errors during your program’s compilation, runtime, and testing phases, you’ll learn a comprehensive approach for making your C++ code safe and bug-free.

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  • Astute readers such as yourself may be wondering whether the title of this book, Safe C++, presumes that the C++ programming language is somehow unsafe. Good catch! That is indeed the presumption. The C++ language allows programmers to make all kinds of mistakes, such as accessing memory beyond the bounds of an allocated array, or reading memory that was never initialized, or allocating memory and forgetting to deallocate it.

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  • This contribution attempts a conceptual and practical introduction into the principles of wiring or constructing special machines for language processing tasks instead of programming a universal machine. C o n s t r u c t i o n w o u l d in principle provide higher descriptive adequacy in comp u t a t i o n a l l y based linguistics. After all, our heads do not apply programs on stored symbol arrays but are a p p r o p r i a t e l y wired for understanding or producing language.

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  • The goal of Defensive Programming is to produce resilient code that responds gracefully to the unexpected. To the SQL Server programmer, this means T-SQL code that behaves consistently and predictably in cases of unexpected usage, doesn't break under concurrent loads, and survives predictable changes to database schemas and settings. Inside this book, you will find dozens of practical, defensive programming techniques that will improve the quality of your T-SQL code and increase its resilience and robustness. ...

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