Carbon residue

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  • The energy demand for the endothermic gasification reaction is met by the combustion of residual char in the fast bed combustor. The circulating bed materials act as heat carrier between the two fluidized beds and maintain the required temperature in gasifier. Therefore, the hydrodynamics of such a dual fluidized beds system needs to be thoroughly understood for successful design and operation of the system for industrial application.

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  • The previous WHO guidelines were established for 15 minutes to protect against short-term peak exposures that might occur from, for example, an un- vented stove; for 1 hour to protect against excess exposure from, for example, faulty appliances; and for 8 hours (which is relevant to occupational exposures and has been used as an averaging time for ambient exposures). We do not rec- ommend changing the existing guidelines. However, chronic carbon monoxide exposure appears different from acute exposure in several important respects.

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  • In many ways, local authorities are well placed to pursue measures which improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, policies designed to reduce the impact that transport has on air quality by tackling congestion and encouraging a shift to public transport, walking and cycling should also reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Measures to improve energy efficiency and cut energy demand should also reduce air pollutants that are produced during electricity generation.

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  • Closer to home, PassivSystem’s Chief Executive Officer and founder Colin Calder got the idea for his company when he tried to build a zero-carbon footprint house in Tuscany and discovered that none of the green energy systems he wanted to use were compatible with each other. Calder immediately saw the incompatibility as a business opportunity. The experience led him to design a networked control system relying on internal and external sensors that synchronizes the different sources of energy entering a house in order to get the maximum efficiency at the lowest cost.

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  • Mangalore coast is a stretch of about 22 Kms at the western part of the Western Ghats of the Indian peninsula. This area is receiving huge quantity of pollution load from the major industries and factories located nearby. This pollution load is discharged into the sea either directly or through the major west flowing rivers of the region, Nethravathi and Gurupura. The pollution load includes runoff of the sediment, waste from oil refineries, nutrients and pesticides, iron ore residues from the nearby iron are company and chemicals from the chemical factory from the point source.

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  • Aryl-alcohol oxidase provides H2O2 for lignin biodegradation, a key pro-cess for carbon recycling in land ecosystems that is also of great biotechno-logical interest. However, little is known of the structural determinants of the catalytic activity of this fungal flavoenzyme, which oxidizes a variety of polyunsaturated alcohols.

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  • Glycoside hydrolysis by retaining family 18 chitinases involves a catalytic acid (Glu) which is part of a conserved DXDXEsequence motif that spans strand four of a (ba)8 barrel (TIMbarrel) structure.Theseglycosidehydrolases are unusual in that thepositive charge emergingon theanomeric carbon after departure of the leaving group is stabilized by the substrate itself (the N-acetyl group of the distorted )1 sugar), rather than by a carboxylate group on the enzyme.

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  • Principles of operation Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspection techniques are electromagnetic test methods primarily used to detect flaws or defects in high-permeability ferromagnetic metals such as carbon steel tubing, plate, wire rope and tubular parts.

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  • Đồng cỏ Bắc Mỹ có thể là một phần của một carbon trên mặt đất (C) sink.1-3 mặt đất hoặc chìm "mất tích", trong đó bao gồm đất canh tác và rừng, có thể đóng một vai trò quan trọng trong bù đắp lượng khí thải CO2 được tạo ra từ việc sử dụng nhiên liệu hóa thạch và thay đổi toàn cầu trong quản lý đất đai (ví dụ, phá rừng) thông qua hấp thụ C trong đất, thảm thực vật, và residues.1, 2,4 Fan et al.

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  • Sources of organic matter include leaves, twigs and other plant residues. A constant replenishmentoforganicmatterisessentialtomaintainahealthysoil.Bioenergycropscanbe animportantsourceoforganicmatter.Husksandpresscakesofmanynontoxicenergycrops canbeusedasasourceoforiginmattertomaintainaconstantcycleofreplenishment. Soilacidity/alkalinity,moisturecontentandotherfactors influencethechemicalqualityofthe soil.

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  • Because of the primary character of biomass ecosystem production and the comprehensive coverage of carbon/biomass accounts, they play a central role in ecosystem capital accounts. Carbon/ biomass is the primary service expected from the ecosystem, under the constraint of sustainable supply of water (for human use and the ecosystem itself) as well as sustainability of all the regulating (water regulation, assimilation of residuals, habitat regulation, pollination) and socio-cultural services which are produced.

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  • HPr kinase/phosphorylase (HPrK/P) is the key regulator of carbon metabolism in many Gram-positive bacteria. It phosphorylates/dephosphorylates the HPr protein of the bacterial phosphotransferase system on a regulatory serine residue in response to the nutrient status of the cell. In Mycoplasma pneumoniae,HPrK/P is one of the very few regulatory proteins encoded in the genome.

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  • Some physical qualities include soil density, permeability, porosity, temperature, thermal conductivity and heat capacity. These properties dictate how the biologicalmicro organisms whichfeedontheplantorganicmattersurvive.Forexamplethepenetrationofheat,waterand otheressentialorganicresiduedependsonthedensityofthesoil.Bioenergycropswiththeir extensiveandheavyrootsystemhaveanessentialroletoplayhere. Inadditionto increasing thesoilcarboncontenttheycanimprovesoildensityandporosity....

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  • Selective fractionation was applied to partition of heavy metals in river sediment of the rivers Nhue and Tolich Hanoi’s outskirts. The observed results showed a considerable difference of the proportion of various fractions of studied heavy metals. The residual fraction of Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd, Cr, and Ni stayed the highest portions. The portions/percentages of Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd as carbonate fractions were comparatively higher than those as Fe-Mn oxide fractions and organic fractions.

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  • Many of the fabrication techniques require use of organic solvents and high temperature. The residues that remains after completion of process can damage cells and nearby tissues. This may also denature the biologically active molecules incorporated within the scaffolds. The gas foaming scaffold fabrication techniques does not require the utilization of organic solvents and high temperature. This technique uses high pressure carbon dioxide gas for the fabrication of highly porous scaffolds.

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