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  • This cartoon bear is both fun and simple to draw. Just get your pencil, paper and an eraser and then follow along with the step by step lesson below. He has a very simple construction so you should have no problem bringing him to life on your own no matter what you think your drawing skill might be. Once you're done the lesson, feel free to try drawing him again and posing his simple hands in different positions and giving him a different expression on his face to create different drawings of this same bear. ...

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  • Do you want to learn how to draw a cartoon brown bear? Don’t get grizzly! Impress your family and friends with your supreme sketching skills when you follow our simple steps and learn how to draw a cartoon brown bear. Put a pencil in your paw and let’s get started! STEP-1: The Bear Necessities –Drawing the Basic Shapes of our Cartoon Bear Bears have always played a big part in popular culture, including the famous Disney film, Brother Bear. Now, it’s your turn to add to this rich heritage by learning how to draw a cartoon brown bear! First of...

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  • Do you want to learn how to draw a cartoon polar bear cub? Take to the ice and get your pencil at the ready to draw this cute polar bear! It's easy when you follow our four simple paw prints. Brrrrr! With more "ice" than Kanye West, the polar bear is the undisputed king of the Arctic Circle and this cute little cub is just finding his feet (or, should that be paws?) in the snow.

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  • Ever wondered how to draw a koala bear? Well, that's just what you are about to find! This cute little koala bear is extremely easy to make and you can get started with just a few simple lines and some basic shapes. Step 1 - Starting Simple Make a big oval. When you are making this, consider that it should be big enough for you to visualize the koala bear's face. If you need some help you can look at the finished Koala Bear's face and judge the size and shape based upon that.

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  • How to draw berry the bear in the forest step by step. this drawing book contains 24 pages that will teach you everything you need to know about drawing and how to draw the beautiful drawing that is on the cover with all its cute characters. if you are looking for an activity book so you can enjoy with your kids this is the best book for you. this drawing book is a great book for the whole family so you can all spend some quality time with each other. the drawings are really easy to follow and anyone can do this and have...

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