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  • Quack quack! It's time to make a splash by learning how to draw a cartoon duck! These comical creatures have been the inspiration for numerous cartoon characters, including Walt Disney's Donald Duck and Warner Bros' Daffy Duck. So, follow our simple steps and you'll soon be spreading your wings and following in their famous webbed footsteps! STEP-1: Taking a Paddle with Some Basic Shapes The first stage of how to draw a cartoon duck is to sketch out some basic shapes which will form the basis of our fine feathered friend. ...

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  • Drawing plump cartoon ducks is no sweat to draw if you can already draw circles and ovals. We'll use a bunch of circles and ovals along with a few other easy shapes to create our wacky quacker in this step by step drawing lesson. Step 1 - Body and Head Start off by drawing an upright oval for the duck's head, and below that a much larger oval on its side for the body. If you want to create something really wacky, try placing the circles a little further apart. Remember that you can always experiment and play with...

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  • This cartoon duck will probably remind you of the little rubber duck that you might have had as a child and was a popular bath time toy. Step 1 - Body Circles First off start by drawing one perfect circle for the head and one oval for the body. If you have a coin or a cup it might be handy to trace around that to get your perfect circle for the head. Don't worry if you can't draw prefect circles or ovals – just do your best and draw lightly as you'll be modifying the body in the next step.

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  • The adorable duck cartoon drawing showing a mother duck taking her two little ducklings out in the water is a lot of fun to make and quite easy if you just follow along with the steps below. Step 1 - Body and Head Make a circle for the head and below that draw another oval-for the body of the mother duck. That's it for the first step. Move on to the next step. Step 2 - Drawing the Neck Join the circle with the oval by drawing two curving lines - both of them curving in the opposite direction, so...

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