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  • Learn how to draw cartoon horses in just four simple steps. Grab your pencil and paper and let’s dive right into this lesson! Step One Start off by drawing a large bean shape that will make up the body of the horse. Notice that the back part of the bean which will make the back side of the horse is larger than the front part of the bean which will create the neck.

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  • Giddy up, pardner! In today's lesson, we're going to learn how to draw a cartoon horse. Once you've followed our easy steps, you'll be galloping along in no time and impressing friends and family with your amazing artistic skills. So, saddle up, grab your pencils and let's get going! STEP-1: Coming Out of the Stables with Some Basic Shapes The first part of learning how to draw a cartoon horse is sketching out some basic shapes which will form the basis for our awesome equine illustration.First of all, draw an oval shape, followed by an irregular, larger circle beneath as in...

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  • Watch the how to draw a horse video at the bottom of this page for the full step by step walkthrough of this drawing. Use the notes provided to go along with the video for further explanation. How to start your Horse Drawing To begin with you want to start to define the major areas of the head like the nose, mouth ears and eyes of the horse along with the general shape of the head. At this stage keep your lines loose and light so that if you make any mistakes they will be easy to erase later. .Next you...

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  • A. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. 01. A. chorus B. technicolor C. chopstick D. character 02. A. pair B. fair C. stair D. faith 03. A. cheese B. cheer C. peer D. career 04. A. horses B. tongues C. places D. faces 05. A. walked B. danced C. laughed D. studied B. Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from the others. 06. A.event B. hero C. teacher D. championship 07. A. background B. humane C. romantic D. depend 08. A. wonderful B. cartoon C. visual D. passive 09. A....

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