Cascaded finite state models

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  • We consider a new subproblem of unsupervised parsing from raw text, unsupervised partial parsing—the unsupervised version of text chunking. We show that addressing this task directly, using probabilistic finite-state methods, produces better results than relying on the local predictions of a current best unsupervised parser, Seginer’s (2007) CCL. These finite-state models are combined in a cascade to produce more general (full-sentence) constituent structures; doing so outperforms CCL by a wide margin in unlabeled PARSEVAL scores for English, German and Chinese. ...

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  • This report describes the development of a parsing system for written Swedish and is focused on a grammar, the main component of the system, semiautomatically extracted from corpora. A cascaded, finite-state algorithm is applied to the grammar in which the input contains coarse-grained semantic class information, and the output produced reflects not only the syntactic structure of the input, but grammatical functions as well. The grammar has been tested on a variety of random samples of different text genres, achieving precision and recall of 94.62% and 91.

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  • The paper presents two approaches to partial parsing of German: a tagger trained on dependency tuples, and a cascaded finite-state parser (Abney, 1997). For the tagging approach, the effects of choosing different representations of dependency tuples are investigated. Performance of the finite-state parser is boosted by delaying syntactically unsolvable disambiguation problems via underspecification. Both approaches are evaluated on a 340,000-token corpus.

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