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Case of emergency

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is nowadays an internationally emerging topic because of the fact that enterprises not only need to focus on their profits but also to pay attention to the profit of all the people concerned such as governments, customers, interest groups and communities.

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  • The project for development of a power source in the Lao PDR has started since 1970, until now Laos has 63 existing projects, and among projects under construction, 25 projects are expected to complete construction before 2020, 68 projects are expected to complete construction before 2025, 73 projects are expected to complete construction before 2030 and 282 projects are going on feasibility study report. This study will assist Lao PDR in analysing the information by analyzing, finding the solutions to ensure electricity supply is sufficient during dry seasons in the future.

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  • This paper provides a detail case of researching opportunities about electricity generation from solid waste to develop the circular economy. By this approaching, we not only solve the problem of landfilled waste, but also create clean energy from waste, and that is the way leads to develop the circular economy. Obviously, we have had ideas, but there are a lot of challenges forward request us find out answers for questions that are how we should solve problems?

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  • The research aimed to evaluate impacts of macro socio-economic factors including population, GDP growth, inflation and interest rates on the dependant variable “rice price” in Vietnam. We will concentrate on Vietnam case and just use Thailand data as references to compare to Vietnam. The research used quantitative design with econometric model with 4 macro economic factors affecting rice price to reflex food security.

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  • This research offers a new perspective to look at Employer Brand Equity- from existing employees, as it differs from most prior papers which only focus on investigating potential employees for recruitment. The study shows the varying results for two groups of employees: office workers and frontline sales people and also points out important factors in Employer Brand Equity impacting the decision to stay or to leave of this retailer’s employees.

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  • This study arises from the need to manage the human resource (HR) of the Vietnamese firms more effectively, especially at the state companies after their equitization process. The aims of this thesis are to examine the theoretical background of the human resource management (HRM) and its linkages to improve firms’ performance via investigating a case study of a state-owned enterprises coded as MACHICON. The research has found that the human resource management system is strongly influenced by the traditional management of personnel.

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  • The topic "Factors affecting team effectiveness of student clubs: Case study of National Economics University" was chosen to study in which factors play the important role in influencing the effectiveness of the team in clubs. The main target objects of the topic are students in university clubs. By using the theoretical approaching method, the research team has built up the factors affecting the effectiveness of the team including Commitment, Mature communication, and Clearly defined goal.

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  • Agro-tourism is a form of rural tourism that has actively developed in recent years. Tra Que Vegetable Village has developed this type of tourism to meet the needs of visitors to visit and experience. However, Vietnamese tourists' satisfaction of agro-tourism in the village has not been giving sufficient attention. The purpose of this study was to find the level of Vietnamese tourists satisfaction and factors that contribute to the levels.

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  • In this paper we discuss how can one university in Vietnam - Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) - establish an innovative start-up investment fund (the BK Fund). Theoretical and practical studies on setting up University venture capital funds will be necessary for HUST to overcome the legal barriers, financial resources difficulties and other constrains during the fund’s establishment and implementation process.

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  • This study focuses on the question of technological adoption, in general, and innovation management, in particular, with specific reference to Vietnamese agro-food manufacturers. A qualitative case study approach was adopted capturing the perspectives of managers and employees in three successful agro-food manufacturers. The findings showed that, it is necessary to deepen our systematic understanding of integral technovation process in managerial practices.

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  • The study investigates the magnitude of service failures and students’ responses to problems in higher education context. The paper begins with literature reviews on service failures and customers’ responses in higher education sector. By using critical incident technique (CIT), the study identifies and classifies common service failures, which lead to student dissatisfaction. A comprehensive list of 29 types of service failures grouped into seven categories was developed for higher education service.

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  • Entrepreneurship is currently the focus of Vietnamese government to push up the nation economy and encourage higher quality and quantity of new start-ups. This study examines the relationship and measures the impacts of different factors on entrepreneurship intention of young people in Hai Duong province, Vietnam using Theory of Planned Behaviour from Ajzen (1991) as the framework with an extension of other factors. This study uses questionnaires with Likert 5-scale to collect data from 1600 young people in Hai Duong province with the support of Hai Duong Youth Union.

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  • To study the incidence and risk factors of shivering in pregnant women during cesarean section. Methods: We performed a prospective nested case-control study involving parturients scheduled for cesarean sections between July 2018 and May 2021. The overall incidence of intraoperative shivering and its potential risk factors were investigated.

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  • Following the 2009 H1N1 Influenza pandemic, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) emerged as a viable alternative in selected, severe cases of ARDS. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is a major public health problem. Average medical costs for ARDS survivors on an annual basis are multiple times those dedicated to a healthy individual.

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  • This article contributes to an emerging body of literature about the micropolitics of the transition to renewable energy by examining how community leaders, in order to protect their territories, contest the energy transition. We present findings from two ethnographic case studies of small hydropower plants (SHPs) in indigenous Mapuche territory.

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  • Comamonas kerstersii is rarely associated with infections in humans and has never been reported in animals until now. Case presentation: Herein, we describe a case of urinary tract infection caused by C. kerstersii in a young goat. A seven-month-old male goat showed lethargy, generalised weakness and anorexia and in the last hours before its death, severe depression, slight abdominal distention, ruminal stasis, and sternal recumbency.

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  • Respiratory distress is one of the most common afflictions of brachycephalic dogs. Dogs in respiratory distress usually present to the emergency service with a constellation of clinical signs including but not limited to: Stertorous breathing, dyspnea, gagging, cyanotic mucus membranes, hyperthermia, and commonly a history of gastrointestinal signs.

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  • The present report deals with the analysis of emerging contaminants and the quality of drinking and underground water supply in Chandigarh, India. A water sampling monitoring and analysis was conducted by collecting a total of 54 samples of underground & drinking water of Chandigarh to analyse the health risk associated with the spread of emerging contaminants in the water sources.

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  • Emergence agitation after general anesthesia may cause several undesirable events in the clinic during patient anesthesia recovery, and acute alcohol intoxication, while rare in surgery, is one of the risk factors.

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  • The procedure was successful and the patient is asymptomatic. Two months later, the pseudoaneurysm reduces its size and completely excluded from the preservation of the blood flow in the artery.Follow-up to 26 month, patient is well, no symptoms or recurrence. Endovascular interventional treatment in the case of GDA aneurysms is considered a promising alternative not only to open surgery but also to an effective emerging technique even in the acute setting.

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