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  • All governors have some sort of safety shutdown mechanism to operate automatically or manually to close the wicket gates in case of emergency. The device is usually controlled by a solenoid. In most cases, a weighted arm that is connected to the gate limit mechanism is held in place by the solenoid. If the trip is initiated, either automatically or manually, the solenoid is de- energized, dropping the weight, causing the gate limit to go to zero. A few installations have shutdown solenoids that are designed so that they must be energized to trip. Typically, there...

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  • This information can be shared with other nodes in the network and is central requirement for VANET application like navigation, intelligent transportation, collision avoidance and location based services. In case of emergency all the vehicles in the network are not affected so broadcasting of alert packet is not feasible rather multicasting of alert packet should be done, but defining the list of node to be considered for multicasting is a challenging task as every vehicle cannot hold the location information of all the vehicles in the network.

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  • Performance evaluation measures the skill of an asset manager and its principal idea is to compare the returns with an alternative appropriate portfolio to that which was obtained in a particular case. The emergence of modern portfolio theory (MPT) by Markowitz (1952), who quantifies how rational investors make decisions based on expected return and risk, has brought much development to portfolio performance measurement.

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  • Food technology and safety research financed by the European Commission has the obvious objective of enhancing the quality of life, in the short term as well as in a long-term perspective. Research as such is most often seen as a long-term activity and even the most applied research should be regarded as an investment for future benefits. Nevertheless, the EU should address research on short-term issues, in order to meet the needs of rapid and accurate information in cases of emerging transnational crises. ...

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  • Frossard and Bonvin International Journal of Emergency Medicine 2011, 4:18 CASE REPORT Open Access Charcot’s triad Jean Louis Frossard1* and Florent Bonvin2 Abstract Biliary stones are usually found in the gallbladder, but about 10-20% may spontaneously migrate into the common bile duct where they either remain trapped or migrate subsequently via the papilla of Vater into the duodenal lumen. In some cases, biliary stones may form de novo in the common bile duct because of local precipitating factors.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học ngành toán học được đăng trên tạp chí toán học quốc tế đề tài: The role of perfusion CT in identifying stroke mimics in the emergency room: a case of status epilepticus presenting with perfusion CT alterations

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  • The Wiley Series in the Psychology of Crime, Policing and Law publishes single author and edited reviews of emerging areas of contemporary research. The purpose of this series is not merely to present research findings in a clear and readable form, but also to bring out their implications for both practice and policy. The series will be useful not only to psychologists, but also to all those concerned with crime detection and prevention, policing and the judicial process.

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  • Maria et al. International Journal of Emergency Medicine 2011, 4:13 CASE REPORT Open Access A unique cause of hemoperitoneum: spontaneous rupture of a splenic hemangiopericytoma Picozzi Stefano Carlo Maria1*, Massimo Mauri2 and Luca Carmignani1 Abstract Non-traumatic hemoperitoneum may be catastrophic if it is not promptly diagnosed and treated. It is critical to identify this clinical picture and treat any active bleeding.

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  • Cooney and Cooney International Journal of Emergency Medicine 2011, 4:15 CASE REPORT Open Access Massive acute colonic pseudo-obstruction successfully managed with conservative therapy in a patient with cerebral palsy Derek R Cooney* and Norma L Cooney Abstract Acute colonic pseudo-obstruction (ACPO), also known as Ogilvie syndrome, is a massive dilation of the colon in the absence of mechanical obstruction.

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  • Cooney and Cooney International Journal of Emergency Medicine 2011, 4:14 CASE REPORT Open Access Gas gangrene and osteomyelitis of the foot in a diabetic patient treated with tea tree oil Derek R Cooney* and Norma L Cooney Abstract Diabetic foot wounds represent a class of chronic non-healing wounds that can lead to the development of soft tissue infections and osteomyelitis.

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  • Ting and Dehdary International Journal of Emergency Medicine 2011, 4:20 CASE REPORT Open Access Acute severe non-traumatic muscle injury following reperfusion surgery for acute aortic occlusion: case report Joseph Y Ting* and Arash Dehdary Abstract Acute aortic occlusion is a rare but catastrophic disease with a high mortality rate. Severe perioperative complications could result from revascularization of infarcted muscles.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: The role of perfusion CT in identifying stroke mimics in the emergency room: a case of status epilepticus presenting with perfusion CT alterations

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  • While various glomerular disorders account for the most cases of end stage renal failure, the etio-pathogenesis of these conditions intrigued many investigators for decades. A clear knowledge of the etiology and pathogenesis is crucial for developing novel strategies to prevent and to treat these disorders. Notwithstanding the continuous emergence of new discoveries, we still have a long way to get any closer to a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of glomerular injury.

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  • The study of how biodiversity is spread around the world is known as bio- geography. Mite harvestmen illustrate one of the most common patterns in bio- geography, called vicariance: species become separated from each other when geographical barriers emerge. Those barriers can be formed by oceans, as in the case of the mite harvestmen; they can also be separated by rising mountains, spreading deserts, and shifting rivers. The other major pattern in biogeography, known as dispersal, occurs when species themselves spread away from their place of origin.

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  • Tuberculosis (TB) kills more than 4,500 people each day worldwide; approximately 1.7 million TB deaths occurred in 2006 alone (WHO, 2008a). TB is second only to AIDS as the leading infectious disease–related cause of adult deaths. Although antibiotic treatment for TB was discovered more than half a century ago, an estimated one-third of the world’s popula- tion is currently infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Keshavjee and Seung, 2008), and 9.2 million new cases of active TB are estimated to occur around the world annually (WHO, 2008a). ...

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  • In terms of numbers also, in roughly half of the companies, promoters have a majority stake. The incidence of majority promoter ownership is more prevalent in case of large companies with more than Rs. 50 crores market capitalisation (Table- VI). Promoter’s stake, however, need not always be held by the promoters themselves in their personal capacity. It could be provided by other companies controlled by the group, some of which could be listed companies themselves.

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  • This paper examine the emerging paradigm of entrepreneurial universities in Korea and discuss the interactions among universities, firms, and government strategy and policy by investigating and comparing two universities, POSTECH and KAIST, in their leadership, adaptation to changes in the environment, business strategies, organization, and cooperative network.

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  • The agglomeration of FDI in some specific locations in the host country, especially in emerging economies, might lead to the huge disparity in economic development between areas. Therefore, attracting FDI into less-developed areas outside the FDI agglomeration areas is an important mission for sustainable development.

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  • This paper analyzed the root causes of failure and types of human error in 300 cases of electrical component failures. We analyzed the operating experience of electrical components by methods of root causes in K-HPES (Korean-version of Human Performance Enhancement System) and by methods of human error types in HuRAMþ (Human errorRelated event root cause Analysis Method Plus). As a result of analysis, the most electrical component failures appeared as circuit breakers and emergency generators.

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  • The article describes the results of experiments conducted on pigs to determine the effect of plutonium, which is the most radiotoxic and highly active element in the range of mixed fuel (U0.8Pu0.2)O2 fission products, on living organisms. The results will allow empirical prediction of the emergency plutonium radiation dose for various organs and tissues of humans in case of an accident in a reactor running on mixed fuel (U0.8Pu0.2)O2.

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