Cashew farmers of Tamil Nadu

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  • Marketing of cashew nut is not properly organized. The channel consists of the producer, village merchant, wholesalers or agents and exporters. Since it is an activity restricted to only three months in a year, there are no exclusive traders for raw cashew nuts. Often there are intermediaries or wholesalers between the traders and manufactures who provide the services of information and make the deal. This has resulted in middleman playing an important role in the marketing of nuts thereby reducing the margin or dividends for the cashew farmers.

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  • In this context, this paper is an attempt to explore the profile of the cashew growing farmers of Ariyalur and Cuddalore districts, the leading cashew producers in Tamil Nadu. The objective of the study is to study the profile of the cashew growers of Ariyalur and Cuddalore districts.

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  • The study was conducted in Panruti block of Cuddalore district with sample size of 194 Thane affected cashew growers. Study the feasible strategies for empowering Thane affected cashew growers. The respondents were interviewed personally by a well-structured interview schedule. The extension strategies included in this study will serve as a blue print for empowering Thane affected cashew farmers for effectively mitigating the impact of the disaster.

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