Catastrophic events

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  • In January 2001 the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has issued a consultative paper on the New Basel Capital Accord, that, once finalized, will replace the current Basel Accord from 1988 (Basel Committee 2001a). After an intensive consultation period with the banking industry and several modifications, the Basel Committee has outlined the future regulation of credit risks in the socalled third consultative paper that will be the basis for the final Basel II Accord. The proposed regulatory framework is based on three – mutually reinforcing – pillars...

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  • “Risk concentrations are arguably the single most important cause of major problems in banks”.1 On the one hand, dealing with concentration risk is important for the survival of individual banks; therefore, banks should be interested in a proper management of risk concentrations on their own. On the other hand, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has found that nine out of the thirteen analyzed banking crises were affected by risk concentrations,2 which shows that this issue is important for the stability of the whole banking system.

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  • Forensic Engineering Investigation is a compendium of the investigative methodologies used by engineers and scientific investigators to evaluate some of the more common types of failures and catastrophic events. In essence, the book provides analyses and methods for determining how an entity was damaged and when that damage may have legal consequences. The material covers 21 common types of failures, catastrophic events, and losses that forensic engineers routinely assess.

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  • The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) has issued a number of Guidelines aimed at the evaluation and mitigation of risks associated with catastrophic events in facilities handling chemicals. The purpose of this book is to shift the emphasis on process safety to the earliest stages of the design where process safety issues can be addressed at the lowest cost and with the greatest effect.

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  • For small, medium, and large businesses, it is critical to provide high availability of data for both customers and employees. The objective behind disaster recovery and business continuance plans is accessibility to data anywhere and at any time. Meeting these objectives is all but impossible with a single data center. The single data center is a single point of failure if a catastrophic event occurs. The business comes to a standstill until the data center is rebuilt and the applications and data are restored....

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  • The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) has issued a number of Guidelines aimed at the evaluation and mitigation of risks associated with catastrophic events in facilities handling chemicals. The purpose of this book is to shift the emphasis on process safety to the earliest stages of the design where process safety issues can be addressed at the lowest cost and with the greatest effect.

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  • Sudden cardiac death continues to present an important challenge in Europe, the United States, and other developed countries. Major difficulties exist in identifying individuals at risk prior to an episode of a ventricular tachyarrhythmia or a sudden cardiac arrest, and in responding in a timely fashion to the person suffering from the catastrophic event out of hospital. The European Society of Cardiology has established guidelines on how to address some of these issues.

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  • Literature: When reading literature, students must demonstrate their capacity to pay special attention to the choices authors make about words and structures. Many literary effects depend on the order in which events unfold and the specific details used to describe characters and actions. Since these same strategies—order and use of detail—are equally critical in understanding the most demanding informational texts, reading literature helps students comprehend what they read in science, history and other subjects.

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  • Forensic engineering is the application of engineering principles and methodologies to answer questions of fact. These questions of fact are usually associated with accidents, crimes, catastrophic events, degradation of property, and various types of failures.

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  • Since 1980, the principal form of crop loss assistance in the United States has been provided through the Federal Crop Insurance Program. The Federal Crop Insurance Act of 1980 was intended to replace disaster programs with a subsidized insurance program that farmers could depend on in the event of crop losses. Crop insurance was seen as preferable to disaster assistance because it was less costly and hence could be provided to more producers, was less likely to encourage moral hazard, and less likely to encourage producers to plant crops on marginal lands.

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  • .RISK Recent events from the economic downturn to climate change mean that there has never been a better time to be thinking about and trying to better understand the concept of risk. In this book, prominent and eminent speakers from fields as diverse as statistics to classics, neuroscience to criminology, politics to astronomy, as well as speakers embedded in the media and in government, have put their ideas down on paper in a series of essays that broaden our understanding of the meaning of risk.

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  • Widespread thermal anomalies in 1997–1998, due primarily to regional effects of the El Nin˜ o–Southern Oscillation and possibly augmented by global warming, caused severe coral bleaching worldwide. Corals in all habitats alongthe Belizean barrier reef bleached as a result of elevated sea temperatures in the summer and fall of 1998, and in fore-reef habitats of the outer barrier reef and offshore platforms they showed signs of recovery in 1999. In contrast, coral populations on reefs in the central shelf lagoon died off catastrophically.

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  • What has received much less attention is how mega-events are related to urban processes, for they often transform urban space through the erection of landmark structures or through the renewal of urban space such as plazas or parks or new housing/ retail developments. The extensive urban waterfront development in Barcelona for the 1992 Olympics is a particularly outstanding case in point (de Moragas Spa and Botella, 1994).

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  • Sound networking abilities are essential in a knowledge-based society. In consequence, people with broad and effective networks are usually both successful and in demand. Futurologists tell us that in time to come, the route to success will be ever more dependent on wide and relevant networks - you will have problems if you just sit back and hope that everything will work out. Read more at ...

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  • It is critical for internal audit to develop a systematic means to analyse risk. Risk is any event that could prevent the company from achieving its business objectives. A risk assessment allows the auditor to consider how potential events might affect the achievement of business objectives. The risk assessment process begins by defining the audit universe. The audit universe includes all of the business units, processes and operations. Next, the auditor must understand the company’s business model within the context of its industry and its key business objectives.

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  • Reliability engineering and predictive maintenance have two major objectives: preventing catastrophic failures of critical plant production systems and avoiding deviations from acceptable performance levels that result in personal injury, environmental impact, capacity loss, or poor product quality. Unfortunately, these events will occur no matter how effective the reliability program. Therefore, a viable program also must include a process for fully understanding and correcting the root causes that lead to events having an impact on plant performance....

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  • At every moment of every day there is a crash event, affecting everything: transportation, economics, politics, computing, bodies, brains, cups and plates, birds, agriculture, chemistry, health, banking, manufacturing and so on, without end. Despite being insured, insulated by method, knowledge, prediction, risk analysis and technology against accidents, we are nevertheless permanently avoiding them. Every crash is followed by calls for legislation: ‘it must never happen again’ – and yet it always does.

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  • FORTY years have passed since the first German-language edition of this volume was published. In the course of these four decades the world has gone through many disasters and catastrophes. The policies that brought about these unfortunate events have also affected the nations' currency systems. Sound money gave way to progressively depreciating fiat money. All countries are to-day vexed by inflation and threatened by the gloomy prospect of a complete break-down of their currencies.

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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 14. Abdominal Pain Abdominal Pain: IntroductionThe correct interpretation of acute abdominal pain is challenging. Since proper therapy may require urgent action, the unhurried approach suitable for the study of other conditions is sometimes denied. Few other clinical situations demand greater judgment, because the most catastrophic of events may be forecast by the subtlest of symptoms and signs. A meticulously executed, detailed history and physical examination are of great importance.

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  • Ronald Weinland argues that the end-time has come and that hundreds of millions will die in the worst time of tribulation the world has ever known. Be informed in order to know how to respond. Know what is coming and why! This book will challenge readers as they consider catastrophic end-time events that are prophesied to begin very soon.

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