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  • The CPR contain a list of Program Director responsibilities (II.A.4.). This extensive list is intended not only to communicate the specific responsibilities of the position so that the individual will be effective as a program director, but also to communicate to the sponsoring institution (e.g., DIO, GMEC, department Chair) the role and responsibilities of this position and why the program director needs sufficient protected time and financial support (CPR I.A) to fulfill these responsibilities.

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  • The suggested guidelines in this manual have been developed from a number of sources, and most are applicable to a wide range of mass public gatherings. These sources focused on youth audiences attending large rock concerts and competitive sporting events because of the difficulties and major incidents historically associated with such events. Many of the guidelines derived from such experiences are applicable to a broad range of other events that present their own challenges. Certain types of events have an inherent capacity for special management problems.

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  • The available data does, however, suggest that present PM10 values exceed the recommended limit values in the majority of Member States. In future projections, planned actions should be taken into consideration. These include the SOx and NOx Protocols within UNECE and the Auto-Oil programme. Abatement policies for other pollutants will also have an impact.

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  • Finnish HEIs decide on their own quality systems, and the comprehensiveness, functioning and effectiveness of the systems are evaluated in the audits. Thus, the audit approach corresponds to the principle of enhancement-led evaluation, which has become a strong tradition in the Finnish evaluation practice. According to the audit reports and feedback received from HEIs, the audits have enhanced the systematic development of quality systems and operating methods.

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  • With globalization comes an increased interaction between people of different countries and an increase in the need to deal with cultural differences. A project manager needs to understand his or her own culture and the cultures of the project stakeholders. The key to success in international business is the sincere desire to integrate into a new and different culture. Being part of a multicultural team has a lot of advantages like accumulating a lot of skills, beliefs and experiences that help make us unique.

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  • Information asymmetry can be reduced via three ways: a firm’s ability to signal its credit worthiness (incl. an institutional assessment or rating by an independent agency and the provision of collateral), a strong relationship between lender and borrower, and through due diligence/lenders’ examination (screening). However, this means on the other hand that new or young firms, with a lack of collateral and by definition without track record are the ones with the greatest degree of difficulty accessing debt capital (Equinox, 2002).

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  • The Glossary provides explanations of all the terms commonly used in this guide that have a specific meaning in an implementation planning context. However there are a few key terms used that it is important to understand from the start. Benefit the measurable improvement resulting from an outcome which is perceived as an advantage by one or more stakeholders. It should be noted that not all outcomes will be perceived as positive, and outcomes that are positive for some stakeholders will be negative for others (sometimes referred to as “dis-benefits”).

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  • A review of the literature on wine marketing reveals that there are both explicit and implicit considerations involved in the purchase of wine. A study of the Northern Ireland wine market, for example, found that respondents offered an array of responses when asked why they preferred a particular wine (Keown, 1995). The majority of these responses were related to “taste”, “quality”, “palatably” and “value for money”. Other replies related to intrinsic qualities of the wine such as “dry”, “fruity”, “sweet”, “full-bodied” or “refreshing”.

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  • Second, the median amount of motion and movement is reported, as determined by Cutting et al (2011b).Motion is the optical change created bymoving objects, people, and shadows; movement is that change created by camera motion or gradual lens change (a zoom; see Gibson 1954).We calculated their combination by correlating next-adjacent frames along the length of each film—frames 1&3,2&4,3&5, . . . ,40377&40379, . . . , and so forth.

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  • Professor Tom Kompas is Director of the International and Development Economics Program and Senior Research Economist Consultant at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE). He specialises in economic growth and dynamics, the economics of fisheries, agricultural and resource economics and productivity. His current projects include research work on the economics of quarantine, social capital and growth, market reform and rice production in Vietnam and fisheries management.

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  • In an effort to assess the impact of recent trends that may have affected industry energy consumption since the CEF report was produced, we also examined reference case energy consumption projections for the pulp and paper industry produced in connection with EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2006 (AEO 2006), which also uses the NEMS model but incorporates more recent energy and economic data. However, AEO 2006 also projects production to grow (increasing at 1.

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  • The plan of the paper is as follows. The next section presents the new euro area harmonizeddataonbank interestratesandsomeevidenceoncrosscountrydispersion.The third section reports two econometric exercises measuring crosscountry similarities; the Italiancase isanalyzedasbenchmarkof integration,comparing theeuroarea intercountry variation with the intracountry variation of Italian regions. The fourth section provides regressionscarriedoutusingnationaldeterminantsofdifferences inbank interestrates.

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  • USDA products may be labeled as organic only if the product has been produced and handled in accordance with NOP regulations. Organic products must be labeled based on their percentage of organic composition. For instance, the USDA organic seal can be displayed only on products at least 95 percent organic. Products with 70 to 95 percent organic ingredients can have this reflected on their labels, but they cannot display the organic seal. In the last decade, the organic industry has grown between 14 and 21 percent annually. The U.S. had organic sales of $24.6 billion in 2008, up from $3.

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  • As well as a rise in total consumption, there have been changes in the pattern of consumption. First, most consumer expenditure is on food, clothing, and basic commodities. These items account for nearly 80% of all consumer expenditure, with expenditure on food alone responsible for 50% of consumption spending. Second, expenditure on foodstuffs as a proportion of total expenses has declined, falling from 13% in 1982, to 8% in 1986, and to less than 7% in 1990.

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  • Laser hair removal focuses on the endogenous chromophore melanin, which is mainly found in the hair shaft, with a small amount present in the upper third of the follicular epithelium (Figure 1). When an appropriate energy source (such as a laser) is directed at the skin, light is primarily absorbed in the hair shaft melanin. Heat is generated and diffuses to the surrounding follicular epithelium. A similar principle applies to laser treatment of vascular lesions, where the heat generated after absorption by hemoglobin is transferred from the blood to the vascular endothelial cells. ...

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  • Diffusion (Activity D) : one more time, in other ESPON projects, the diffusion of results is a specific task that is related to the promotion of valorization of results that has been achieved. It takes place normally during the final period of activity. It is not the case for ESPON DB project where diffusion of data and maps to other ESPON projects is a prior task since the very beginning of the period of activity (e.g. Map kit tool and database to be delivered and update regularly). Moreover, one of the tasks of the ESPON DB project is to support...

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  • Another way to look at cross-country evidence is to look at the association between tax ratios and, not the level of prosper- ity, but the growth rate of prosperity. There have been a large number of studies about this concept in the last twenty years. Robert Barro of Harvard had an influential study several years back claiming to find that, while holding other determinants of growth constant, low tax rates and low government spending were associated with higher growth.

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  • Cities are the engines of economic growth and they will be critical to our economic recovery. However, to create the new businesses, jobs and development that the country needs, local leaders need a step change in the way in which they support economic growth on the ground. The Government will be working with different cities over the coming months to make a series of deals that will transform the way in which local leaders drive economic development.

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  • Stable income. The interest income earned by bond funds is generally higher and more stable than the interest earned by investments such as money market funds,** certificates of deposit (CDs), or bank passbook accounts.*** Accordingly, many investors—particularly retirees—who need current income use bond funds for a substantial part of their investment portfolios.

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  • The prospect of Stability Bonds could potentially alleviate the current sovereign debt crisis, as the high-yield Member States could benefit from the stronger creditworthiness of the low-yield Member States. Even if the introduction of Stability Bonds could take some time (see Section 2), prior agreement on common issuance could have an impact on market expectations and thereby lower average and marginal funding costs for those Member States currently facing funding pressures.

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