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  • It seems like it was only yesterday that we drove the last of you to the airport. The memories and the spirit of the Scientific Detectors for Astronomy Workshop (SDW2002) remain fresh and strong. For us, this was a very special event, a great gathering of what may be one of the friendliest and most cooperative technical communities on our little planet. We have tried to capture the spirit of the Workshop in these Proceedings and we hope you are able to relive your week in Hawaii. For those readers who did not attend, we invite you into this community....

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  • The DBMS field has always focused on capturing, organizing, storing, analyzing, and retrieving structured data. Until recently, there was limited interest in extending a DBMS to also manage text, temporal, spatial, sound, image, or video data. However, the Web has clearly demonstrated the importance of these more sophisticated data types. The general problem is that as systems add capabilities, it is hard to make these additions “cleanly.” Rather, there is a tendency to do the minimum necessary to...

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  • Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a technique where the electron-beam is transmitted through an ultra-thin specimen, interacting with specimen as it passes through it. An image is formed from the interaction of the electrons transmitted through the specimen, which is then magnified and focused onto an imaging device, such as a fluorescent screen, a photographic film, or a charge-coupled device (CCD) sensor. This technique is capable of imaging at significantly high resolution than the light microscopes, owing to the small de-Broglie wavelength of electrons....

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  • Cảm quang (Image sensor) là bộ phận quan trọng nhất của bất cứ máy ảnh kỹ thuật số nào. Thực chất, cảm quang là một bản sillicon chứa các tế bào quang điện giúp thu nhận ánh sáng và chuyển đổi những dữ liệu về màu sắc thành tín hiệu điện. Khâu tập hợp, xử lý các tín hiệu điện này được thực hiện ở vi xử lý trung tâm nhằm tạo ra bức ảnh hoàn chỉnh. Hiện tại, hầu hết máy ảnh kỹ thuật số đều sử dụng một trong hai loại cảm quang: CCD hoặc CMOS.

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  • many new developments in infrared and Raman instrumentation, such as high sensitive detectors, charge-coupled devices (CCD) and array detectors, laser excitation sources, step-scan technique, photoacoustic detection, spectral depth profiling, light-fiber optics, mapping and imaging in the field of microscopy, time resolved and surface-enhanced methods - in order to mention a few of these significant improvements. Of course this progress in vibrational spectroscopy is closely connected with the enormous development in computer technique.

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  • The photodiode device structure, which has developed almost simultaneously with Si based p-n junctions, has had a dramatic impact on everyday life, especially in the field of communication and sensing. The last few decades have seen optical techniques come to dominate long-haul communication and photodiode technologies, serving as an energy transducer in the receiver end, which can convert optical data into electrical signals for further processing.

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