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  • Table 105-9 International Prognostic Index for NHL Five clinical risk factors: Age ≥60 years Serum lactate dehydrogenase levels elevated Performance status ≥2 (ECOG) or ≤70 (Karnofsky) Ann Arbor stage III or IV 1 site of extranodal involvement Patients are assigned a number for each risk factor they have Patients are grouped differently based upon the type of lymphoma For diffuse large B cell lymphoma: 0, 1 factor = low risk: 73% 35% of cases; 5-year survival, 2 factors = low-intermediate risk: 51% 27% of cases; 5-year survival, 3 factors = high-intermediate risk: 43% 22% ...

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  • The cytogenetic effects of copper chloride on root tip cells of Helianthus annuus were investigated. Seeds were treated with 10, 25, 50 and 100 mg/L (ppm) of copper chloride for 24 h. It was found that copper chloride has a marked mitodepressive action on mitosis. Mitotic abnormalities were increased and the mitotic index was decreased depending on the concentration of the copper chloride applied.

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  • The effects of sodium metabisulfite (SMB) on mitosis were investigated in Allium cepa L. The roots of A. cepa were treated with SMB concentrations of 7.5 mg/lt, 15 mg/lt and 30 mg/lt for 10- and 20-hour treatment periods. SMB significantly decreased the mitotic index (MI) at all concentrations and treatment periods.

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  • Aloe vera L. is a valuable medicinal plant and is currently used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries worldwide. In the present study, the effect of various concentrations of Aloe vera leaf gel extracts was investigated on mitotic and phase indexes of Allium cepa L. root tip cells for 24 and 48 h durations.

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  • Having studied the effect of monetary policy and capital ows shocks on housing activity, our second contribution is to explore how nancial innovation affects the transmission of the two shocks. Using an index of mortgage market development constructed in IMF (2008), 1 we split our sample in two groups of countries (with high and low mortgage market development) and estimate our panel VAR model across the two subsamples. We also split the sample using the ratio of mortgage debt to GDP in 2004.

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  • Capital market development in Brazil is a key policy issue going forward to foster savings, investment and absorptive capacity in a context of prospects for sizable capital flows in the medium term. During the last decade, Brazil has achieved substantial progress in capital market development. The menu of available financial instruments has been expanded, market infrastructure has been reformed and strengthened, and a diversified investor base has been built.

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  • We choose the kinesins to illustrate similarities and differences between protein family databases. Kinesin and its relatives are motor proteins that utilize ATP hydrolysis to move along microtubules in eukaryotic cells. The motor portion of a kinesin is structurally very similar to that of the myosin motor, which moves along actin filaments, although no sequence similarity is evident between them. This is an example of likely divergence from an ancestral fold that is beyond current sequence- based comparison methods to detect.

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  • HPDE-clay composites materials prepared by melting compounding have discrete change in mechanical physical properties in comparison to the initial HPDE even when a small amount of clays is introduced. It is presented the results of the studying of the structure, the properties and morphology of HPDE- clay composites. The E modulus is increased from 702 MPa in the initial to 993.34 MPa, the tensile strength is raised from 12.37 to 35.33 MPa (most 3 times) and solvent permeability is decreased with 1% clay.

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  • Benzo[a]pyrene (B[a]P) is a common food pollutant that causes DNA adduct formation and is carcinogenic. The report of a positive correlation between human plasma B[a]P levels and body mass index, together with B[a]P’s lipophilicity, led us to test for possible adverse effects of B[a]P on adipose tissue.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí hóa học đề tài : A brief symptom index for advanced renal cell carcinoma

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  • over the years we have worked to embed sustainability concepts and EsG compliance into our investment process. Reflecting our role as fiduciaries, we focus on long-term strategies that enhance asset value and control risk. We can point to numerous achievements around the world, but we are especially proud of our green certifications, and of our involvement in the Greenprint Foundation. Chuck leitner, Chairman of RREEF Real Estate, is the CEo of Greenprint, and RREEF Real Estate submitted 360 properties into Volume 2 of the Greenprint performance index.

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  • The first population-based cancer registry was set up in Hamburg (Germany) in 1926. Three nurses visited hospitals and medical practitioners in the city at regular intervals. They recorded the names of new cancer patients and transferred data to a central index in the health department. This index was compared once a week with official death certificates. Other popu- lation-based cancer registries were set up in subsequent decades, so that by 1955, almost twenty had been established in various countries....

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  • In the current environment of a crisis of confidence in debt markets, many countries are encountering difficulty in obtaining private financing using traditional financial instruments. The scarcity of capital threatens to jeopardize long-term growth and employment generation in developing countries, which tend to have limited access to capital even in the best of times. Official aid alone will not be adequate to bridge nearor long-term financing gaps. Ultimately, it will be necessary to adopt innovative financing approaches to target previously untapped investors.

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  • In a detailed descriptive analysis, temporal trends in disease incidence and distribution were examined according to patient age, sex, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, urban versus rural dwelling, region (health board area), and season. Case-patients were assigned rurality and deprivation scores on the basis of their home domicile. For rurality assignment, we used a Statistics New Zealand classification system, which defines 7 grades of rurality on the basis of population size and employment address (18).

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  • For our empirical analysis, we adopt and modify the structural dynamic conditional cor- relation (SDCC) framework proposed by Weber (2008b). Daily market index series are deployed for this examination. The sample is divided into two sub-periods, 1997-2001 and 2002-2008. With this structure we can grasp the e ects of the new policy, allowing domes- tic investors to access the B market, which was implemented in February 2001.

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  • In order to develop genotypes with stable, higher yields in dry farming conditions, it is necessary to characterize genetic resources based on drought adaptation, determine suitable genotypes and then use them in breeding programs. This study was carried out at the laboratories of the Field Crops Department of Atatürk University Agricultural Faculty.

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  • In this study, the possible cellular effects of tin dioxide (SnO2) nanoparticles, together with its bulk form, on mouse dermal fibroblasts (DFs) were revealed using in vitro assays. Particle characterizations were carried out with AFM, Braun–Emmet–Teller, and DLS analyses.

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  • Ultraviolet B (UV-B) irradiation has an adverse effect on plant cells because it causes the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). This is scavenged by some endogenous defense systems. In this study, the activities of H2O2- detoxifying antioxidant enzymes in 4 barley cultivars pretreated with high temperature or NaCl before UV-B irradiation were investigated.

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  • In the present study the clastogenic activity of curcumin (the active component of turmeric) and aloin (the active component of aloe) was evaluated at doses of 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100 μg/mL for 4, 8, and 12 h. Both curcumin and aloin had significant dose- and time-dependent clastogenic effects on the test plant system (Allium cepa L.).

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  • This study indicates that Illoxan decreased the mitotic index and produced clastogenic and aneugenic types of abnormalities in Allium cepa root tip cells. The data obtained in this study showed that plant bioassays can be used as an important test battery to detect possible genotoxicity of chemicals.

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