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  • I propose a model for determining the hearer's attentional state which depends solely on a list of salient discourse entities (S-list). The ordering among the elements of the S-list covers also the function of the backward-looking center in the centering model. The ranking criteria for the S-list are based on the distinction between hearer-old and hearer-new discourse entities and incorporate preferences for inter- and intra-sentential anaphora.

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  • Chloe’s intellectual contributions to my dissertation were as significant as her unwavering enthusiasm and encouragement. I also thank my dissertation committee member, Emma Aguila for her insightful comments during our many discussions, which ranged from broad and conceptual to nuanced and technical. I would also like to thank Emma for making me a part of the Fox Center project, which funded part of this dissertation, a

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  • identified. In contrast, the referents of indexicals such as I and you (i.e., the speaker and addressee) are necessary components of the discourse circumstances. 2 Indexical pronouns can be further classified into pure indexicals versus demonstratives, 8 depending on how the current discourse circumstances provide their referents. The referent of a pure indexical is fully determined by the semantic rules and a context, which together pick out a unique referent for each use. Thus I refers to the person who utters it (assuming that I is used to refer).

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  • For the past years, the advancement and innovation of various fields of technology converge that resulted in the formation of emerging technologies. A technical innovation which represents progressive developments within a field of competitive advantage is considered as an emerging technology. In general, emerging technologies denote significant technology developments that capture new territory for the betterment of humanity. To date, creating new technologies and innovative algorithms is the focus of research and development.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Organic chemistry" has contents: Structure and bonding; stereochemistry at tetrahedral centers; an overview of organic reactions, alkenes and alkynes; alcohols, phenols, and thiols; ethers and sulfides; structure determination - mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy, and ultraviolet spectroscopy,...and other contents.

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  • Because a sub-fund's assets and liabilities may be denominated in currencies different to the Base Currency, the sub-fund may be affected favourably or unfavourably by exchange control regulations or changes in the exchange rates between the Base Currency and other currencies. Changes in currency exchange rates may influence the value of a sub-fund's Shares, the dividends or interest earned and the gains and losses realised.

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  • Both Planned Parenthood and the alternative sites we interviewed typically had relationships with other local health care providers. Thus, changes that affect one set of clinics, like Planned Parenthood, may have repercussions for other providers in the communities. Clinics often refer patients for care at other facilities if they cannot provide the services themselves. For example, if a woman is diagnosed with diabetes in a WHP exam at a family planning clinic, she would be referred to a community health center or public primary care clinic for further follow- up and care.

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  • They specifically identify policy issues for facilitating adoption of desirable agroforestry practices and gradual diminution of undesirable policies. In Chapter Seven, Msuya et al. use the Tanzanian agroforestry development context to explore how existing national policy and institutional setups facilitate or constrain development of agroforestry policies and suggest the available options for developing agroforestry policy. In the last chapter, Degrande et al.

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  • The functional replacement of the primary ubiquinone (QA) in the photosynthetic reaction center (RC) from Rhodo-bacter sphaeroideswith synthetic vitamin K derivatives has provided a powerful tool to investigate the electron transfer mechanism. To investigate the binding mode of these qui-nones to theQAbinding sitewe have determined the binding free energy and charge recombination rate from QA ± to D + (kAD) of 29 different 1,4-naphthoquinone derivatives with systematically altered structures.

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  • In managing an onsite clinic, Ashley became aware of studies showing that patients, who were prescribed medications during a visit, often put off getting their prescriptions filled. In many cases, this has a detrimental effect on getting patients well quickly. The solution Ashley implemented was InstyMeds 2 . InstyMeds is the healthcare industry’s first fully automated, ATM-style, dispenser of acute prescription medications that dispenses directly to patients at the point-of-care. An InstyMeds Medications Dispenser is installed in the Ashley Wellness Center.

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  • There is increasing recognition that health and educational outcomes are inextricably linked, and that the school can be an ideal setting through which to strive for both. A number of international efforts have been developed in the past decade to improve both learning and health through schools.

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  • The nitrite reductase (Nir) isolated fromPseudomonas chlororaphisDSM 50135 is a blue enzyme, with type 1 and type 2 copper centers, as in all copper-containing Nirs des-cribed so far. For the first time, a direct determination of the reduction potentials of both copper centers in a Cu-Nir was performed: type 2 copper (T2Cu), 172 mV and type 1 copper (T1Cu), 298 mV at pH 7.6.

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  • Mutant analysis by polymerase chain reaction and restriction enzyme cleavage (MAPREC) has been developed by Chumakov et al. for poliovirus to determine quantitatively the presence of genomic changes in particular nucleotide sequences that lead to virulence phenotypes of oral poliomyelitis vaccine (OPV or live attenuated vaccine) [1]. Afterwards, this RI (radioisotope) MAPREC was developed to non RI – MAPREC by Japan Poliomyelitis Research Institute in 1998 to compensate for some disadvantages of RI-MAPREC [2].

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  • We measured cocrystals of the membrane protein Photosystem I with its soluble electron acceptor ferredoxin for the first time at the ALS (Berkeley, CA). Previous data collected at our home source and at other synchrotron sources showed crystals with very high mosaicity (2–5%) and a diffraction limit to 7–8 Aresolution. This first beamtime at ALS was very successful and may represent a breakthrough for the determination of the crystal structure. 110 crystals, grown under modified crystallization conditions, were scanned and for the first time, crystals diffraction to 3.5 A were observed....

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  • In this paper, a method which intends to provide the motion in every point of the path with possible maximum velocity is described. In fact, the path is divided to transient and cruising parts and the maximum velocities are required only for the latter. The given motion is called “Time-optimal cruising motion”. Using the parametric method of motion planning, the equations for determining the motions are given.

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  • Quite often, physical and mental health disorders go hand in hand. Research shows that persons with severe or chronic physical illnesses often have a co-existing mental health problem. At the same time, persons with severe mental illnesses or substance abuse disorders have physical health problems that remain undetected or untreated.

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  • Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in the quality and accessibility of information for patients and the general public. Since the launch of the Physician Profiles project in 1996, tens of thousands of Massachusetts residents have found the information they needed to make informed health care decisions for their families using this innovative program. In addition to online access to the Physician Profiles, the Board of Registration in Medicine assists consumers who do not have Internet access through a fully staffed Call Center.

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  • In a series of preliminary tests, we examined the pattern of mean daily returns throughout the lunar month, including visual inspections of return histograms. This examination reveals one interesting regularity. We observe that high returns tend to cluster around the new moon date, while low returns tend to cluster around the full moon date. Following this observation, we structure our returns tests to reflect the possible difference between new moon and full moon periods.

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  • Students determine relationships among words by placing them on a continuum. 1. Place the sorting board and envelopes containing the word card sets at the center. Provide each student with a student sheet. 2. Taking turns, students open one of the envelopes, scatter cards, and place larger cards on either end of the sorting board (e.g., laugh, sob). 3. Read the other word cards. Talk about the words and what they mean to determine the order ...

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  • This module provides students with the knowledge and skills that they will need to design a complex installation of multiple products on a single server. After completing this module, students will be able to: Choose a hardware platform. Determine the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 operating system configuration for the Web infrastructure servers. Select the appropriate technology for a highly available solution based on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). Design a highly available COM+ (Component Object Model) Environment by using Microsoft Application Center 2000.

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