Central dogma

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  • Gene, đơn vị thông tin được truyền từ cha mẹ cho con cái, là khái niệm then chốt của di truyền học. Nói đến gene tức là nói đến DNA và các quan hệ của nó với RNA và protein dưới dạng sơ đồ sau đây, được gọi là Lý thuyết trung tâm (Central Dogma) của Sinh học Phân tử (hình 6.1).

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  • The retroviruses, which make up a large family (Retroviridae), infect mainly vertebrates. These viruses have a unique replication cycle whereby their genetic information is encoded by RNA rather than DNA. Retroviruses contain an RNA-dependent DNA polymerase (a reverse transcriptase) that directs the synthesis of a DNA form of the viral genome after infection of a host cell.

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  • Susan L.Lindquist*† and Steven Henikoff‡ *Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02142; and ‡The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA 98109 Over the past half-century, the central dogma, in which DNA makes RNA makes protein, has dominated thinking in biology, with continuing refinements in understanding of DNA inheritance, gene expression, and macromolecular interactions. However, we have also witnessed the elucidation of epigenetic phenomena that violate conventional notions of inheritance.

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  • After completing chapter 21 (part 1), students will be able to: Know the central dogma of Biology; know what housekeeping genes are; know the different type of RNA and there roles in the cell; know the relationship between RNA steady state abundance, rate of synthesis, and stability; know what happens during the different stages of replication;...

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  • Chapter 18 - Genetics of viruses and bacteria. After you have mastered the material in this chapter, you will be able to: What is the Central Dogma? How does prokaryotic DNA compare to eukaryotic DNA? How is DNA organized in eukaryotic cells?

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  • The following people were of special help in writing this book. By offer- ing comments on the pieces when they were originally being written, ad- vice and other aid at varying points in the preparation of the book itself, or both, they demonstrated once again the value of critical and gener- ous colleagues.

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