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  • Grammatikübersicht Summary o grammar f A 1 . Übersicht über die Satzgliedstellung Word order Das Verb und seine Erganzungen The verb and the other mainparts of a sentence In German the verb is the central element in a sentence. í%e other main parts ofa sentence ilztroduced in

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  • This Report aims to improve the lives of people living in Da Nang, through developing the tourist sector and improving its links to the poor. The Report describes an innovat ive approach to tourist development – a participatory pro-poor value chain analysis - that was supported by local stakeholders and funded by the Vietnam Private Sector Support Programme. Thi s is probably the first truly participatory tourism value chain exerci se ever conducted.

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  • Intellectual property plays an increasingly vital role in global trade and economic development. Globalisation of trade means that intangible informa- tional resources are now produced, exchanged and consumed anywhere and everywhere defying jurisdictional borders. Intellectual property has moved into the mainstream of national economic and developmental planning; in the recent past it has also emerged as a central element of multilateral trade rela- tions.

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  • Although it’s fair to say the distribution and access elements within the outside plant (OSP) portion of the fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) network demand the majority of attention during deployment, it’s still important not to overlook implications to the central office (CO). Any FTTP network requires the same flexibility as the transport network—and it all begins in the CO.

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  • he specific country cultures are not only different in regard to their health systems, but also in integrating gender aspects in research, policy and practice. The very definitions of health, illness and health related social problems are different. If networks focus on gender specific aspects of health and illness, the necessity for transnational communication is evident.

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  • International criminal law is a new branch of law, with one foot in international law and the other in criminal law. Until the Nuremberg trial, international criminal law was largely ‘horizontal’ in its operation – that is, it consisted mainly of co-operation between states in the suppression of national crime. Extradition was therefore the central feature of international criminal law.

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  • As one of the key pillars of the financial services sector the insurance sector is a central element of the trade and development matrix. As both an infrastructural and commercial service, a well-functioning insurance sector plays a crucial role in economic development not just at a macro economic level but also in terms of the activities of individuals and businesses. The world insurance market is dominated by industrialized countries which in 2004 generated about 88 per cent of world life insurance premiums and accounted for 90 per cent of the world non-life market.

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  • Business Angels (BAs) are an important financing source for SMEs, and seed and start-up companies in particular. BAs are even more important in countries and regions lacking an institutionalised VC infrastructure, often being the only major source of equity finance for young innovative SMEs. An important additional element of their activity is often the provision of non- financial benefits like mentoring/advice, contacts etc.

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  • Line buildout settings are an inherent part of T1 and T3 network element transmission circuitry. Because cable lengths between network elements and DSX vary in the central office, LBO settings are designed to adjust the output power of the transmission signal to achieve equal level point (ELP) at the DSX. Most network elements allow LBO settings to be adjusted via software or hardware settings.

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  • The successful deployment of any flexible, cost-effective fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) network requires thoughtful decisions regarding all segments of the network, from the optical line terminal (OLT) in the central office to the optical network terminal (ONT) attached to each home and everything in between. While much attention is focused on the distribution and access elements within the outside plant (OSP) network, it’s also important to consider the implications of FTTP architectures within the central office (CO)....

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  • I have spent many years writing the first bilingual legal dictionary in Nicaragua, and probably in Central America. This dictionary is a useful reference in Spanish and English speaking countries, particularly to lawyers, investors, managers, translators, diplomats, students, etc. in today´s globalized world. The Work contains over 44,000 legal terms and phrases in both languages, including terms used in Latin America.

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  • In order to understand how certain strategies and elements of emotional intelligence influence organizational effectiveness and, consequently, the relationship between board and executive director, it is best to read the report in the order presented. However, if an organization believes it is struggling with one area in particular (for example, how the type of information- sharing has influenced their relationship), it is certainly feasible to read that particular chapter for insight.

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  • In contrast to equity markets, the government and corporate bond markets have been held back by the more restrictive regulatory framework. A number of reforms were introduced to the government bond market in 1992 when the price of newly-introduced bonds was set by auction. But it was not until 2005—11 years after the equity market—that bond market became an electronic order limit market. Several measures were implemented to minimize risks in equities trading and to create a national market in stocks.

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  • The cell cycle-dependent element (CDE) and the cell cycle genes homology region (CHR) control the transcription of genes with maximum expression in G2 phase and in mitosis. Promoters of these genes are repressed by pro-teins binding to CDE⁄CHR elements in G0 and G1 phases. Relief from repression begins in S phase and continues into G2 phase and mitosis.

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  • The central idea animating environmental impact assessment (EIA) is that decisions affecting the environment should be made through a comprehensive evaluation of predicted impacts. Notwithstanding their evaluative mandate, EIA processes do not impose specific environmental standards, but rely on the creation of open, participatory and information-rich decision-making settings to bring about environmentally benign outcomes.

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  • Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research Research article BioMed Central Open Access Can medio-lateral baseplate position and load sharing induce asymptomatic local bone resorption of the proximal tibia? A finite element study Bernardo Innocenti*1, Evelyn Truyens2, Luc Labey1, Pius Wong1, Jan Victor3 and Johan Bellemans2 Address: 1European Centre for Knee Research, Smith & Nephew, Leuven, Belgium, 2Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Catholic University Leuven, University Hospital Pellenberg, Pellenberg, Belgium and 3AZ St-Lucas, Bruges, Belgium Email: Bernardo Innocenti* - bernardo.

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  • The Communication Initiative has worked to increase the profile of communication as a central element of successful development practise and to enable communication practitioners to use peer review and real time information exchange to improve their work.

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  • The citric acid or tricarboxylic acid cycle is a central element of higher-plant carbon metabolism which provides, among other things, electrons for oxidative phosphorylation in the inner mitochondrial membrane, intermediates for aminoacid biosynthesis, and oxaloacetate for gluconeogenesis from succinate derived from fatty acids via the glyoxylate cycle in glyoxysomes. The tricarboxylic acid cycle is a typical mitochondrial pathway and is widespread among a-proteobacteria, the group of eubacteria as de®ned under rRNA systematics from which mitochondria arose. ...

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  • One of the most important reasons for loss of biodiversity, is that conservation and sustainable use of natural resources is generally not a viable financial option, and this is because of a combination of market and policy failures. Put simply, natural resources are under- valued because no account is taken of the time it takes to produce the next harvest, nor any costs involved in managing lands for future harvests, nor the environmental and social costs associated with loss of products.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Microeconomics" has contents: The central concepts of economics, the modern mixed economy, basic elements of supply and demand, supply and demand - elasticity and applications; demand and consumer behavior; production and business organization; analysis of costs; analysis of perfectly competitive markets.

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