Cereal grains

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  • Health Queries, Dr H.

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  • In contrast, Western Australian dairy farmers have always placed far more importance on including energy and protein into the feed ration. As pasture silage contains no starch, the only source of starch has been in the form of cheap cereal grain included in the feed ration. As the cereal grains are slowly reduced from the ration, due to higher prices, it is necessary to look for alternative sources of starch such as maize, wheat and barley silage that contain high starch levels.

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  • This is a medical detective story: beginning with the investigation of a disease that has killed or crippled at least a million people, and then following up clues that ranged much wider. One outcome was the production of a synthetic chemical that we now, nearly all of us, consume in small quantities each day in our food. The detectives had a variety of professions and spoke different languages.

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  • At the base of the food pyramid are grains and fiber. You should eat six to eleven servings of bread, cereal, rice, and pasta everyday. Next up the pyramid are vegetables and fruit; five to nine daily servings from this group are recommended.

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  • Globally, the production quantities of agricultural commodities are increasingly fluctuating, and crop yields are low in relation to the needs of the world population. Furthermore, arthropod pests destroy 20-30% of the world’s food supply every year. They damage agricultural crops and harvested food, as well as transmit diseases to humans and animals. Stored-product insects infest raw grain, processed cereals, warehouses, and flour and feed mills. The presence of insects in commodities or structures leads to quantitative and qualitative losses of grain and processed food....

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  • You are the network administrator for The Meely Meal company. Owned by Milton Meely, the company is a leading distributor of wheat germ and other grains and cereals. The company has three locations: 1. Corporate Headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2. A packaging and distribution plant in Battle Creek, Michigan. 3. A small purchasing office in Lincoln, Nebraska. A diagram of the network is included below. Milton has hired his son, Matt, as an intern for the summer. Matt tells you that he is thinking of getting his CCNA. He says that he plans to prepare by reading "the" book.

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  • Low intakes of fiber tend to reflect low intakes of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Low intakes of calcium  tend to reflect low intakes of milk and milk products. Low intakes of vitamins A (as carotenoids) and C and magne­ sium tend to reflect low intakes of fruits and vegetables. Selecting fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low­fat and fat­free milk and milk products in the amounts suggested by the USDA Food Guide and the DASH Eating Plan will provide adequate amounts of these nutrients.

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  • Corn is the major cereal crop of the U.S. and the second most important cereal crop worldwide. The diversity of potential uses for corn was realized by the Native Americans prior to the first voyage of Columbus. Today, corn production in the U.S. provides feed, food, and a resource for many unique industrial and commercial products. The potential to enhance use of corn for specialty purposes based on existing uses, and develop new products to meet the needs of future generations, provides the plant breeder/plant scientist with unique challenges.

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  • The diseaseFusarium head blight (scab) causes severe problems for farmers and for the industries that use cereals. It is likely that the fungi that cause scab (Fusariumspp.) use various enzymes when they invade grains. We are studying enzymes that the fungi may use to hydrolyze grain proteins. To do this,Fusarium culmorumwas grown in a gluten-con-taining medium from which an alkaline serine proteinase with a molecular mass of 28.7 kDa was puri®ed by size-exclusion and cation exchange chromatographies....

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