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  • The ideal investment decision making technique is Net Present Value. N P V measures the equivalent present wealth contributed by the investment. NPV is given in NPV -- relates directly to the firm’s goal of wealth maximization -- employs the time value of money -- can be used in all types of investments -- can be adjusted to incorporate risk.

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  • We propose an unsupervised, iterative method for detecting downward-entailing operators (DEOs), which are important for deducing entailment relations between sentences. Like the distillation algorithm of Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil et al. (2009), the initialization of our method depends on the correlation between DEOs and negative polarity items (NPIs). However, our method trusts the initialization more and aggressively separates likely DEOs from spurious distractors and other words, unlike distillation, which we show to be equivalent to one iteration of EM prior re-estimation.

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  • This report is one of a series from a RAND Project AIR FORCE project, “The Cost of Future Military Aircraft: Historical Cost Estimating Relationships and Cost Reduction Initiatives.” The purpose of the project is to improve the tools used to estimate the costs of future weapon systems. It focuses on how recent technical, management, and government policy changes affect cost. This report examines cost estimating risk analysis methods and recommends a policy prescription. The project was conducted within the RAND...

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  • Decision Support Systems: Chapter 4 - Modeling and Analysis present about Modeling for DSS; Static and Dynamic models; Treating certainty, uncertainty; Influence diagrams; Modeling with spreadsheets; Decision Tables and Decision trees; MSS mathematical models; Search approaches.

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  • Change is occurring at an accelerating rate; today is not like yesterday, and tomorrow will be different from today. Continuing today’s strategy is risky; so is turning to a new strategy. Therefore, tomorrow’s successful companies will have to heed three certainties: Global forces will continue to affect everyone’s business and personal life. Technology will continue to advance and amaze us. There will be a continuing push toward deregulation of the economic sector.

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  • .This page intentionally left blank .Capital Budgeting This book explains the financial appraisal of capital budgeting projects. The coverage extends from the development of basic concepts, principles and techniques to the application of them in increasingly complex and real-world situations. Identification and estimation (including forecasting) of cash flows, project appraisal formulae and the application of net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) and other project evaluation criteria are illustrated with a variety of calculation examples.

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  • There are not many certainties in life – death and taxes are probably the main ones. Now there is another. At some time, we are all likely to need a Curriculum Vitae, or CV for short. Whether we’re leaving school or college, wanting a career change, experiencing redundancy or returning from a career break, our first priority is to get a CV written.

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  • Probability and statistics are concerned with events which occur by chance. Examples include occurrence of accidents, errors of measurements, production of defective and nondefective items from a production line, and various games of chance, such as drawing a card from a well-mixed deck, flipping a coin, or throwing a symmetrical six-sided die. In each case we may have some knowledge of the likelihood of various possible results, but we cannot predict with any certainty the outcome of any particular trial....

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  • Certainty Equivalent Approach Steps: 1) Adjust all after-tax cash flows by certainty equivalent factors to get certain cash flows. 2) Discount the certain cash flows by the risk-free rate of interest. How do we determine the appropriate risk-adjusted discount rate (k*) to use? Many firms set up risk classes to categorize different types of projects.

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  • CHAPTER 4 Fundamental Analysis. Two types of analysis are used for the market movements forecasting: fundamental, and technical (the chart study of past behavior of commodity prices). The fundamental one focuses on the theoretical models of exchange rate determination and on the major economic factors and their likelihood of affecting the foreign exchange rates. 4.1. Economic Fundamentals Theories of Exchange Rate Determination Fundamentals may be classified into economic factors, financial factors, political factors, and crises.

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  • What are human languages, such that they can be acquired and used as they are? This class surveys some of the most important and recent approaches to this question, breaking the problem up along traditional lines. In spoken languages, what are the basic speech sounds? How are these sounds articulated and combined? What are the basic units of meaning? How are the basic units of meaning combined into complex phrases? How are these complexes interpreted? These questions are surprisingly hard! This introductory survey can only briefly touch on each one....

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  • Self-confidence is the inner feeling of certainty. It is a feeling of certainty about who you are and what you have to offer to the world. It is also the feeling that you are worthwhile and valuable. Everyone craves to possess self-confidence because it makes life so much easier and so much more fun. Selfconfidence gives us the energy to create our dreams. Selfconfidence is an essential element to being able to create powerfully.

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  • Certainties for architecture students are few. The architecture curriculum is a perplexing and unruly beast, involving long hours, dense texts, and frequently obtuse instruction. If the lessons of architecture are fascinating (and they are), they are also fraught with so many exceptions and caveats that students can easily wonder if there is anything concrete to learn about architecture at all.

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  • Global security and world order are threatened as never before by myriad sources of instability. Foremost is the collapse of macroeconomic stability and fiscal certainty. Next, possibly, is the lack of concord among the powers of the world, with Russian, Chinese, and American competition and mutual suspicion preventing the confident resolution of a number of outstanding and intractable subsidiary issues. Some of those concern the spread of nuclear weapon capacity and the resilience of terror and terroristic movements...

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  • The vision shapes the strategy, which in turn shapes the plans that support it ● The time horizon decreases as you descend, with plans typically looking only one year out ● Certainty generally increases as the time horizon reduces

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  • Background Definitions Causation: degrees of certainty Pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology Classification Causes Allergy in response to drugs Effects of prolonged administration: chronic organ toxicity Adverse effects on reproduction Background Cur'd yesterday of my disease I died last night of my physician.1 Nature is neutral, i.e. it has no 'intentions' towards humans, though it is often unfavourable to them.

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  • By the end of the lesson, the students are able to express degrees of certainty. - By the end of the lesson, the students are able to give reasons to talk about their plans for future.

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  • Giới thiệu xác suất, luật Bayes, định lí Bayes, Certainty factors–Hệ số chắc chắn, hệ chuyên gia MYCIN, logic mời và ứng dụng là những nội dung chính trong "Bài giảng Trí tuệ nhân tạo - Chương 8: Tri thức và suy luận không chắc chắn". Đây là tài liệu tham khảo dành cho các bạn đang học chuyên ngành Công nghệ thông tin.

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  • 46 Possibility and certainty: may, might, could, must, etc A May, might and could Rachel: Whose bag is that? Daniel: / don't know. It may belong to Maria's friend. Vicky: It might be a bomb. It could explode at any moment. We use may or might to say that something is possible or that it is quite likely. We can use them for the present or the future. It may/might be a bomb. (= Perhaps it is a bomb.) / may/might go to the disco tomorrow. (= Perhaps I will go to the disco.) We can use could to say that something...

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  • These three developments—globalization, technological advances, and deregulation— spell endless opportunities. But what is marketing and what does it have to do with these issues? Marketing deals with identifying and meeting human and social needs. One of the shortest definitions of marketing is “meeting needs profitably.

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