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  • Chapter 8 - Changes in ownership interest. This chapter takes away another simplifying assumption that we’ve made previously. Many times P doesn’t buy a controlling interest in S all at once – it’s done over time. Until P has actually achieved control, its investment in S is treated as a simple investment.

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  • In conjunction with this instrumental variables approach, we include in- dividual fixed effects to control for observable and unobservable individual characteristics that are fixed over time, such as gender, race, or average risk tolerance over the sample period. Because our sample is restricted to “natives” (whom we also refer to as “nonmovers”), the individual fixed effects also con- trol for time-invariant community characteristics such as the average level of financial sophistication of a community over the sample period.

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  • The transformations, stemming mainly from objective causes, were major events for the country and the world. In the world history, public ownership has existed and been appropriate in a small number of countries and for short periods of time, while private ownership has existed in many countries and for long periods of time. However, the two times of transforming ownership mode in the Soviet Union proved that no countries maintain either private or public ownership perpetually.

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  • Another major role of marketing relates to change in ownership. Agricultural goods, like most other goods, have value only in terms of their usefulness -- utility -- to consumers. The pricing and exchange functions associated with possession are the heart of marketing. Pricing is the determination of market values in terms of money. Buyers and sellers at a given time agree on a common evaluation. Prices may vary from day to day or hour to hour, depending on demand and supply. But, in time, prices of different commodities seek different levels in accordance with...

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  • Businesses that have gone "public" are subject to extremely detailed and complicated regulation about their internal governance (such as how executive officers' compensation is determined) and when and how information is disclosed to the public and their shareholders. In the United States, these regulations are primarily implemented and enforced by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Other Western nations have comparable regulatory bodies. The regulations are implemented and enforced by the China Securities Regulation Commission (CSRC), in China.

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  • "Marketing" is defined as the aggregate of functions involved in transferring title and in moving goods from producer to consumer. Agricultural marketing2 includes such processes as assembling the raw commodities, grading, packaging, transportation, preparation for use, storage, shifting and sharing risks, change in ownership, pricing and exchange, wholesaling and retailing. One of the first steps in agricultural marketing is assembling the raw commodities.

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  • Welcome to this Study Guide to nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is widely considered to constitute the basis of the next technological revolution, following on from the first Industrial Revolution, which began around 1750 with the introduction of the steam engine and steelmaking (and which parallelled, or perhaps caused, upheavals in land ownership and agriculture practice). The Industrial Revolution constituted as profound a change in society and civilization as the earlier Stone, Bronze and Iron revolutions, each of which ushered in a distinctly new age in the history of human civilization....

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  • Micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) make important contributions to economic and social development. In all economies they constitute the vast majority of business establishments, are usually responsible for the majority of jobs created and account for one third to two thirds of the turnover of the private sector. In many countries they have been the major engine of growth in employment and output over the last two decades. In developing countries they are seen as a major ‘self-help’ instrument for poverty eradication.

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  • several proposals have been submitted to ease the pain of rss on webmasters. many of these are described in detail in the rss feed state howto [17]; exam- ples include avoiding transmission of the feed content if it hasn’t changed since the client’s last request, gzip compression of feed data, and clever ways to shape the timetable by which clients may poll the rss feed. unfortunately, because the schedule of micronews is essentially unpredictable, it is fundamentally impossible for clients to know when polling is necessary.

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  • Project Gutenberg's Moonbeams From the Larger Lunacy by Stephen Leacock #4 in our series by Stephen Leacock. Copyright laws are changing all over the world, be sure to check the laws for your country before redistributing these files!!! Please take a look at the important information in this header. We encourage you to keep this file on your own disk, keeping an electronic path open for the next readers. Please do not remove this. This should be the first thing seen when anyone opens the book. Do not change or edit it without written permission....

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  • The main contribution of this paper is that it applies a new measure for competition, called the Boone indicator (see also Boone, 2001; Bikker and Van Leuvensteijn, 2008; Van Leuvensteijn et al., 2007). The basic notion underlying this indicator is that in a competitive market, more efficient companies are likely to gain market shares. Hence, the stronger the impact of efficiency on market shares is, the stronger is competition.

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  • While some studies focus on the aggregated market price indices, others apply data of rms dual-listed on the A and B, or A and H markets (Chan et al. 2007; Qiao 2007). Most deploy data of daily (Chui and Kwok 1998; Kim and Shin 2000; Qiao et al. 2008) or weekly returns (Chiang et al. 2008; Qiao et al. 2007). Some authors (Chan et al. 2007) apply high frequency intra-day transaction data to circumvent the simultaneity problem.

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  • Chapter 6: Small business, entrepreneurship, and franchising. This chapter include objectives: Define entrepreneurship and small business, investigate the importance of small business in the U.S. economy and why certain fields attract small business, specify the advantages of small-business ownership, summarize the disadvantages of small-business ownership and analyze why many small businesses fail, describe how you go about starting a small business and what resources are needed,...

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  • Architectural longevity (the changes in technology and fortune that the platform will undergo during the next three to five years) •Availability of skills (from lower cost of ownership as well as lower inertia point of view) •Level of integration required (the amount of system integration work the customer is required to do)

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  • As the world of politics and public affairs has gradually changed beyond recognition over the past two decades, journalism too has been transformed. Yet the study of news and journalism often seems stuck with ideas and debates which have lost much of their critical purchase. Journalism is at a crossroads: it needs to reaffirm core values and rediscover key activities, almost certainly in new forms, or it risks losing its distinctive character as well as its commercial basis.

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  • Read a Story That Will Change Your Life! The One Minute Manager is an easily read story which quickly shows you three very practical management techniques. As the story unfolds, you will discover several studies in medicine and the behavioral sciences which help you to understand why these apparently simple methods work so well with so many people. By the book’s end you will also know how to apply them to your own situation. The book is brief, the language is simple, and best of all ... it works! That’s why The One Minute Manager has become America’s national sensation, featured...

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  • You’ve always wanted to start your very own business. You dream of coming up with the next BIG thing that will change the way business works. You want to spread your evolutionary idea to the world. If the above describes you, then you may find this e-book report useful. This 145-pages report, 2006’s Best Business Ideas, is a compilation of the business ideas and concepts which made it big in 2006. We’ve included 2005’s and 2004’s hits as well. As you brainstorm of how to start your own business or how to take your existing business a big step forward...

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  • An increase in the price of gasoline will increase the usage costs for all automobiles, although the cost-per-mile increase will be greater for less fuel-ecient cars. If there were suciently attractive substitutes for cars as a whole, we might expect across-the-board increases in usage costs to decrease demand for all car models. For what is probably the vast majority of car owners, however, abandoning car ownership entirely and instead relying completely on other forms of transportation is unlikely to be a realistic choice.

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  • Household characteristics such as housing conditions and ownership of consumer durables serve as indirect indicators of a household’s standard of living. Trends in these characteristics reflect a society’s material progress, which has implications both for the economic well being and overall health status of the population.

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  • Ownership rates across all age groups increased between 1985 and 2003. Again, this is a well- documented and understood change that has been driven by a number of economic factors, including, but not limited to, falling interest rates, rising standards of living, public policies helping low- and middle-income families afford home ownership. Among the elderly population, the ownership rate for population 85 and over exhibited the highest increase – i.e., 16 percentage points. Data show that the ownership rate peaks at the age 62 to 74.

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