Chemical composition of groundwater

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  • This study summarized the results of surveys for arsenic since 2008 and surveys for dissolved ions and trace elements since 2015, and described characteristics on distribution for chemical composition at the regional areas along the MR and Bassac (Hậu) River (BR). Groundwater samples were collected from existing wells in 8 provinces and 1 city. The authors used Piper and Stiff diagram that reflect the chemical composition of groundwater to respond to varying horizontal and vertical distributions.

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  • The study hasyielded a more comprehensive assessment of groundwater quality, allowing regulators to plan water resources more reasonably and be able togive in time advices tothe people.

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  • Arsenic contamination in groundwater and its effect on human health has been a growing concern over recent decades. Some of the most severe incidents occurred in South and Southeast Asia, including the Red river delta, Vietnam. The highest concentration of arsenic found in the Red river delta was 810 µg/L, 16 times higher than the standard guidelines given by WHO for levels of arsenic concentration in groundwater (50 µg/L). However, the contamination levels were not uniform in the whole area.

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  • Arsenic showed poor correlations with other compositions in groundwater even with the parameters which are common in reducing conditions and relate to releasing of arsenic. These finding showed that more deep studies need to be carried out to have better understanding about arsenic occurrence in groundwater.

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  • In the recharge area, oxidising conditions occur and dissolution of calcium and bicarbonate dominates. As the water continues to move down dip, further modifications are at first limited. By observing the redox potential (Eh) of abstracted groundwater, a sharp redox barrier was detected beyond the edge of the confining layer, corresponding to the complete exhaustion of dissolved oxygen. Bicarbonate increases and the pH rises until buffering occurs at about 8.3.

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  • Groundwater survey is an important process for determining its suitability for various uses in daily human life by measurement of its physical and chemical characteristics. Present survey is done to assess and categorize the quality of groundwater of Pundri block of Kaithal district by focusing on electrical conductivity (EC), pH, cationic and anionic composition of groundwater.

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  • Through the studies, we can deduce that most of the industrial discharge carries toxic substances. Due to the presence of high amount of toxic, carcinogen, and teratogen of metals, researchers are highly concerned with its effect on the environment and health of mankind. Rigorous investigations are currently being carried out to study the consequences of the contamination on the surface water, groundwater, and surface land due to industrial discharge.

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  • Intensity of use of freshwater resources (both surface and groundwater) is expressed as gross abstractions per capita, as a percentage of total available renewable freshwater resources, including inflows from neighbouring countries (see below) and as a percentage of internal resources. It has to be noted that when measured at national level these indicators may hide significant variations at territorial level. Wastewater treatment connection rates show the percentage of the national population actually connected to public waste water treatment plants.

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  • Diverse human-produced organic chemicals can enter surface and groundwater through human activities, including pesticide use and industrial processes, and as breakdown products of other chemicals (Carr and Neary 2008). Many of these pollutants, including pesticides and other non-metallic toxins, are used globally, persist in the environment, and can be transported long ranges to regions where they have never been produced (UNEP 2009).

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