Chemicals on children:

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  • The scope of environmental impact on reproduction is very large. It aims at covering all aspects of reproductive problems and their links to the environment. Therefore, it deals with female and male reproductive impairments, whatever their severity and their sites, gonad or extra-gonad.

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  • The question of time sequencing of benefits is about whether benefits should be paid at a fixed rate over the spell of unemployment or decline (or increase) over the spell. This issue appeared in the literature on optimal UI in the late 1970s and has attracted new attention in recent research. 1 Issues regarding monitoring and sanctions concern how much resources should be spent on checking search behavior and how sanctions, such as benefit cuts, should be implemented if prescribed search requirements are not met.

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  • The report contains recommendations in each of the above categories, as well some general recommendations. We believe these recommendations will further advance our collective goal to provide a safer online experience to our children. We would like to personally thank the support of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and its staff during this process. Their assistance throughout the past year was invaluable in allowing us to execute on our mandate.

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  • Educational programs that occur in group settings are used to reduce the risk factors and enhance the protective factors that are associated with the perpetration of child maltreatment. Often, these programs contain multiple components that include training on parenting topics (e.g., discipline), moderated discussions with the children, and facilitated parent-child interactions. This model provides parents with new skills and gives them an opportunity to apply the skills in a safe environment. There is some scientific research showing that programs of this type are effective.

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  • Many of the traditionally sound cultural practices recommended for conventional agriculture are also employed in organic production. In fact, organic agriculture has been referred to as “good farming practice without using synthetic chemicals.”2 For example, planned crop rotations, which have multiple benefits in terms of soil building, plant health, pest management, and enhancing biodiversity, are required in annual organic cropping systems.

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  • Neonates of mothers with high anxiety levels during pregnancy have decreased motor maturity and vagal tone when compared to those of non-anxious mothers. They cry more, change more frequently from one behavioral state to another, they are perceived by their mothers as having a more difficult temperament, and they also have more gastro-intestinal problems and delayed growth (76, 77, 78, 79). Several other authors have observed that high maternal anxiety during pregnancy may also predict and have long term effects on behaviour and emotions (e.g.

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  • The beneficial aspects of stress diminish when it is severe enough to over- whelm a child’s ability to cope effectively. Intensive and prolonged stress can lead to a variety of short- and long-term negative health effects. It can disrupt early brain development and compromise functioning of the nervous and immune systems. In addition, childhood stress can lead to health problems later in life including alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

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  • Several industries will need to contribute to successfully achieve this renewable resources vision. The Executive Steering Group therefore turned to a broad range of disciplines, including crop production, forestry, genomics, chemical processing, fermentation, industrial enzymes, materials science, biotechnology, plant physiology, and product manufacturing. The steering group sought input on key barriers, research goals, and interactions among related areas from more than 120 scientific experts and marketing professionals.

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  • Impoverishing the local resource base can impoverish wider areas: deforestation by highland farmers causes flooding on lowland farms; factory pollution robs local fishermen of their catch. Such grim local cycles now operate nationally and regionally. Dryland degradation sends environmental refugees in their millions across national borders. Deforestation in Latin America and Asia is causing more floods, and more destructive floods, in downhill, downstream nations. Acid precipitation and nuclear fallout have spread across the borders of Europe.

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  • The Agency’s FY 2013 budget request supports the Administration’s commitment to ensure that all Americans are protected from significant risks to human health and protect the environment where they live, learn and work. The EPA’s work touches on the lives of every single American, every single day as we protect the environment for our children, but also for our children’s children. The mission, day in and day out, is to protect the health of the American people by keeping pollution out of the air we breathe, toxins out of the water we drink and swim in, and harmful chemicals...

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  • Additionally, demography is especially of interest to marketers as it is important to see how pop- ulation is changing in number and distribution of gender, age and other demographic characteris- tics and variables. Family structure, marriage and divorce rates of individual counties also have effects on consumption habits; for example, couples with children have many more health con- cerns when buying food than singles.

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  • An inventory of all the chemicals including pharmaceuticals was made and a special task force was formed to advise the government on proper disposal system. Many donors were approached to provide financial assistance for the disposal but the response was until 1995 when the Netherlands government offered 1.5 million USD for the whole exercise which involved repacking, recollection in special centers and finally to remove the chemicals including pharmaceuticals to be incinerated in the UK. Rechem Company was contracted to do the job and 400 tons were removed in 1995.

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  • Every child has the capacity to succeed in school and in life. Yet far too many children, especially those from poor and minority families, are placed at risk by school practices that are based on a sorting paradigm in which some students receive high-expectations instruction while the rest are relegated to lower quality education and lower quality futures. The sorting perspective must be replaced by a “talent development” model that asserts that all children are capable of succeeding in a rich and demanding curriculum with appropriate assistance and support.

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  • The United Kingdom’s Child Trust Fund policy, imple- mented in 2005, opens an account for every newborn. 11 The government mails parents/guardians a £250 voucher upon a child’s birth. (Children from lower-income house- holds receive an additional £250). The parent/guardian then takes the voucher to a bank and uses the voucher to open a savings account on behalf of the child. If the parent/guardian does not redeem the voucher after one year, an account is automatically opened on behalf of the child.

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  • This review is part of a wider enquiry conducted on behalf of Play England and the British Toy & Hobby Association (BTHA) for the 2011 Make Time to Play Campaign. It examines the importance of providing good-quality play opportunities to children, their families and their communities. This body of research informs a campaign around the concept of ‘A World Without Play’. Play is fundamental to children’s happiness and well-being, and the evidence shows that it is also influential in their health and future life chances.

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  • Media portrayals would suggest that families do not eat together and the demise of the American family is directly attributable to a decline in the frequency of family mealtimes. Indeed, the fact that families do eat together is cause for comment in such outlets as the Wal l Street Journal, New York Times, and USA Today. On average, more than 50% of families surveyed nationally report eating together from 3 to 5 times per week, (Brad- ley, Corwyn, McAdoo, & Coll, 2001; CASA, 2007; Child Trends, 2003). In one survey, 56% of families with school age children (ages 6 to 11...

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  • Chemical Exposure Continued exposure of some children to lead in their environment—a well-known neurotoxin—is having serious effects on their development. And experts have increasing concerns about children being exposed to chemicals in the environment and resultant neurodevelopmental disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s (CEC) children’s environmental health indicators initiative was making important progress in coming to grips with the scale of this problem.

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