Chemotherapy strategies

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  • Cancer remains a major clinical challenge as a cause of death due to its frequent poor prognosis and limited treatment options in many cases. Cancer management book addresses various cancer management related topics including new approaches for early cancer detection and novel anti‐cancer therapeutic strategies. This book is a collection of studies and reviews written by experts from different parts of the world to present the most up‐to‐date knowledge on cancer management.

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  • Firstly, Serbia should change the term structure of government bonds by shifting state debt from short to long-term maturities. This step will aid stability in debt man- agement as well as attract foreign investors. The Serbian bond market with govern- ment bonds is still underdeveloped; however, there is a promising transition pattern towards being a more mature market.

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  • In Japan, credit ratings issued by Designated Rating Agencies (DRA) are used to estimate market risks and counterparty risks for the purpose of calculating the capital adequacy ratios for securities companies. 12 Japan also noted that for calculating the capital adequacy ratios for banks and other deposit-taking institutions, credit ratings issued by ECAIs are used subject to the Financial Services Agency (JFSA) ordinance under the Banking Act.

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  • Adenoviruses have been recognized as opportunistic and significant viral pathogens in immunocompromised patients such as recipients of hematopoietic stem cells or other solid organs treated with immunosuppressive agents, and among patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. These patients are incapable of developing a normal immune response. Reactivation of adenoviruses in the impaired immunological response leads to acute or persistent infections with high morbidity or even mortality in these patients.

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  • When the husband strays, it is the other woman (Sushmita Sen) who is blamed for the same and is demonized all through the film. The husband is absolved of adultery and he returns to his legitimate partner i.e. the wife at the end of the story. The significance of the title i.e. Biwi no.1 is because the wife is successful in bringing the husband back to the domestic arena – seen as the victory of the „traditional‟ (wife) over the „modern‟ (mistress/vamp). Such a portrayal has strong moral connotations associated with it. ...

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  • A dramatic increase in knowledge regarding the molecular biology of brain tumors has been established over the past few years, and this has lead to the development of novel therapeutic strategies for these patients. In this book a review of the options available for the clinical management of patients with these tumors are outlined. In addition advances in radiology both for pre-operative diagnostic purposes along with surgical planning are described.

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  • The M-F model is scanty in that it only describes a single country and contains no representation of how the rest of the world responds to, and interacts with, what it does. And the logical framework of M-F is impoverished in that (like the IS-LM model itself), while “the money supply” plays a key role, money has no accounting relationship to any other variable. The model also contains no explicit analysis of what happens when either goods and services or financial assets are traded between countries.

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  • Problems of indoor air quality are recognized as important risk factors for hu- man health in both low- and middle- and high-income countries. Indoor air is also important because people spend a substantial proportion of their time in buildings. In residences, day-care centres, retirement homes and other special environments, indoor air pollution affects population groups that are particu- larly vulnerable owing to their health status or age.

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  • This forecast is not intended to predict budgetary decisions by the Legislature and the Governor in the coming years. Instead, it is our best estimate of revenues and expenditures if current law and current policies are left in place through 2017-18. Specifically, our estimates assume current law and policies, including those in the State Constitution (such as the Proposition 98 minimum guarantee for school funding), statutory requirements, and current tax policy.

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  • This work is concerned with the administration and carrying out of regulatory acts pertaining to the marketing of various commodities (such as perishable fruits and vegetables, seeds, livestock, meat, poultry, etc.).

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  • Various needles were used to collect tissue for cytological or histological diagnosis. Franzen et al. developed a fine needle and guide for prostatic aspiration by the transrectal route (figure 8). The Franzen needle and guide were designed to allow accurate needle placement into the abnormal area palpated by the fingertip. It was secured by the metal ring fixed to the fingertip and a plate in the palm of the hand. A rubber fingerstall was pulled over it and a 23- or 25-gauge needle was used. Up to six passes could be made in one session (Berner and Orell, 2010).

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  • The question of population - of population pressure, of population and human rights - and the links between these related issues and poverty, environment, and development proved to be one of the more difficult concerns with which we had to struggle. The differences of perspective seemed at the outset to be unbridgeable, and they required a lot of thought and willingness to communicate across the divides of cultures, religions, and regions. Another such concern was the whole area of international economic relations.

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  • The economic and financial crisis that arose in summer 2007 led to a significant increase in perceptions of risk in the economy, resulting in a sizeable rise in risk and liquidity premia on credit markets. Given the nature of the crisis, the financial sector was particularly affected, with respect to its financing via both the money market and the bond market, which may have had an impact on the retail interest rates offered by banks to busi- nesses and households.

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  • Governments, intergovernmental organizations and community-based organizations are currently involved in efforts to lower the cost of remittance transfers. As more banks and credit unions become involved and extend their services to migrant communities and their rural communities of origin, costs will most likely continue to decrease. However, it is important that migrants and recipient communities gain a better understanding of the various options for remitting and receiving.

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  • exciting and stimulating experience. But it can also be intimidating as you begin your academic journey by enrolling in an undergraduate, or ‘first’, degree. An undergraduate degree from Massey’s College of Business takes three years to complete – if you study full time from February through November each year, passing every course you enrol in. Admission requirements for undergraduate degrees can be found at: IS MASSEY THE ONE? Yes...

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  • Given these considerations, solving the routing problem can be seen as a choice among three alternatives. Common to the three alternatives is the need to broadcast some piece of information to all the servers in the network, where the broadcast is required by the lack of a priori knowledge of locality. The first alternative broadcasts notifications, which implies that notification matching is performed at each local server based on the subscriptions received at that server.

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  • Consistent success in selling requires certain innate talents; training and desire alone are not enough. Putting bankers through a sales training class has never been proven to yield a permanent increase in sales productivity unless their immediate supervisor is strongly supportive of selling. Lukewarm compliance and simply going through the motions just won’t cut it; we need managers who are passionate advocates committed to this program.

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  • Unfortunately, the construct of situational interest often carries a neg- ative connation and is regularly contrasted with the more desirable dispo- sitional interest—interest associated with intentional, learner-directed activity. Situational interest is temporary and superficial, rather than enduring and substantial. Garner, Gillingham and White’s (1989) work on how “seductive details” can distract readers from the main point of a text emphasizes this point.

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  • Before using the “EDORA cube” to provide a framework for a “broad-brush” review of socio- economic performance across “non-urban” Europe (section 3) it will be helpful to provide a simple statistical assessment of the “independence” of the D-P and Structural types. The distinctiveness of the types may be assessed in a variety of different ways. For example the statistical differences between the types of each typology may be tested on the basis of the indicators used in the classification.

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  • Lesser amounts of lipases are used in oleochemical transformations (Bornscheuer, 2000). Lipases can play an important role in the processing of g-linolenic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA); astaxanthine, a food colorant; methyl ketones, flavor molecules char- acteristic of blue cheese; 4-hydroxydecanoic acid used as a precursor of g-decalactone, a fruit flavor; dicarboxylic acids for use as prepolymers; interesterification of cheaper glycerides to more valuable forms (e.g., cocoa butter replacements for use in chocolate manufacture) (Undurraga et al.

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