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  • The following is an e-text of "Chess Strategy," second edition, (1915) by Edward Lasker, translated by J. Du Mont. This e-text contains the 167 chess and checkers board game diagrams appearing in the original book, all in the form of ASCII line drawings. The following is a key to the diagrams: For chess pieces, R = Rook Kt = Knight B = Bishop Q = Queen K = King P = Pawn Black pieces have a # symbol to the left of them, while white pieces have a ^ symbol to the left of them. For example, .#B is the...

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  • Dynamic Games are mathematical models of the interaction between different agents who are controlling a dynamical system. Such situations occur in many instances like armed conflicts (e.g. duel between a bomber and a jet fighter), economic competition (e.g. investments in R&D for computer companies), parlor games (Chess, Bridge).

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  • An innovative book on game-winning strategy for players at the intermediate level--from a master chess coach. Every truth about chess must be coached in context, and the book's interactive teacher-student dialogue does just that. Weeramantry teaches how to think during a chess game. 300 diagrams.

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