Chicken curry

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  • Simple practical cooking is a fundamental life skill that all young people should be able to master by the time they leave secondary school. Through practical cooking, young people are empowered to make healthy choices themselves. These choices take place all the time: when we plan our meals, when we shop, when we store our food and when we cook it. At every stage of the cooking process, young people need to have the knowledge to turn these choices into informed choices.

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  • We asked Rowett to look ahead to 2020 and to map how the diet changes in line with predicted increases in population. The modelling shows that our diets will not need to change that much from current guidelines if we are to meet the WWF 2020 GHGE targets. We will still be able to eat meat and dairy, crisps and chocolate, for example. The weekly menu contains fish and chips, macaroni cheese, chicken curry and beef chilli, as well as plentiful amounts of fruit and vegetables – so it’s not a mundane menu. This demonstrates that you do not necessarily...

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  • The caravan crept across a stony wadi and meandered upward into the hills. The camels boredly tramped out their graceless steps, defining the milemarks of their lives. Twelve tired beasts and six weary men made up the small, exhausted caravan.

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  • Singaporean Curry Chicken – Gà cà ry kiểu Singapo Thành phần: - 800g thịt gà. - 400g khoai tây. - Cùi 1 quả dừa nạo nhỏ vắt lấy 200 ml nước cốt, 400 ml nước dạo. - Muối vừa đủ. (A) : Trộn đều các thành phần sau : - 100g hành băm nhỏ. - 3 thìa canh dầu ăn. - 50g bột cà ry. - 3 thìa canh nước.

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