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  • The problem of nonuniqueness (NU) of the solution of exterior acoustic problems via boundary integral equations is discussed in this article. The efficient implementation of the CHIEF (Combined Helmholtz Integral Equations Formulation) method to axisymmetric problems is studied. Interior axial fields are used to indicate the solution error and to select proper CHIEF points. The procedure makes full use of LU-decomposition as well as the forward solution derived in the solution. Implementations of the procedure for hard spheres are presented.

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  • There are many methods to develop leadership competency framework but none can be consider perfect as there are pros and consto of each method. The purpose of this paper is to present the use of Delphi method to develop leadership competency framework for members of the board of management in private enterprises. The Delphi method is a qualitative research approach used to obtain a consensus of opinion of the group of experts using questionnaires.

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  • The second edition of the New CFO Financial Leadership Manual is designed to give the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) a complete overview of his or her place in the corporation, and to provide strategies for how to handle strategic decisions related to a variety of financial, tax, and information technology issues. Some of the questions that Chapters 1 through 4 answer include: What should I do during my first days on the job? What are my specific responsibilities? How do I reduce my foreign currency exposure? How do I increase the company’s return on assets?...

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  • A classroom debate at the Wharton School turned out to be a preface to this book. The professor, an economist, handed out an internal memo prepared by Lawrence Summers, then chief economist of the World Bank. He wrote: Just between you and me, shouldn’t the World Bank be encouraging more migration of the dirty industries to the LDCS [less developed countries]? I can think of three reasons:

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  • The operational amplifier ("op amp") is the most versatile and widely used type of analog IC, used in audio and voltage amplifiers, signal conditioners, signal converters, oscillators, and analog computing systems. Almost every electronic device uses at least one op amp. This book is Texas Instruments' complete professional-level tutorial and reference to operational amplifier theory and applications.

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  • In 1994, in response to an Administrative Consent Order with the Department of Environmental Protection, MassHighway began a comprehens ive environmental compliance initiative at its maintenance facilities. At the outset, the Department performed a gap analysis to evaluate MassHighway’s management structure and to determine the level of environmental compliance. The gap analysis concluded that a significant financial and personnel investment was needed to correct violations of regulatory requirements and to provide a method to ensure on-going compliance.

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  • The castles of the great landowners have been so often described that there is no need to do this again. The popular idea of a baron of the Middle Ages is of a man who when he was not fighting was jousting or hunting. Such were, no doubt, his chief recreations; so fond was he of hunting, indeed, that his own broad lands were not enough, and he was a frequent trespasser on those of others; the records of the time are full of cases which show that poaching was quite a fashionable amusement among the upper classes. But...

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  • The number of organic manures is almost countless. The most common of these have been described in the previous chapters on the excrements of animals. The more prominent of the remaining ones will now be considered. As a universal rule, it may be stated that all organic matter (every thing which has had vegetable or animal life) is capable of fertilizing plants. DEAD ANIMALS.

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  • Consequently, as the scope and design of the WTC have evolved, particularly in response to the  national  symbolic objectives and  security  concerns  that have permeated  the development,  the  required costs of rebuilding have correspondingly expanded.  The objective of completing  the  Memorial by  the  ten‐year anniversary of September 11 became a public mandate  to reflect  the  profound national symbolism of the WTC’s timely resurrection.

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  • The word horticulture is one of those broad words under which much is grouped. It includes the cultivation of orchard fruits, such as apples and plums; of small fruits, such as strawberries and raspberries; of garden vegetables for the table; of flowers of all sorts, including shrubbery and ornamental trees and their arrangement into beautiful landscape effects around our homes. Horticulture then is a name for an art that is both far-reaching and important.

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  • We have seen that the landlords' profits were seriously diminished by the Black Death, and they cast about them for new ways of increasing their incomes. Arable land had been until now largely in excess of pasture, the cultivation of corn was the chief object of agriculture, bread forming a much larger proportion of men's diet than now. This began to change. Much of the land was laid down to grass, and there was a steady increase in sheep farming; thus commenced that revolution in farming which in the sixteenth century led Harrison to say that England was mainly...

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  • The Management Services and Exempt Organizations unit reviews several IRS programs, including Financial Management, the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division, the Agency-Wide Shared Services function, the Chief Human Capital Officer, the IRS Oversight Board, and acquisition and procurement fraud.

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  • Performance-to-plan assessments realize the implications of John Carver’s opening quote: Organizational performance is synonymous with chief executive performance. The approach in this case is that the board, with information from the executive and staff, sets organization-wide goals annually, consistent with the strategic plan and the policies it has developed. These are broad goals, achievable through a variety of means and through a coordination of the organization’s activities. To the degree pos- sible, measurable but realistic results are specified.

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  • The great nations of antiquity lived and prospered in arid and semiarid countries. In the more or less rainless regions of China, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Egypt, Mexico, and Peru, the greatest cities and the mightiest peoples flourished in ancient days. Of the great civilizations of history only that of Europe has rooted in a humid climate. As Hilgard has suggested, history teaches that a high civilization goes hand in hand with a soil that thirsts for water. To-day, current events point to the arid and semiarid regions as the chief dependence of our modern civilization.

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  • The launch had returned the passengers to the steamer at 11:30; the captain was on the bridge; prompt to the minute at the call "Hoist away" the signal went below and the Yamaguchi's whistle filled the harbor and over-flowed the hills. The cable wound in, and at twelve, noon, we were leaving Nagasaki, now a city of 153,000 and the western doorway of a nation of fifty-one millions of people but of little importance before the sixteenth century when it became the chief mart of Portuguese trade. We were to pass the Koreans on our right and enter the...

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  • Every child has a dream: to play football and become a famous footballer. When I was 10 years old, my father was used to bring me to San Siro stadium on sunday afternoons to watch the Inter team playing. The great Inter was growing up. Sarti, Burnich, Facchetti.. . it was an absolute and sudden love. Twenty years later I was climbing that prestigious stadium through the stairs from the locker rooms wearing the shirt of Como team to play a football match of the first league Italian championship against Inter.

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  • (bq) part 1 book “history taking and clinical examination in dentistry“ has contents: introduction, methods of recording a case history, general information, chief complaint, history of present illness, previous dental history, medical history, personal dental history, clinical examination, extraoral examination.

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  • Oxidation process is one of the chief methods for producing free radicals in food, drugs and even living systems. Legumes are a source of not only essential nutrients required for life but also has a number of bioactive compounds required for the sustenance of good health and prevention of diseases.

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  • The Journal of Korean Law assumes that all authors listed in a manuscript have agreed with the following policy on submission of manuscripts. Except for renegotiated secondary publication, manuscripts submitted to the Journal must be previously unpublished and not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. The Journal of Korean Law invites the submission of unsolicited manuscripts. Please address manuscripts to the Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Korean Law. Articles of less than 10,000 words are preferred. All submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter and a brief abstract.

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  • An elderly or old age woman comprises the later part of life; the period of life after youth and middle age. The elderly women lived in vulnerable conditions and don’t have any vocational skills in order to earn their livelihood as their whole life is spent doing household work and their physical health didn’t allowed them to work. They faced vulnerability in the psychological, economical, physical and social areas. The elderly women in unorganized sector were living in susceptible conditions and they were given less importance.

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