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  • Children, in general, are healthier than their adult counterparts, particularly as adults reach the fifth decade of life and beyond. However, children do have multiple acute illnesses each year, and a substantial number of children, often estimated to be 20 percent or more, are burdened with chronic health disorders, some of them disabling or life threatening. Medical attention, including evidence-based prescription of drugs or biologics, is vital for their well-being.

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  • This report does not propose to enter the discussions on financing and investment levels that will be needed to support green growth such as is done by the IEA (2010a) for the energy sector, but rather will look at where required flows may come from and how financial instruments such as green bonds might be used to shift flows to support green growth. However, for illustrative purposes it is useful to examine the ranges of estimates that are quoted.

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  • Confidential Information Information contained on this form which would permit identification of any individual or establishment has been collected with a guarantee that it will be held in strict confidence by NORC at the University of Chicago and CDC, will be used only for purposes stated in this study, and will not be disclosed or released to anyone other than authorized staff of CDC without the consent of the individual or establishment in accordance with Section 308(d) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.CHILD 242)....

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  • The Interagency Working Group on Food Marketed to Children (Working Group), comprised of representatives from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), seeks public comment on a preliminary proposal for voluntary principles to guide industry self-regulatory efforts to improve the nutritional profile of foods marketed to children.

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  • With increasing global temperatures and the impact of climate change, it is accepted that there needs to be a reduction in global GHGEs which are contributing to climate change. As part of the UK Climate Change Act 2008 ( targets were set to cut the total annual GHGEs in the UK by at least 80% by 2050, with an interim target of a reduction of 34% by 2020 (based on the 1990 levels). The food system is a major contributor to GHGEs, with the food chain estimated to account for approximately a fifth of total GHGEs in the UK, the...

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  • When a consumer applies for non-mortgage credit, such as a credit card, unsecured line of credit, or installment loan (e.g. for an automobile, or furniture), the potential creditor (data user) can request a credit report (with or without a credit score) from one, two, or three of the credit repositories. A repository that receives such a request will send the credit report to the potential creditor, and record an inquiry on the consumer’ s credit report. The creditor can use the information in the credit report to help decide whether to extend or deny credit to the consumer,...

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  • As highlighted in Moffitt (1998), many studies over the last ten years have examined the effects of programs like AFDC, Medicaid, and food stamps on family structure and children’s well-being. These studies have been motivated by a growing concern that public assistance programs con- tributed to the rise in out-of-wedlock childbearing and female headship, two behaviors associated with the incidence of poverty, especially among children. Until very recently, however, little attention has been paid to the effects of the EITC expansions on these behaviors.

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  • Particulate matter is arguably the most danger- ous component of automobile exhaust. Particles are small enough to infiltrate nasal, sinus, and bron- chial passages where they can accumulate and cal- cify. Fine PM can penetrate the deepest portions of the lungs and the very smallest particles can be absorbed into the bloodstream. In the nose, throat, and lungs, particulates act as extreme irritants. Exposure to even low levels of PM can cause na- sal congestion, sinusitis, throat irritation, cough- ing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest dis- comfort.

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  • Secondly, the broader universe of pension funds may also be interested in these investments not so much because they are green, but because they provide an attractive return (whether environmental issues should be a considered within mainstream risk assessments by institutional investors is a topic beyond the scope of this paper). Pension funds are looking for long-dated assets with inflation protection, a steady yield and which have a low correction to the rest of their portfolio.

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  • Many of the recommendations outlined in ―Pesticides in the Diets of Infants and Children‖ were incorporated in the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 (FQPA), which ensures greater protection of children from pesticide risks. Consistent with these mandates, OPP has established policies, procedures, and requirements to expand the protection of children.

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  • Research conducted for Missing the Target 7 by civil society activists on-the- ground in six countries (Argentina, Cambodia, Moldova, Morocco, Uganda, and Zimbabwe) shows that efforts to prevent vertical transmission are failing to reach the very group it was designed for—HIV-positive pregnant women.

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  • The most touching picture I have ever seen was taken around 1887. A young mother is holding a beautiful six-or seven-year-old girl in her arms. Both are dressed in their funeral finery. The little girl is dead, her long blonde ringlet curls falling over her mother's arm. The mother is looking directly into the camera and you cannot bear to look at her heartbroken eyes and you cannot bear to look away. This picture, more than anything I have seen, says grief is not an intellectual exercise. Grief breaks our hearts and hits us like ocean waves.

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  • The Family Law Act 1996 will provide the framework for divorce and separation, for mediation and for disputes involving domestic violence for many years to come. It will be up to the family lawyers to ensure that the Act lives up to its principles in supporting marriage and, if divorce or separation are inevitable, then in concluding the arrangements with minimum distress to the parties and their children and promoting a good continuing relationship.Any risk of violence is to be removed or diminished so far as is practicable.

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  • Kenya has amended the legislation to allow women to take 90 days maternity leave together with annual leave (Kenya Employment Act 2007). There has been collective commitment through KEPSA and the MoH to strengthen workplace support for breastfeeding mothers. Many private (Federation of Kenya Employees and Kenya Private Sestor Association organizations) and public sector partners have committed to “Better Business Practices for Children”.

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  • Cartoon monsters can be scary or funny, and many will take on a personality you never expected as you draw them. Perhaps you want to draw some that are not exactly the smartest cookies in the box. Let's take a look at drawing one of these with a few basic shapes in four short steps. Step One: The Basics As always, our cartoon monsters are going to start with a few basic lines and shapes that will act as a head and body. Start with a nice round circle for a head. At the top left side of the circle,...

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  • Health literacy, as defined by Ratzan and Parker2 and adopted by Healthy People 20102,3 and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in their 2004 report Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion4 is “the degree to which individuals can obtain, process, and understand the basic health information and services they need to make appropriate health decisions.” The concept of health literacy represents a constellation of skills necessary to function effectively in the health care environment and act appropriately on health care information.

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  • In the United States, women who are HIV positive and are aware of that fact are advised not to breast-feed their infants. Chemicals present in breast milk act together, with time and cold temperatures, to destroy the HIV present in expressed breast milk. The risk to childcare providers who feed children bottles of expressed breast milk is extremely low because the risk of transmission from skin/mucous membrane exposures to HIV is extremely low (probably much lower than...

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  • New financing strategies can go only so far if existing constraints are not ad- dressed. System transformation will require a major reorganization of the cat’s- cradle of federal funding streams: Title IV (ChildWelfare); Title V (Maternal and Child Health); Title XIX (Medicaid); Title XXI (the State Children’s Health Insur- anceProgram,orSCHIP);HeadStart;WIC;andevenfundsfromNoChildLeft Behind, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and other pro- grams that are allocated from the Department of Education. This will not be an easy task.

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  • But what does knowing about a culture’s explanatory models have to do with getting your organization’s message to a hard-to-reach audience? Everything, if your message is about health- related beliefs and behaviors. Often, we try to educate or to convince people to act a certain way using our explanatory models, instead of theirs. If you want to help a community improve its health, you need to understand the way its community members think.

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  • Water bottling plants proposed by Nestlé subsidiaries, the Perrier Group and Nestlé Waters, have sparked vigorous community protests in Michigan and California. Residents have opposed the companies’ plans to withdraw hundreds of millions of gallons of water annually from their local water supplies. In Michigan, citizens formed Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation and filed a lawsuit arguing that water, like air, is a common resource that is held in public trust and should be managed for the public’s benefit.

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