Children and patients

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  • About 2000 children and adolescents under the age of 18 are diagnosed with cancer each year in Germany. Because of current medical treatment methods, a high survival rate can be reached for many types of the disease. Nevertheless, patients face a number of long-term effects related to the treatment.

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  • Overall welfare effects are slightly positive for the EU-27. Whereas total agricultural income would decline due to lower milk prices on average, the EU dairy industry would benefit as prices of dairy products are expected to decline less than raw milk prices (i.e. input costs decreasing more than revenues). Impacts on the FEOGA budget would arise mainly from additional export subsidies for butter and moderate losses of tariff revenues.

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  • Information about the localization of cancer from biopsy specimens is very helpful to plan the manner of resection. Although an experienced resectionist can remove almost all prostate tissues transurethrally, aggressive resection can be applied where the cancer was detected by biopsy to achieve the radicality of the operation. Erectile function was preserved in about 60% of the patients in the present study. Preservation of the cavernous nerve can be achieved by leaving some prostate tissue not to be resected around the 4 or 8 o’clock position not to injure the nerve.

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  • Exercise tests are thought to mimic the postoperative increase in oxygen consumption and have been used to select patients at high risk of cardiopulmonary complications after thoracic, but also abdominal surgery. The aim of exercise tests is to stress the whole cardiopulmonary system and estimate the physiological reserve that may be available after lung resection. The most used and best validated exercise parameter is V’O2, max.

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  • Some larger businesses and industrial establishments have medical practitioners, advisors or physicians on site or on payroll. Smaller businesses may not currently staff medical advisors. In preparing your business continuity plan, it is advisable that you ensure access to a medical practitioner or advisor for assistance and advice in the event of a pandemic. If your company already has medical staff on site, they should be made aware of the nature of the disease, how it is transmitted, its symptoms and health care precautions available and appropriate.

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  • The loss of the family wage earner can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. Social Security helps by providing income for the families of workers who die. In fact, 98 of every 100 children could get benefits if a working parent dies. And Social Security pays more benefits to children than any other federal program. This booklet gives you an overview of Social Security survivors benefits paid to the spouse and children of a worker who dies. This booklet is not intended to answer all the questions you may have.

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  • Various supply and demand effects may emerge due to the existence of transition- specific market imperfections which feature the economies undergoing transition from plan to market. In particular, corporate financial flows are seriously affected by the existence of “soft budget constraints”. Initially the term soft budget constraints was used by Kornai (1980) to denote paternalistic behavior on the part of the state in the ex-post bailing out of loss-making state-owned enterprises (SOEs) that found themselves in financial distress.

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  • Technology has expanded operations of the apparel and footwear industries to a more global scale. It has also provided closer working relationships between retailers and manufacturers. Technology has improved efficiency and has reduced the amount of manual labor. “Rapid improvements in computer technology have helped to shorten the new product development phase from years to practically months, especially in the fashion/style/high- performance areas.

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  • Our regression models, however, can only explain a small amount of the variation in selection ability, suggesting that individual manager skill is likely an important driver of selection success. In contrast, while overall timing ability appears to be negligible or negative for the population of both public and private portfolio managers, portfolio characteristics can explain a larger portion of the variance in timing ability.

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  • Why do prices and interest rates move in opposite directions? Assume that a person invests $1,000 in a 20-year U.S.Treasury bond with a 5.5% yield (interest payments totaling $55 a year). If interest rates immediately rise to 6.5%, another person could buy a $1,000 Treasury bond and get $65 a year in interest, so no one would be willing to pay $1,000 for the older bond paying 5.5%, and so it would decline in price (in this case, to $889).On the other hand, if interest rates fell and new Treasury bonds (with similar maturities) were offered with a 4.

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  • One of the things that small-business marketers struggle with around the entire topic of social marketing is trying to jump into the next new thing without enough analysis of what they should focus on. I happen to think this is an important, evolving, and essential area of marketing for small businesses, but there’s a hierarchy to it. In other words, there is a logical progression of utilization that comes about much like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Nature.

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  •  Identifying the Best Public Land Sites for Development: Domestic oil and gas development, both onshore and offshore, should take place in the right places to minimize harm to the environment as well as to public health and safety. Onshore, the Administration has implemented important reforms that require adequate planning and analysis to identify potential areas where development is most appropriate. These reforms have taken place while millions of acres of public land are offered for exploration and production.

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  • Myocarditis is among the most common causes of non-congenital, non-ischemic sudden death in otherwise normal, healthy young adults. Myocarditis is heterogeneous disease, most patients recover spontaneously, but some forms of myocarditis are very serious and could be fatal. Additionally, some myocarditis patients develop dilated cardiomyopathy. This book provides a compendium of studies from leading international experts on various aspects of myocarditis. It consists of 20 chapters in three sections....

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  • Controlled Cooking Test: This lab-based test involves local cooks preparing a local dish. Adding these variables limits comparability of results to a given setting but provides important feedback as to the likely acceptability of a stove by local users. The results relate to specific consumption, speed of cooking and user satisfaction. Kitchen Performance Test: This is the most difficult and resource-intensive test. It consists of a survey and a fuel consumption test with families using both the traditional and the improved cook stove.

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  • Interest in the use of large objects (LOBs) continues to grow, particularly for storing nontraditional datatypes such as images. The Oracle database has been able to store large objects for some time. Oracle8 added the capability to store multiple LOB col- umns in each table. Oracle Database 10g essentially removes the space limitation on large objects. Object-oriented programming Support of object structures has been included since Oracle8i to allow an object-ori- ented approach to programming.

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  • Kenya has amended the legislation to allow women to take 90 days maternity leave together with annual leave (Kenya Employment Act 2007). There has been collective commitment through KEPSA and the MoH to strengthen workplace support for breastfeeding mothers. Many private (Federation of Kenya Employees and Kenya Private Sestor Association organizations) and public sector partners have committed to “Better Business Practices for Children”.

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  • A further indication of the diversity of EU dairy farming is given in Table 2 by the number of dairy cows in different herd size categories in the year 2005. In Germany, the EU MS with the highest level of milk production, 64% of the dairy cows are held in herds of 20-99 cows, and 26% in herds with more than 100 cows. In France over 90% of the dairy cows are in herds of 20-99 cows, with only 4.5% of the dairy cows in herds bigger than 100 cows. In contrast to France, in the UK 57% of the...

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  • Duke and Appleton (2000) examined 160 nursing assignments in the context of a one year palliative care program. The development of reflective skills over time was assessed by a Wilcoxon paired signed-rank test on data from 51 students who took two modules in different terms during the year. The results suggested that reflective practice did develop over time. Students could readily provide descriptive information about their practice but found the analysis of knowledge and the context of care more difficult.

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  • A directory of local health departments has been listed for your convenience. Your local health department can provide a wealth of information and services to your facility, including assistance in the control of a communicable disease outbreak. In addition, day care providers should report those diseases reportable by law to their local health departments, as well as any other increased number of illnesses. This helps to prevent the spread of disease and to keep accurate records of communicable disease in your community and our state.

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  • In French-speaking Africa, as elsewhere, reproductive health programs have focused mainly on women. In recent years, however, recognition has grown that men have a sig- nificant influence on family reproductive decisions, that men themselves have substan- tial reproductive health needs, and that many men are interested in better reproductive health. Men also play an important role in reproductive health programs as managers and policy-makers.

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