Chinese religions

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  • The dialogue between science and religion is one of the most prominent and visible discourses of our time. The complex but enduring relationship between the sciences and diverse world religions has now transformed itself into what some are calling a new scholarly field of science and religion. This multifaceted conversation has developed into a sustained and dynamic discourse with direct implications for contemporary culture. This discourse affects all religions, in both their intellectual and social dimensions.

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  • The Mother Goddess religion is regarded by many as an indigenous religion of the Việt that is composed of local beliefs as well as imported institutional religions including Indian Buddhism, Chinese Taoism, and Confucianism. It is a syncretic religion including about 70 spirits in its pantheon.

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  • Following Frank/Massy/Wind25 , segmentation variables can be classified into general and product-specific consumer characteristics. General consumer characteristics are independent of products and circumstances, like demographic characteristics (age, family, family life cycle, size, gender, i ncome, occupation, religion, race, social class etc.), psychographic characteristics (lifestyle, personality etc.) or geographic charac- teristics (region, city or metro size, density, climate etc.

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  • Laozi was an ancient Chinese philosopher. According to Chinese tradition, Laozi lived in the 6th century BC, however many historians contend that Laozi actually lived in the 4th century BC, which was the period of Hundred Schools of Thought and Warring States Period, while others contend he was a mythical figure. Laozi was credited with writing the seminal Taoist work, the Tao Te Ching, which was originally known as the Laozi. Taishang Laojun was a title for Laozi in the Taoist religion. It refers to One of the Three Pure Ones. Source: Wikipedia...

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