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  • The definition for dielectric constant relates to the permittivity of the material (symbol use here ε). The permittivity expresses the ability of a material to polarise in response to an applied field. It is the ratio of the permittivity of the dielectric to the permittivity of a vacuum. Physically it means the greater the polarisation developed by a material in an applied field of given strength, the greater the dielectric constant will be. Traditionally dielectric materials are made from inorganic substances eg. mica and silicon dioxide.

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  • This book attempts to bring together the theory and practice of dielectric materials for different kind of industrial applications. Fragmented information on dielectric theory and properties of materials, design of equipment and state of the art in applications relevant to the manufacturing industry should be collated and updated and presented as a single reference volume. In this book relevant and useful information is presented in the quoted literature and covered by our key patent applications....

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  • This book is about the structure and function of computers. Its purpose is to present, as clearly and completely as possible, the nature and characteristics of modern-day computer systems. This task is challenging for several reasons. First, there is a tremendous variety of products that can rightly claim the name of computer, from single-chip microprocessors costing a few dollars to supercomputers costing tens of millions of dollars. Variety is exhibited not only in cost, but also in size, performance, and application....

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  • When we thus contemplate the process of social hygiene, we are no longer in danger of looking upon it as an artificial interference with Nature. It is in the Book of Nature, as Campanella put it, that the laws of life and of government are to be read. Or, as Quesnel said two centuries ago, more precisely for our present purpose, "Nature is universal hygiene." All animals are scrupulous in hygiene; the elaboration of hygiene moves pari passu with the rank of a species in intelligence. Even the cockroach, which lives on what we call filth, spends the greater part of its time in the...

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  • Wavelets in Packaging, Interconnects, and EMC In this chapter we will study multiconductor, multilayered transmission lines (MMTL) employing quasi-static, quasi-dynamic, and full-wave analyses. We extract from MMTL the distributed (parasitic) parameters in matrix form of the capacitance [C], inductance [L], resistance [R] and conductance [G], or the [Z ]-parameters, [Y ]-parameters, or more generally the scattering matrix [S].

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  • PCI trong khoa học máy tính (là viết tắt Tiếng Anh của: Peripheral Component Interconnect).là một chuẩn để truyền dữ liệu giữa các thiết bị ngoại vi đến một bo mạch chủ (thông qua.chip cầu nam). Khe cắm mở rộng PCI 33Mhz, 32 bit màu trắng (bên phải) loại thông dụng thường thấy trên.các máy tính cá nhân.

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  • The term “CMOS MEMS” most often describes pro- cesses that create microstructures directly out of the metal/ dielectric interconnect stack in foundry CMOS. The metal- lization and dielectric layers, normally used for electrical interconnect, now serve a dual function as structural layers. For example, the suspended n-well of Figure 3(d) is consid- ered CMOS MEMS, since its beam suspension is made from the CMOS interconnect stack. There is significant motivation for making MEMS out of CMOS. Leveraging foundry CMOS for MEMS is fast, reliable, repeatable, and economical.

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