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  • I am impressed with the insightful information Chris has provided with respect to Barter and Trade. I find his writing style to be articulate and easy to follow which definitely helps when coming to terms with new concepts. I am confident that I will be able to successfully enter into the world of Barter after reading this book.” Ray Dunn, CEO, Life Without Barriers “Mr. Chris Hiller is a respected Member of the DollarMakers Joint Venture Broker Club and an acknowledged expert in Barter. He is a sought-after speaker at our Bootcamps, seminars,...

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  • Các nhà khoa học thuộc trường ĐH King's College ở Luân Đôn, Anh vừa thông báo ý định nhân bản tế bào mầm từ noãn của thỏ và nhân tế bào người.Đông lạnh phôi Giáo sư Chris Shaw, phụ trách nhóm nghiên cứu khẳng định “những tế bào mầm này lấy từ thỏ nhưng được điều khiển bởi ADN người và chỉ được sử dụng trong khuôn khổ nghiên cứu phát triển tế bào gốc và những bệnh về gen”.

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  • Special recognition goes to Conor Foley who provided valuable inputs at an early stage and Rhodri Williams who contributed to the September 2009 draft.

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  • I would never have written this book without the inspiration I drew from my former colleagues at UC Berkeley. I want to particularly thank Chris Ashley, Isaac Mankita, and Susan Stone, who helped me persevere by listening patiently to my exuberant book talk over lunch or tea. Thom King and Tom Schirmer generously shared their knowledge of data architecture and software development. Shifra Gaman and Rich Meyer provided tons of technical and moral support.

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