Chromatographic Analysis of Pharmaceuticals

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  • This is a comprehensive source of information on the application of ion chromatography (IC) in the analysis of pharmaceutical drugs and biologicals. This book, with contributors from academia, pharma, the biotech industry, and instrument manufacturing, presents the different perspectives, experience, and expertise of the thought leaders of IC in a comprehensive manner. It explores potential IC applications in different aspects of product development and quality control testing.

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  • Directly from its beginning—now 100 years ago, when Michail Tswett developed the principles [1, 2] with the isolation of chlorophyll—chromatography has always been a preparative technology, and its value in producing compounds of high purity cannot be overemphasized. It was Paul Karrer [3] who stated very early “. . . it would be a mistake to believe that a preparation purified by crystallization should be purer than one obtained from chromatographic analysis. In all recent investigations chromatographic purification widely surpassed that of crystallization.

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  • Although the technologies on chiral/enantiomer separation and stereoselective analysis have matured in the past ca. 20 years, the development of new, even more advanced chiral separation materials, mechanisms and methods still belong to the more challenging tasks in separation science and analytical chemistry. An analysis of recent trends indicates that capillary electrophoresis (CE) can show real advantages over chromatographic methods in ultratrace chiral determination of biologically active ionogenic compounds in complex matrices, including mostly biological ones....

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  • In modern high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), computers in a broad sense are used in every instrumental module and at every stage of analysis. Computers control the flow rate, eluent composition, temperature, injection volume, and injection process. Detector output signal is converted from analog form into the digital representation to recognize the presence of peaks, and then at higher level of computer analysis a chromatogram is obtained. All these computer-based functions are performed in the background, and the chromatographer usually does not think about them.

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  • Gas chromatography has been and it still is, one of the key tools in analytical techniques in many of the advanced research carried out over the globe. This technique has contributed tremendously and was once the main technique in the analysis of specific compounds like volatile compounds, certain pesticides, pharmaceuticals and petroleum products. The advance of this technique has resulted in several tandem instruments with application of other techniques to enhance the results obtained by gas chromatography.

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