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  • Recognizing that some services or products have to be continuously delivered without interruption, there has been a shift from Business Resumption Planning to Business Continuity Planning. A business continuity plan enables critical services or products to be continually delivered to clients. Instead of focusing on resuming a business after critical operations have ceased, or recovering after a pandemic occurs, a Business Continuity Plan endeavors to ensure that critical operations continue to be available.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế về bệnh thú y đề tài: An immunohistochemical study of chromogranin A and Sp-1 immunoreactive cells in the gastrointestinal tract of ovariectomized rats

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế về bệnh thú y đề tài: Circadian variations in salivary chromogranin a concentrations during a 24-hour period in dogs

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Incidence of high chromogranin A serum levels in patients with non metastatic prostate adenocarcinoma

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  • When health information is individually identifiable and is held by a covered entity, it is likely to be PHI. In contrast, the HHS Protection of Human Subjects Regulations describe “private information” as including information about behavior that occurs in a context in which an individual can reasonably expect that no observation or recording is taking place, and information which has been provided for specific purposes by an individual and which the individual can reasonably expect will not be made public (for example, a medical record).

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  • Propofol is very lipid soluble, has a large volume of distribution, and can be given for prolonged periods of time without significant changes in its pharmacokinetic profile. Because propofol has no active metabolites, the termination of its clinical effect is dependent solely on redistribution to peripheral fat tissue stores. When the infusion is discontinued, the fat tissue stores redistribute.

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  • For over 70 years, the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) has worked to protect the health and well-being of America’s families, especially those that are low-income and underserved. A national, non-profit association, AMCHP represents public health leaders serving at the highest levels of state government, including directors of maternal and child health (MCH) programs, directors of programs for children with special health care needs, adolescent health coordinators and other government officials.

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  • The mechanisms accounting for poor expression of the BCR in CLL remain elusive. There is no evidence of genetic defects in the BCR components [62, 63] and in contrast with their poor expression at the membrane level, transcription and intra-cellular synthesis of BCR components are normal [63, 64]. However, they cannot be assembled and transported from the endoplasmic reticulum to the cell surface because of a folding and glycosolation defect of the mu and CD79a chains though not of the CD79b chain.

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  • Consideration of the impacts on marine archaeologyshould include both designated and undesignatedremains.A small number of shipwrecks in territorialwaters are designated under the Protection of WrecksAct 1973,or protected under the Protection of MilitaryRemains Act 1986,but the vast majority of wrecks,including nationally important sites,are undesignated.Submerged prehistoric land surfaces and theirassociated archaeological remains,which may be ofconsiderable importance,are currently offered no form of statutory protection.

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  • Developments in, and availability of, new production technologies which have reduced the cost and time necessary to make illegal copies of goods have played a part in this growth. This has contributed to growth in markets for counterfeit goods as the amount and range of products create increased profits for those involved in this activity (Savona and Mignone, 2004).

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  • One authorized urologist (M.M.) performed all the operations. We used a standard TURP setup with an irrigation pressure of 80 cmH2O and an irrigation rate of 250 ml/min using D-sorbitol solution. After a rough resection of almost all the transition and central zone, we tried to resect and fulgurate the peripheral zone as completely as possible, especially where cancer was detected by biopsy. The resection was continued until adipose tissue, venous sinus or the external sphincter was identified.

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  • The terms selectivity and specificity are often used interchangeably, the term specific generally refers to a method that produces a response for a single analyte only, while the term selective refers to a method that provides responses for a number of chemical entities that may or may not be distinguished from each other. If the response is distinguished from all other responses, the method is said to be selective.

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  • Good nutrition is vital to good health and is absolutely essential for the healthy growth and development of  children and adolescents. Major causes of morbidity and mortality in the United States are related to poor diet and  a sedentary lifestyle. Specific diseases and conditions linked to poor diet include cardiovascular disease, hyper­ tension, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, overweight and obesity, osteoporosis, constipation, diverticular disease, iron deficiency anemia, oral disease, malnutrition, and some cancers.

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  • The physician-based assessment of ALRI and COPD is unlikely to be feasible for most small- to medium-scale projects and programmes, unless they partner with a research or governmental agency interested in conducting a thorough health study. On the other hand, a combination of qualitative methods (such as key informant interviews and focus group discussions) and a questionnaire-based health assessment can yield results of great value to both the community and the implementers, as well as relevant insights for public health.

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  • A traditional application built around poll will have a single structure containing all active descriptors, which is passed to the kernel every time the applications goes through the central event loop. A kqueue-aware applica- tion will need to notify the kernel of any changes to the list of active descriptors, instead of passing in the entire list. This can be done either by calling kevent() for each update to the active descriptor list, or by building up a list of descriptor changes and then passing this list to the kernel the next time the event loop is called.

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  • In principle, the EU Agricultural Council may change the reference intervention prices in the light of developments in production and the markets. Governmental purchases may be replaced by aids for private storage. As administrational cuts to intervention prices were difficult to achieve in the past and, as intervention prices above the respective equilibrium induced production growth and stock building, a tendering system for butter was implemented in 1987 and SMP intervention purchases were limited to 109000 tonnes.

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  • An option contract is defined by the following elements: type (put or call), style (American, European and Capped), underlying security, unit of trade (number of shares), strike price, and expiration date. All option contracts that are of the same type and style and cover the same underlying security are referred to as a class of options. All options of the same class that also have the same unit of trade at the same strike price and expiration date are referred to as an option series. If a person's interest in a particular series of options is as a net holder (that is, if the...

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  • DNS (Domain Name System) is an Internet service that converts user-friendly domain names into the numerical Internet protocol (IP) addresses that computers use to talk to each other. When you enter a domain name, such as, in your web browser address bar, your computer contacts DNS servers to determine the IP address for the website. Your computer then uses this IP address to locate and connect to the website. DNS servers are operated by your Internet service provider (ISP) and are included in your computer’s network configuration.

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  • Grades are assigned to bring attention to the current status of each indicator of child health and safety. Grades are assigned by a group of health experts from the sponsoring organizations. “A” indicates that the current status is “very good”; “B” is “satisfactory”; “C” is “mediocre”; “D” is “unsatisfactory”; “F” is “very poor.” Data trends are described as “Better,” “Worse” or “No Change.” Indicators with trends described as “Better” or “Worse” experienced a change...

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  • For example, poor mental health may impact on later outcomes by intermediary choices such as insufficient investment in effort (e.g. playing truant) and self- medication (e.g. substance abuse). We attempt to say something about the likely importance of these factors. Finally, we perform our analysis using a very recent cohort of young people where there is longitudinal data - and in a country where both poor mental health and early drop-out are known to be very big problems by interna- tional standards.

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