Church architecture

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  • Church architecture is a contentious field of inquiry. Polemics, dog- matism, and caricature abound. It would be unrealistic to think any book could resolve the controversies, but a fresh look at the most basic questions about churches, their meanings and their uses, may prove useful to all sides. The incentive to write this book was mixed: it grew out of historical interest, but also out of an urge to see more clearly what churches have meant and what they can mean for com- munities that build and use them.

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  • There is no topographical division of Europe which more readily defines itself and its limits than the Rhine valley from Schaffhausen to where the river empties into the North Sea. The region has given birth to history and legend of a most fascinating character, and the manners and customs of the people who dwell along its banks are varied and picturesque. Under these circumstances it was but to be expected that architectural development should have expressed itself in a decided and unmistakable fashion.

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  • In gathering material for this handbook I have received valuable help from several friends, whose kindness calls for grateful recognition. My thanks are due, in the first place, to the Rev. W. F. G. Sandwith, Rector of St. Bartholomew-the-Great, and the lay custodians of the church, for the facilities which have allowed me to examine the building in all its parts, and for the readiness with which they have given information, not accessible elsewhere, on various points of its history and architecture.

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  • The term ‘architectural tile scheme’ covers a very broad church of ceramic decoration found usually on the inside but also frequently on the outside of buildings. Tiles are superficial to the structure of the building, being used to cover walls, floors and sometimes ceilings for both functional and decorative reasons.

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  • This volume is a sequel to the work I published, several years ago, under the title, _Byzantine Constantinople: the Walls of the City, and adjoining Historical Sites_. In that work the city was viewed, mainly, as the citadel of the Roman Empire in the East, and the bulwark of civilization for more than a thousand years. But the city of Constantine was not only a mighty fortress.

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  • Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. Its atmosphere is a blend of the charms of the Baltic and Central Europe. The small, cosy streets in the city centre, characterized by Baroque architecture and a wealth of churches, give way further out to modern buildings and a cosmopolitan feel. Shopping opportunities and cultural and gastronomic experiences abound everywhere.

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  • However, inflation is just the cosomological paradigm, not a theory! The known field-theoretical mechanisms of inflation use a slow-roll scalar field φ (called inflaton) with proper scalar potential V(φ) (12; 13). The scale of inflation is well beyond the electro-weak scale, ie. is well beyond the Standard Model of Elementary Particles! Thus the inflationary stage in the early universe is the most powerful High-Energy Physics (HEP) accelerator in Nature (up to 1010 TeV).

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