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  • Bishop Harper and the Canterbury Settlement. PRESS NOTICES Original Edition. "We are glad to welcome this book. It has been very well written; it is interesting throughout; one's attention never flags; it is exactly what was wanted by churchmen, and should be on the book-shelf of every churchman in at least this Colony.... We simply advise every one of our readers to buy it and read it, and let their boys and girls read it too." Auckland Church Gazette. "One reads it as eagerly as though it were a novel." ...

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  • Liverpool is, without doubt, one of England's most exciting cities to visit. Before they visit, many already feel that they know the city, especially the sports scene and cultural life throughout time. The Beatles with Paul McCartney and John Lennon as front figures is from here, and the city is home to the two football flagships, Liverpool F.C and Everton. However, there is much more to Liverpool than football and music.

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  • Latvia’s capital, Riga, is the largest city in any of the three Baltic countries. It is a European metropolis with all the gastronomic, cultural and shopping facilities that entails. The old part of town is very atmospheric. It has cobblestone streets, Brick Gothic churches, wellpreserved buildings, some dating centuries back, and excellent museums. The newer parts of the city lie outside the old earthworks. It is there one finds Europe’s largest concentration of houses in the beautiful Jugend style....

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  • Tallinn is unique in Europe because of its medieval city centre. It has a special atmosphere created by the many buildings dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries when commerce brought great treasure to the city. The old Town Hall, St Olai Church, which was once the tallest building in the world, and the more than 2-kilometre-long preserved city walls are just some of Tallinn’s many attractions. The modern Tallinn, with its parks, walking streets and shopping centres lies just next to the old centre, and the short distances can make an ordinary walk feel like timetravel....

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  • Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. Its atmosphere is a blend of the charms of the Baltic and Central Europe. The small, cosy streets in the city centre, characterized by Baroque architecture and a wealth of churches, give way further out to modern buildings and a cosmopolitan feel. Shopping opportunities and cultural and gastronomic experiences abound everywhere.

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