Circulation dynamics

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  • Climate dynamicists generally characterize the Hadley circulation in terms of some derived meteorological parameters, such as the mass stream function (the nondivergent part of the flow) or the velocity potential (the divergent circulation), both of which are based on measurements of the three-dimensional wind field. Yet, we know very little about how such indices have varied in the past—beyond the most recent decades.

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  • This book gives an account of the modern view of the global circulation of the atmosphere. It brings the observed nature of the circulation together with theories and simple models of the mechanisms which drive it. Early chapters concentrate on the classical view of the global circulation, on the processes which generate atmospheric motions and on the dynamical constraints which modify them. Later chapters develop more recent themes including low frequency variability and the circulation of other planetary atmospheres....

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  • Bài viết này nhằm mục tiêu cải tiến thuật toán song song dùng cho mô hình hoàn lưu tổng quát của khí quyển (AGCM) để nâng cao hiệu năng tính toán. Đặc biệt là việc khai thác cân bằng tải khi số nút tính toán lớn, nguồn tài nguyên tính toán không đồng nhất. Sự cải tiến thể hiện qua việc khai thác đồng thời 2 nhóm bộ xử lý, tương ứng với hai khối physics và dynamics trên cùng dữ liệu

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  • The present volume documents a fireside discussion with the world renowned oceanographer, Walter Munk, and gives the reader, whether scientist or surfer, a rare insight into a lifetime of passion for oceanography and geophysics. The book highlights the pioneering contributions Walter has made to wave prediction, ocean circulation, tides and their role in the Earth’s dynamics, internal waves, and ocean acoustic thermometry. It celebrates his zest for life and family, as well as his lasting curiosity. Munk’s career, spanning 70 years of innovation, has inspired generations...

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  • Basic concepts of production function. Historical background and characteristics of different forms of production functions- linear, quadratic, square-root, Spillman, cubic, semi-log, Cobb-Douglas, trascedental, CES, VES and Leontief. Static and dynamic production functions and their applications. Frontier production functions. Dualities between production, cost and profit functions. Derivation of output supply and factor demand functions from production and profit functions. Optimisation and resource allocation. Multiple product relationships. Production possibility curves.

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  • Each chapter is also available individually, at no cost and for unrestricted use, at, so that designers can adapt and republish these standards as part of their own proposals and conditions for clients. AIGA’s position is consistent with practices upheld by designers around the globe.

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  • Retinol-binding protein transports retinol, and circulates in the plasma as a macromolecular complex with the protein transthyretin. Under acidic con-ditions retinol-binding protein undergoes a transition to the molten globule state, and releases the bound retinol ligand. A biased molecular dynamics simulation method has been used to generate models for the ensemble of conformers populated within this molten globule state.

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  • In this paper, some new results on the preservation of many good cryptographic properties of MDS matrices under direct exponent transformation are presented. These good cryptographic properties include MDS, involutory, symmetric, recursive (exponent of a companion matrix ), the number of 1 0 s and distinct elements in a matrix, circulant and circulant-like

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