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  • Cisco Data Center Infrastructure Design Guide 2.1 Release Notes. This Release Note highlights the changes in Versions 1, 2 and 2.1 of this guide, and describes the hardware and software components that have been validated for each version.

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  • This design guide addresses implementing IPmc in a QoS-enabled IPsec VPN WAN for both site-to-site and small office/home office (SOHO). This design guide is the fourth in a series of Voice and Video Enabled IPsec VPN (V3PN) design guides hat are available under the general link, which also contains many useful design guides on QoS, IPmc, and WAN architectures: • Voice and Video Enabled IPsec VPN (V3PN) Design Guide • Enterprise Class Teleworker: V3PN for Teleworkers Design Guide • IPsec VPN Redundancy and Load Sharing Design Guide...

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  • This design guide provides an overview of the Enterprise Branch Architecture, which is one component in the overall Cisco Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA). SONA is a comprehensive framework to provide guidelines to accelerate applications, business processes, and profitability. Based on the Cisco SONA framework, the Enterprise Branch Architecture incorporates networked infrastructure services, integrated services, and application networking services across typical branch networks.

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  • This document describes how to deploy VMware ESX Server 2.5 into the Cisco data center architecture. It provides details about how the ESX server is designed and how it works with Cisco network devices. The document is intended for network engineers and server administrators interested in deploying VMware ESX Server 2.5 hosts in a Cisco data center environment.

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  • This document provides guidance on how to design a local area network (LAN) for a Business Ready Branch or autonomous Business Ready Office where corporate services such as voice, video, and data are converged onto a single office network. This document provides an overview of LAN architecture. Because of the numerous combinations of features, platforms, and customer requirements that make up an office design, this version of the design guide focuses on various LAN design discussions for voice and data services without making specific design recommendations.

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  • This document provides guidance on how to design a local area network (LAN) for a Business Ready Branch or autonomous Business Ready Office where corporate services such as voice, video, and data are converged onto a single office network. Because of the numerous combinations of features, platforms, and customer requirements that make up a branch office design, this version of the design guide focuses on various LAN designs for voice and data services. This document also includes design guidance on the LAN side of the office network using features such as 802.

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  • This application note provides an overview on how to configure a Performance Routing (PfR) master controller in a redundant configuration. Additional information and more detailed examples and command output from both deployment scenarios can be found in the Transport Diversity: Performanc Routing (PfR) Design Guide at There are two deployment models shown in this application note: • Dedicated Master Controller Topology, page 3 • Collocated Master Controller Topology, page 8...

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  • What is Included in this DG Release? This design guide (DG) provides guidelines for designing and building the data center switching infrastructure. Table 1 lists the technologies used in the data center infrastructure design documented in version 2 of this design guide. This table provides a quick glance of the topics and lists the timeframe (current or future) of documentation availability for each technology.

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  • Video surveillance has been a key component of many organizations’ safety and security groups for decades. As an application, video surveillance has demonstrated its value and benefits countless times by: ● Providing real-time monitoring of a facility's environment, people, and assets. ● Recording the movements inside and outside a facility's environment for delayed viewing. Many traditional video surveillance deployments are purely analog and have not yet been able to benefit from a converged network approach.

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  • This document provides network architects with a general understanding of how to leverage network virtualization to make a centralized NAC Appliance deployment easier. This document allows the network architect to select a design and reference the specific implementation details in the associated design guides. The foundation technologies associated with enterprise network virtualization architecture are divided into the following three functional areas: • Access control • Path isolation • Services edge...

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  • This course is designed to introduce you to MPLS concepts, installation, migration, operation, inspection, and troubleshooting. You'll start with an overview of MPLS and MPLS operation, after which you'll concentrate on MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) deployment. The MPLS fundamentals covered in this class will provide the theory and hands-on knowledge to implement, integrate, and deploy an MPLS infrastructure. The MPLS VPN lecture and labs will cover the models, diversity, implementation, troubleshooting, and flexibility of MPLS VPNs....

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  • Now that NetWare 6 has been released and you have decided to upgrade, how do you go about doing so? This AppNote outlines the procedures for various upgrade scenarios, including installing new NetWare 6 servers, upgrading existing NetWare servers in-place, and migrating to NetWare 6 from Windows NT 4 and previous versions of NetWare. It also lists the new features in the Migration Wizard 6.

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  • Guy Davies has worked as an IP Architect for Telindus, a network integrator in the UK, for four years. While at Telindus, he has been involved in many projects ranging from the design, implementation and operation of customers’ core IP networks through to migration of ATM networks to an IP and MPLS-based infrastructure, and the design and implementation of large secured wireless networks and consultancy as well as the development of wireless rural broadband access.

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  • This document provides design recommendations, configuration examples, and scalability test results for implementing a next-generation WAN for Voice and Video Enabled IPsec VPN (V3PN) based on a service provider WAN interface handoff using Ethernet at the enterprise campus and branch locations. This document provides the enterprise network manager with configuration and performance guidance to successfully implement or migrate to a WAN architecture using Ethernet as an access technology to a service provider network....

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  • Every business needs an edge. Many industries—from consumer electronics to household appliances to automobiles—have successfully gained an edge with digital components and production methods supported by digital devices. The drive to digital is apparent in wireless voice and data communications, too, as networks migrate toward IP-based architectures, software defined radio, and other technologies. The digital edge isn’t just convenient. The digital edge translates into bottom line benefits for wireless service providers....

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  • LAN technologies are maturing technology enabling the computer to the network, integration and rapid development of the direction of a growing number of local area network interconnection between the requirements to achieve a wider range of data communication and resource sharing. The interconnection technology is based on the network structure into a clear functional level.

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  • The UltraWAVE R4S provides a cost-effective, plug-and-play GSM softswitch that adheres to 3GPP release 4 recommendations. Operators migrating to an all-IP core network now have a softswitch that enables an easy transition to packet switching while allowing connection to any legacy circuit-switched network, integrating landline and mobile users. The UltraWAVE R4S also offers local switching and distributed architecture that are essential for applications like island networks, cruise ships, emergency networks and military applications....

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  • ADC connectivity products allow wireless network operators to migrate to new equipment, new network protocols, and new network topology, to provide enhanced service beyond just voice and limited text messaging (i.e. gaming, video streaming, real-time financial transactions and Internet access). ADC connectivity products help build wireless networks that are readily accessible, benefit rich, secure, and affordable.

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  • The network security market is currently in a position where the demand for qualified engineers vastly surpasses the supply. For this reason, many engineers consider migrating from routing/ networking over to network security. Remember that “network security” is just “security” applied to “networks.” This sounds like an obvious concept, but it is actually a very important one if you are pursuing your security certification. You must be very familiar with networking before you can begin to apply the security concepts.

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  • IOS Test Experience Ericsson MSC (china IOS v4.0): Chengdu, China Unicom - Performed at China Unicom’s CDMA 1 facility in Chengdu (12/2001 & 2/2002) Telos MSC (A1/A2): S.Dakota, Monet, USA - Commercial Service, since 2001. - Migrate to 1xEV-DO (9/2002) NEC MSC (IOS v4.0): Brazil - Completed IOS test (2001~2002) 4. Completed IOS v 2.4 Test with: Alcatel, Nortel Networks, Telos. 5. Completed R-P Interface Test with: Cisco, Ericsson.

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