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  • Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, "The Metal Doom," is a grand sci-fi adventure by venerable sci-fi author, David H. Keller, M. D. Imagine a world without metal… When all the metal was gone, the civilized world ended. People like the Tublers and John Stafford started the slow rebuilding of society—a job made difficult enough by the lack of metal tools and weapons.

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  • AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Essentials offers expert instruction and real-world, hands-on exercises to teach you how to use AutoCAD Civil 3D. As you design a residential subdivision from start to finish, you'll learn core tools and workflows to build a solid foundation in the software, allowing you to quickly use Civil 3D productively. The book features new, multi-viewport example drawings to promote 3D design as well as an entire new chapter dedicated to pressure pipe design.

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  • WHEREAS the future development of international civil aviation can greatly help to create and preserve friendship and understanding among the nations and peoples of the world, yet its abuse can become a threat to the general security

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  • Rather than celebrating warfare, 50 Battles That Changed the World looks at the clashes the author believes have had the most profound impact on world history. Listed in order of their relevance to the modern world, they range from the ancient past to the present day and span the globe many times over. This book is not so much about military strategy as the implications of the battles that were vital in shaping civilization as we know it. Some of the battles in this book are familiar to us all-Bunker Hill, which prevented the American Revolution from being stillborn, and...

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  • In the time of Charlemagne's splendid successes it appeared settled that the second of these tendencies was to guide the Teutonic Aryans, that the Europe of the future was to be a single empire, ever pushing out its borders as Rome had done, ever subduing its weaker neighbors, until the "Teutonic peace" should be substituted for the shattered "Roman peace," soldiers should be needed only for the duties of police, and a whole civilized world again obey the rule of a single man. Instead of this, the race has since followed a destiny of separation.

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  • The first humanlike creatures appeared in Africa four million years ago. Early humans left no written records. Without such records, archaeologists and anthropologists have had to rely on fossils, artifacts, and skeletal remains to develop theories about their lives. Researchers have concluded that the earliest humans lived as hunters and gatherers and focused on basic needs. Only millions of years later did they develop the skills and tools necessary to engage in agriculture and to build the first civilizations.

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  • Philip II succeeded his father Charles V on the throne of Spain. The vast extent of his domains, the absoluteness of his authority, and, above all, the enormous wealth that poured into his coffers from the Spanish conquests in America, made him the most powerful monarch of his time, the central figure of the age. It was largely because of Philip's personal character that the great religious struggle of the Reformation entered upon a new phase, became far more sinister, more black and deadly, extended over all Europe, and bathed the civilized world in blood.

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  • The diverse geography of the Americas resulted in the emergence of many varied and highly advanced civilizations. The following will be discussed in this chapter: The peoples of North America, early civilizations in Mesoamerica, early civilizations in South America.

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  • In the fourth century after Christ began that decay of the Roman Empire which had been the pride of the then civilized world. Warriors of Teutonic race invaded its splendid cities, destroyed without remorse the costliest and most beautiful of its antique treasures. Temples and images of the gods fell before barbarians whose only fear was lest they should die "upon the straw," while marble fountains and luxurious bath-houses were despoiled as signs of a most inglorious state of civilization.

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  • Chapter 2 describes the rise of civilizations in a region stretching from the Persian Gulf to Egypt and from Asia Minor to central Asia. In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Civilization begins in Mesopotamia, Egyptian civilization, new centers of Civilization, the rise of new empires.

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  • In India, small kingdoms gave way to a series of empires that unified the region and took advantage of India's position along major trade routes. Similarly, ancient Chinese dynasties unified the large population and expanded the Chinese empire. This chapter includes contents: Early civilizations in India, new empires in India, early Chinese civilizations, rise and fall of Chinese empires.

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  • Early Greek civilization consisted of many small, independent city-states. Trade led to Greek colonies, and Greek civilization gradually spread throughout the Mediterranean world. This chapter includes contents: Early civilizations in Greece, the Greek City-States, classical Greece, the culture of Classical Greece, Alexander and the Hellenistic Era.

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  • The religion of Islam arose in the Arabian Peninsula and gave birth to an Arab empire and a rich civilization. This chapter includes contents: The rise of Islam, the Arab empire and its Successors, Islamic civilization, the culture of Islam.

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  • In Africa, as in other parts of the world, civilization emerged in areas where farming was mastered. Some African civilizations later became wealthy by trading ivory, gold, iron, salt, and other goods. Migration and the spread of Islam were also important in the development of African societies.

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  • The years from 400 to 1500 in Asia were marked by periods of invasions and civil wars, interspersed with periods of unification, expanding trade, and economic prosperity. The topics discussed in this chapter are: China reunified, the Mongols and China, early Japan and Korea, India after the Guptas, civilization in southeast Asia.

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  • A new European civilization emerged in which monarchs competed for supremacy with the nobility and the Roman Catholic Church. The Byzantine Empire became the seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church and developed its own unique civilization.

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  • After Western influence increased in China, internal and external forces brought down the Qing dynasty and led to civil war. The shogunate opened Japan to the West, only to be overthrown. The Meiji Restoration brought reform and industrialization as well as Japanese imperialism.

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  • Contemporary Islam is struggling within itself over its values, identity, and place in the world, with rivals contending for spiritual and political dominance--as well as with the "outside" world. In Western eyes, the ideal Islamic community would be democratic, economically viable, politically stable, and socially progressive and

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  • Today, we will discuss the king of Macedonia. Most of you probably know him as Alexander the Great. Born in 356 BC, this king of Macedonia is considered one of the greatest military leaders in history. He conquered much of the civilized world that existed during his lifetime.

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  • Recent major earthquakes around the world have shown the vulnerability of infrastructure and the need for research to better understand the nature of seismic events and their effects on structures. As a result, earthquake engineering research has been expanding as more and more data become available from a large array of seismic instruments, large scale experiments and numerical simulations.

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