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  • This module continues the discussion of the class begun in Module 8. It examines a number of class-related topics, including overloading constructors, passing objects to functions, and returning objects. It also describes a special type of constructor, called the copy constructor, which is used when a copy of an object is needed. Next, friend functions are described, followed by structures and unions, and the ‘this’ keyword. The module concludes with a discussion of operator overloading, one of C++’s most exciting features....

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  • I have never ceased to be amazed by the fact that you can’t take a class in information security without being told to do this or the other thing in accordance with “your security policy”. But nobody ever explains what policy is, or how to write or evaluate it. This is why we have begun this research and educational project into security policy.

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  • Researchers in textual entailment have begun to consider inferences involving downward-entailing operators, an interesting and important class of lexical items that change the way inferences are made. Recent work proposed a method for learning English downward-entailing operators that requires access to a high-quality collection of negative polarity items (NPIs).

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