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  • Creating a Generic Class The .NET Framework Class Library contains a number of generic classes readily available for you. You can also define your own generic classes, which is what you will do in this section. Before we do this, I will provide a bit of background theory. The Theory of Binary Trees In the following exercises, you will define and use a class that represents a binary tree. This is a very practical exercise because this class happens to be one that is missing from the System.Collections....

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'input/output with .net framework class library', công nghệ thông tin, kỹ thuật lập trình phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Đôi khi trong lập trình bạn sữ dụng lại code cũng như các module đã viết nhiều lần. Để thuận lợi cho công việc trên hầu hết các công cụ lập trình hiện nay đều hỗ trợ các phương thức như Class, Lib… Và sau đây mình sẽ demo các tạo và chạy 1 Lib trong Android. Mình sẽ tạo 2 Project khác nhau trong cùng 1 workspace và cho 1 cái gọi cái còn lại.

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  • The Best-Selling C++ Resource Now Updated for C++11 The C++ standard library provides a set of common classes and interfaces that greatly extend the core C++ language. The library, however, is not self-explanatory. To make full use of its components–and to benefit from their power–you need a resource that does far more than list the classes and their functions. The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference, Second Edition, describes this library as now incorporated into the new ANSI/ISO C++ language standard (C++11).

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  • This is the first Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) book to provide a comprehensive discussion of the major data structures and algorithms. Here, instead of having to translate material on C++ or Java, the professional or student VB.NET programmer will find a tutorial on how to use data structures and algorithms and a reference for implementation using VB.NET for data structures and algorithms from the .NET Framework Class Library as well as those that must be developed by the programmer.

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  • In many ways the .Net platform has asked ìwhat do developers waste time doingî and tried to improve developer performance. For example, the .NET virtual machine provides memory management, a task that takes up much developer time when it has to be done manually. A large and well-documented class library helps avoid re-inventing the same wheel many times over. Inter-operability between code in a number of languages is made trivial. The C# language was created alongside the .NET platform. Itcould be considered the ìnativeî language of .

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  • Developed by Sun Microsystems (James Gosling) A general-purpose object-oriented language Based on C/C++ Designed for easy Web/Internet applications Widespread acceptance Simple fixes some clumsy features of C++ no pointers automatic garbage collection rich pre-defined class library Object oriented focus on the data (objects) and methods manipulating the data all functions are associated with objects almost all data types are objects (files, strings, etc.) potentially better code organization and reuse...

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  • The .NET framework was designed to be the “lingua franca” for Windows development, with the expectation that it will set a new standard for building integrated software for Windows. However, it is inevitable that there is a time lag before .NET is fully adopted and existing applications are recoded. In particular, there is a large body of legacy code that will likely never be rewritten in .NET. To address this situation, Microsoft provides attributes, assembly, and marshaling.

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  • In this paper, we present a new collection of open-source software libraries that provides command line binary utilities and library classes and functions for compiling regular expression and context-sensitive rewrite rules into finite-state transducers, and for n-gram language modeling. The OpenGrm libraries use the OpenFst library to provide an efficient encoding of grammars and general algorithms for building, modifying and applying models.

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  • We have discussed classes in previous lectures. Here, we discuss design of classes: Library design considerations, class hierarchies (object-oriented programming), data hiding. Inviting you refer.

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  • The standard template library (STL) contains many different types of containers. These differ in their capibilities and the speed with which they perform their operations. This chapter provides only an overview of the STL, inviting you refer.

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  • Lecture Programming C# - Chapter 22 discuss string handling. Main content in lecture include: .NET Framework Class Library has two string classes, string is primary class, stringBuilder is more specialized.

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  • Lecture Programming C# - Chapter 23 include content: IO facilities provided by .NET Framework class library, can manipulate files and directories, can read/write file contents, can convert simple types to/from binary format, serialization allows objects to be read/written to stream.

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  • C# programmers: no more translating data structures from C++ or Java to use in your programs! Mike McMillan provides a tutorial on how to use data structures and algorithms plus the first comprehensive reference for C# implementation of data structures and algorithms found in the .NET Framework library, as well as those developed by the programmer.

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  • The gSOAP tools provide a SOAP/XML-to-C/C++ language binding to ease the development of SOAP/XML Web services and client application in C and C++. Most toolkits for C++ Web services adopt a SOAP-centric view and offer APIs that require the use of class libraries for SOAP- specific data structures. This often forces a user to adapt the application logic to these libraries. In contrast, gSOAP provides a C/C++ transparent SOAP API through the use of compiler technology that hides irrelevant SOAP-specific details from the user.

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  • C# is provided as a part of Microsoft Visual Studio 7.0. In addition to C#, Visual Studio supports Visual Basic, Visual C++, and the scripting languages VBScript and JScript. All of these languages provide access to the Next Generation Windows Services (NWGS) platform, which includes a common execution engine and a rich class library. The .NET software development kit defines a "Common Language Subset" (CLS), a sort of lingua franca that ensures seamless interoperability between CLS-compliant languages and class libraries....

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  • Thay đổi ngôn ngữ và năng động Có một số thay đổi chào mừng bạn đến C # và VB.NET, và cải tiến chính cho các ngôn ngữ thường gặp Runtime (CLR) và Base Class Library (BCL) trong NET 4.0.. Tôi có những thay đổi này tách thành hai chương: ngôn ngữ (chương này) và CLR và BCL (Chương 4), mặc dù có là tất nhiên một số chồng lên nhau.

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  • It is not necessary to learn the Windows API in order to begin using the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library of C++ classes; you do not even have to know more than a few basic C++ concepts in order to begin. I have been teaching extension classes through the University of California, Berkeley, since 1993. My students have ranged from expert to beginning Windows programmers.

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  • Introduction to Computers, the Internet and the Web Introduction What Is a Computer? Computer Organization Evolution of Operating Systems Personal, Distributed and Client/Server Computing Machine Languages, Assembly Languages and High-Level Languages History of C++ History of Java Java Class Libraries Other High-Level Languages Structured Programming The Internet and the World Wide Web Basics of a Typical Java Environment General Notes about Java and This Book Thinking About Objects: Introduction to Object Technology and the Unified Modeling Language Discovering Design Patterns: Introduct...

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  • Mastering the development of .NET 4.0 applications in C# is less about knowing the Visual C# 2010 language and more about knowing how to use the functionality of the .NET framework class library most effectively. Visual C# 2010 Recipes explores the breadth of the .NET Framework class library and provides specific solutions to common and interesting programming problems. Each recipe is presented in a succinct problem/solution format and is accompanied by a working code sample to help you understand the concept and quickly apply it. ...

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