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  • Inheritance: you can create new classes that are built on existing classes. Through the way of inheritance, you can reuse the existing class’s methods and fields, and you can also add new methods and fields to adapt the new classes to new situations Subclass and superclass Subclass and superclass have a IsA relationship: an object of a subclass IsA(n) object of its superclass

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  • 1. Data Structure 1.1 What is the data structure 1.2 Basic data structure 1.3 Problem-oriented data structure 2. Algorithm 2.1 Basic of Algorithm 2.2 Various algorithm 2.3 Evaluation of algorithm 2.4 How to design algorithm 3. Internal Design 3.1 What id internal design 3.2 Functional partitioning and structuring 3.3 Physical data design 3.4 Detailed input-output design 3.5 Creation and reuse of parts 3.6 Creating internal

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  • Writing a short book on a comprehensive programming language was most definitely a challenge. But such was our mandate and such is C#. The C# programming language was first released in 2000 and has quickly established itself as the language de rigueur for application development at Microsoft Corporation and other software houses. It is a powerful language based on the paradigm of object-orientation and fully integrated with the Microsoft .NET Framework. Hence, C# is architecturally neutral and supported by a vast library of reusable software....

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  • The Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) is a standardized methodology for verifying integrated circuit designs. UVM is derived mainly from the OVM (Open Verification Methodology) which was, to a large part, based on the eRM (e Reuse Methodology) for the e Verification Language developed by Verisity Design in 2001. The UVM class library brings much automation to the SystemVerilog language such as sequences and data automation features (packing, copy, compare) etc.

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  • Developed by Sun Microsystems (James Gosling) A general-purpose object-oriented language Based on C/C++ Designed for easy Web/Internet applications Widespread acceptance Simple fixes some clumsy features of C++ no pointers automatic garbage collection rich pre-defined class library Object oriented focus on the data (objects) and methods manipulating the data all functions are associated with objects almost all data types are objects (files, strings, etc.) potentially better code organization and reuse...

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  • Object-oriented programming (OOP), inheritance is a way to establish Is-a relationship between objects.[note 1] It is often confused as a way to reuse the existing code which is not a good practice because inheritance for implementation reuse leads to Tight Coupling. Re-usability of code is achieved through composition

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  • Object Oriented Programming - Lesson 6: Inheritance presents Inheritance (Principles, Inheritance hierarchy, Sub class definition, Order of initialization), Reusing through class, To provide new functionality to a subclass.

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  • Introduction to java programming: Chapter 5 - Method's Objectives is to declare methods, invoke methods, and pass arguments to a method; use method overloading and know ambiguous overloading; determine the scope of local variables; learn the concept of method abstraction; know how to use the methods in the Math class.

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  • V B.NET, còn gọi là VB7, chẳng qua là C# viết theo lối Visual Basic. Nay VB7 đã hoàn toàn là Object Oriented, tức là cho ta dùng lại (reuse) classes/forms theo cách thừa kế thật thoải mái, nên nó khác VB6 nhiều lắm. Dầu vậy, đối với VB6 programmers học VB.NET không khó. Lý do là VB.NET không cho thêm nhiều từ mới (reserved words). Nói chung các ý niệm mới trong VB.NET đều dễ lĩnh hội, nhất là khi đem ra áp dụng cách thực tế. Đó là nhờ Microsoft vẫn giữ nguyên tắc dấu và làm sẵn (của...

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  • UPLOADING FILES • • • • • • • Check the error level. Verify on the server that the file doesn t exceed the maximum permitted size. Check that the file is of an acceptable type. Remove spaces from the filename. Rename files that have the same name as an existing one to prevent overwriting. Handle multiple file uploads automatically. Inform the user of the outcome. You need to implement these steps every time you want to upload files, so it makes sense to build a script that can be reused easily. That s why I have chosen to use a custom class....

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  • Data-Reusing Adaptive Learning Algorithms In this chapter, a class of data-reusing learning algorithms for recurrent neural networks is analysed. This is achieved starting from a case of feedforward neurons, through to the case of networks with feedback, trained with gradient descent learning algorithms. It is shown that the class of data-reusing algorithms outperforms the standard (a priori ) algorithms for nonlinear adaptive filtering in terms of the instantaneous prediction error.

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  • Describe Single Inheritance Describe Base class and Derived class Access Base class members and use pointers in classes Describe types of inheritance Describe Constructors and Destructors under inheritance Describe how to call Member Functions of the Base Class and Derived Class Describe Container Classes To maintain and reuse class objects easily, we need to be able to relate classes of similar nature to another. Single inheritance is the process of creating new classes from an existing base class.

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  • Chapters Index Syntax For Loops Embedding JavaScript Comparing Ranges Code Reuse on Client and Server Classes and Objects Create an Object Literal if It Does Not Already Exist Chaining Calls to an Object Mixins for classes Cloning an Object (Deep Copy) A CoffeeScript Type Function Class Variables Class Methods and Instance Methods

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  • Viết liệu Xác Nhận Mã có thể dùng lại trong lớp học khác Khi bạn đã có văn bản PhoneNumber và mã xác nhận CustomerID trong phần trước, bạn có thể có suy nghĩ rằng điều này sẽ là mã đột xuất hữu ích trong các phần khác của ứng dụng Northwind

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  • Chapter 6 - Using design patterns. In the previous chapter, we looked at UML class diagrams. This chapter continues the study of the static view of software by looking at typical patterns found in class diagrams. These patterns recur in many designs; by learning and using them you are reusing the collective experience of many software developers.

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  • Object-oriented programming allows you to derive new classes from existing classes. This is called inheritance. Inheritance is an important and powerful feature in Java for reusing software. Suppose you are to define classes to model circles, rectangles, and triangles. These classes have many common features. What is the best way to design these classes so to avoid redundancy and make the system easy to comprehend and easy to maintain? The answer is to use inheritance.

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  • In the previous chapter, we looked at UML class diagrams. This chapter continues the study of the static view of software by looking at typical patterns found in class diagrams. These patterns recur in many designs; by learning and using them you are reusing the collective experience of many software developers.

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