Classical correspondence

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  • Chaos and the quantum mechanical behaviour of classically chaotic systems have been attracting increasing attention. Initially, there was perhaps more emphasis on the theoretical side, but this is now being backed up by experimental work to an increasing extent. The words 'Quantum Chaos' are often used these days, usually with an undertone of unease, the reason being that, in contrast to classical chaos, quantum chaos is ill defined; some authors say it is non-existent. So, why is it that an increasing number of physicists are devoting their efforts to a subject so fuzzily defined?...

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  • In this book, Alexander Parmington combines an examination of space, access control, and sculptural themes and placement to propose how images and texts controlled movement in ClassicMaya cities. Using Palenque as a case study, this book analyzes specific building groups and corresponding sculptures to provide insight into the hierarchical distribution and use of ritual and administrative space in temple and palace architecture. Identifying which spaces were the most accessible and thereforemore public and which spaces weremore segregated and consequently more private, Dr.

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  • All the phenomena of nature are characterized by motion; this is an essential property of matter, having infinity of aspects. For instance, the motion can be mechanical, physical, chemical and biological; there correspond various sciences of nature. Among them, mechanics studies the objective laws of the mechanical motion of material bodies, the simplest form of motion of matter; we will deal with such a study in what follows. The scientific study of matter has put in evidence its existence in the form of physical systems.

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  • The 2002 Clay School on Geometry and String Theory was held at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK from 24 March - 20 April 2002. It was organized jointly by the organizers of two concurrent workshops at the Newton Institute, one on Higher Dimensional Complex Geometry organized by Alessio Corti, Mark Gross and Miles Reid, and the other on M-theory organized by Robbert Dijkgraaf, Michael Douglas, Jerome Gauntlett and Chris Hull, in collaboration with Arthur Jaffe, then president of the Clay Mathematics Institute....

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  • Health and Quality of Life Outcomes BioMed Central Research Open Access Classical test theory versus Rasch analysis for quality of life questionnaire reduction Luis Prieto*1, Jordi Alonso2 and Rosa Lamarca2 Address: 1Health Outcomes Research Unit. Eli Lilly and Company, Madrid, Spain and 2Health Services Research Unit. Institut Municipal d'Investigació Mèdica (IMIM). C/ Dr. Aiguader, 80; 08003 Barcelona, Spain Email: Luis Prieto* -; Jordi Alonso -; Rosa Lamarca - rlamarca@imim.

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  • There is a debate on the sugar production of the classical methods of analysis are in fact different methods or different simply to develop essentially the same method. In this paper proposed two methods which, without invalidating the previous ones, actually correspond to two different ways of analyzing the yield and thus create favorable conditions for a better understanding of the general problem of the failure of the plate. These methods are almost abandoned "method at the normal time" and a "new method tilt time.

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  • The so-called classic accumulator is not yet exhausted concerning development possibilities. The newest trends in research and development indicate that new production methods offer more cost-efficient methods for production of batteries than present production techniques, corresponding with presumptive large production numbers.

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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 19. Fever of Unknown Origin Definition and Classification Fever of unknown origin (FUO) was defined by Petersdorf and Beeson in 1961 as (1) temperatures of 38.3°C (101°F) on several occasions; (2) a duration of fever of 3 weeks; and (3) failure to reach a diagnosis despite 1 week of inpatient investigation. While this classification has stood for more than 30 years, Durack and Street have proposed a new system for classification of FUO: (1) classic FUO; (2) nosocomial FUO; (3) neutropenic FUO; and (4) FUO associated with HIV infection.

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  • Classic FUO corresponds closely to the earlier definition of FUO, differing only with regard to the prior requirement for 1 week's study in the hospital. The newer definition is broader, stipulating three outpatient visits or 3 days in the hospital without elucidation of a cause or 1 week of "intelligent and invasive" ambulatory investigation. In nosocomial FUO, a temperature of ≥38.3°C (≥101°F) develops on several occasions in a hospitalized patient who is receiving acute care and in whom infection was not manifest or incubating on admission. ...

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  • We consider a model with two competing private TV-channels producing each, at a fixed cost F, a separate program which consists of a mixof entertain- ment (sports, varieties, ...) and culture (classic music, theater, movies, a.s.o.). The two companies also sell advertising time to announcers to promote their products or the products of their customers. For each channel, the total broad- casting time, programs plus advertising, is equal to T. TV-viewers have varying tastes for the “program-mixes” offered by the channels.

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  • A classic example of a water system severely affected by hu- man development is the Aral Sea, fed by the Amu Darya and Syr Darya. The Aral Sea was once the fourth largest inland body of water in the world, after Lake Superior, supporting 24 unique species of fish and a large fishing population. The Soviet Union built a series of dams and irrigation systems to divert river flows in order to grow cotton on around 3 million hectares of new farmland, but these massive freshwater withdrawals (first order impacts) led to the shrinking of the Sea and a corresponding increase in...

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  • Within this trend of thought: we can distinguish on the one hand, classic or traditional organisation theory and, on the other, contingency theory. The first contribution in this line of thought is what corresponds to the classic school represented by Fayol (1949) and Taylor (1911), who bequeathed a scientific, rational vision of company and management systems.

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  • Mining retrospective events from text streams has been an important research topic. Classic text representation model (i.e., vector space model) cannot model temporal aspects of documents. To address it, we proposed a novel burst-based text representation model, denoted as BurstVSM. BurstVSM corresponds dimensions to bursty features instead of terms, which can capture semantic and temporal information.

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  • In the case of oxidized plastocyanin fromSynechocystissp. PCC6803, an NMR approach based on classical two and three dimensional experiments for sequential assignment leaves unobserved 14 out of 98 amino acids. A protocol which simply makes use of tailored versions of 2D HSQC and 3D CBCA(CO)NH and CBCANH leads to the identi-fication of nine of the above 14 residues.

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